The Way to Acquire a Foreclosure Away Your Credit Report

A home foreclosure may cause substantial damage to your credit score, dropping it by 150 or more factors, based on how many house payments you’ve missed before your creditor made your foreclosure officer. Fico ratings today are extremely important: creditors rely on these to determine at what interest rates and who gets money. The good news is that foreclosures will not drop off your credit report. And there are steps you can take before this happens to lessen the impact foreclosure on your ability to borrow money at reasonable interest rates.

Wait at least three years after you have gone through a foreclosure to attempt to borrow cash. Your credit score will be at its lowest stage immediately. You’ll either qualify only or confront a string of rejections if you attempt to borrow cash soon after dropping your house.

Pay all of your bills on time every month. And never miss a payment. The influence on your credit score out of a foreclosure will steadily lessen, if you do this steadily. Making of your payments on time is a way to rebuild your credit score after you have suffered a foreclosure.

Lower your credit card debt. Whacking away in the credit card debt is another sure way to raise your credit score. The more debt you get rid of, the stronger your credit will be after you have gone through a foreclosure.

Apply for credit cards or loans once you have rebuilt your credit score . Your credit score will slowly start to rise as you demonstrate a history of paying your bills on time and reducing your debt. This will happen even if you’ve got a foreclosure on your document. As time goes on, the effect of that foreclosure becomes less and less, especially if you’ve taken measures as losing your home, to build a brand new, better credit history.

Spend money until your foreclosure falls off something that happens after seven decades, your credit file. Once that foreclosure disappears, so long as you have paid off your bills and removed debt in the meantime, your credit score will undergo a sudden leap.

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Guest Groups: Rock the Casbah Appearance

Inject some Moroccan flavor into your house this spring — plane tickets and passports not mandatory! Architectural arches, lattice wall prints and gorgeous detailing on tumblers, tagines and tables are up for grabs. This style is among the season’s latest trends. It is infinitely approachable and impossibly chic. — Lani from Mon Petit Chou Chou

Laura U, Inc..

The geometric cutouts and accents are such a creative way to dress up a boring bookshelf. Insert a few burnished lamps, et voilĂ !


Pearson Ottoman

Quirky, adorable and walking on the line somewhere between traditional and modern, this ottoman by Pearson will be a welcome addition to my living room.

Maya Inlay Mirror White – $695

This inlay mirror is more ornate but totally impartial, a tough combination to reach. How perfect would it be hanging in an entryway? It provides guests a opportunity to primp prior to their trip.


Tunisian Hand-Painted Mosaic Tagine – $49.95

Picture functional and perfect, this Tunisian hand-painted tagine out of Williams-Sonoma is too pretty to lock at a cupboard. Put it on some open shelving.


Moroccan Style Tea Glasses – Set of Four – $60

These tumblers are really fun with wine. Don’t relegate the vino into stemware; it’s perfectly at home in ornate glasses such as these.

Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf – $450

Poufs are definitely with a moment. This leather version from Serena & Lily is handmade in Morocco and well worth the investment.


Orange Mekissa Bench Place – $2,700

The deep tangerine Mekissa couch is ornamented with patterned fabric and finished with wooden silver and carved Moorish artwork. It is a luxe patio topper for hot summer nights around the fire pit.


Morocco Tile Salad Plates

I love these richly textured Moroccan tile salad dishes. They would be gorgeous for wine and cheese. I have a similar version that I endlessly use when entertaining.

Lucy Interior Design

Minimalist Moroccan does exist! This neutral area is cranked up a notch with vibrant squares and an inspired napping window.

Pottery Barn

Moroccan Tray Table – $399

I picked up a brass version of a tray table at Brimfield this past year. Forget the searching, Pottery Barn has done the job for you with their Moroccan tray table.


Lola Sofa, Turquoise – $9,090

Boring, this couch is not! It is filled with pizzazz and style. I’d love a vibrant accent such as this in my den.

Pottery Barn

Moroccan Pendant – $99

Moroccan lighting is a superb way to inject some exotic style into your space. I’d personally string some of these in a reading nook to create a comfy corner.

West Elm

Morocco Headboard, White Lacquer – $399

Inspired by nautical Moroccan patterns, this headboard out of West Elm makes a neutral and attention-grabbing appearance.


‘Floating Arabesque’ Side Table – $499

Horchow’s Floating Arabesque side table is discreet, hovering along with your couch or bedside. It is ideal for any space.


‘Morocco Tile’ Throws – $195

Entirely noncommittal and fun, these vibrant throws have a fantastic print and are an effortless way to test drive the fashion.


Kasbah Coffee Table – $998

I could build a complete living space around this Kasbah java table from Anthropologie. Whitewashed and rustic, it appears like it was hand-plucked out of a street bazaar.


Embroidered Fesi Pillow – $148

These embroidered cushions are crafted by Mushmina, a business that uses over 75 fair-trade artisans in Northern Africa. Inspired by Moroccan motifs, these cushions are begging to be tossed on my sofa.

Casbah Decor

Sharafa Door – $4,200

This really is a swoon-worthy announcement piece. Handmade cedar-inlaid doors directly from Marrakech could make for a dramatic entry into any space, or they may be dividers if mounted on sliders, or perhaps artwork if mounted on the wall.

First Mission Tile

Marrakech Moroccan Cement Tiles

I debated using a daring print tile such as this in my kitchen. It is such a crazy dose of pattern to possess underfoot.

First Mission Tile

Fes Moroccan Cement Tiles

Ultimately, I decided the tiles could be a lot, however they’d have made for a fabulous backsplash in retrospect.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Moroccan details abound from floor to ceiling in this luxe lounge. The blue color of the wall is surprising but well balances the gilt finishes and ornate paint.


Hattane Curves Rug – $920

This carpet, referred to as a boucharouette or rag rug, was inspired by an ancient cosmetic technique. It uses recycled fabric pieces that are hand-woven to a one-of-a-kind piece that is perfect for your property.


Organic Modern Coffee Table

How cool is this table? It is organic and wrapped completely in hyacinth. The design and design legs are a really modern spin on Moroccan themes.


Menzah Chandelier – $698

The Menzah chandelier is a rainbow of colour and etched cast brass. The crown-like shape makes for a regal statement that will go with any color scheme.

A Curated World by Kay McGowan

Linen Pillow Cover Sofia – $188

Made by La Maison Bahira at Marrakech, these embroidered pillow covers are completely stitched by hand. This coral red would be perfect on my bed — I may want to pick these up for myself!


Candice Olson Dimensional Surfaces Moroccan Lattice Sand Wallpaper, Charcoal – $219.84

The cool grey foundation of the Moroccan lattice background would work nicely in a washroom. I have done a similar colour scheme in my downstairs powder room, and it plays very nicely with white, black and silver finishes.


Wall Stencil, Moroccan Allower design by OMG Stencils – $30

Or you can create the exact same appearance using a weathered wall stencil. And you’ll be able to choose your own colours — the ultimate in custom wall decor.

A Curated World by Kay McGowan

Wool Pom-Pom Blanket – $385

These pom-pom wool blankets were made by Chez les Freres Kassri, a generational design small business. I’d love to use one of them as a bedspread, and then fold it down in the day to assemble the pom-poms.

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Guest Groups: Hankering for Houndstooth

Houndstooth is popular in 2013. From large-scale designs in punchy colors to traditional small-scale patterns in black and white, you’re certain to locate a houndstooth item that appeals to a sense of style. Here is a collection of 19 interesting houndstooth products available on the market. Which one speaks to you? — Beth from Home Stories A to Z


Blissliving Home ‘Trafalgar’ Bedding

Houndstooth requires a new turn this year with large-scale patterns and fun colors. I love this neutral duvet paired with all the pops of orange.

The Wall Decal Company

Removable Background, Houndstooth – $149.95

Removable houndstooth wallpaper? Yes, please! I am fond of stencils due to their versatility and non-committal character, but removable wall stickers would be much simpler. This houndstooth decal in cheery yellow would make a fantastic focus.

Rugs USA

Spectrum Houndstooth Texture Ivory Rug – $337

I love the idea of bringing more texture into an area without always adding more color. I’d love this ivory houndstooth rug as a stair runner.

Houndstooth Polypropylene Area Rug – $29.99

Indoor/outdoor rugs are becoming a new popular decorating go-to item for me personally for their versatility and low-budget price. I love the fun color options provided for this houndstooth rug.


Mint Houndstooth Throw Pillow – $49.95

Whether you like your houndstooth in traditional black and white or in a milder pastel, it’s no problem to locate a pattern that suits your decor. This monogrammed houndstooth pillow would look adorable in my own guest room.


Blue and Brown Houndstooth Plate – $32.10

Houndstooth dishes are a great way to get into the trend without a great deal of commitment or cost. I’m loving all the different colors houndstooth that can be found nowadays.

Zinc Door

Zebra Houndstooth Rug – $995

Leave it to Jonathan Adler to take 2 quirky tendencies and blend them. This chocolate brown houndstooth zebra rug would certainly make for an enjoyable conversation piece.


Threshold Houndstooth Pillow, Gray – $19.99

Target’s cheap accessories always catch my attention. This cute neutral houndstooth pillow with all the pop of red is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Room Service

Houndstooth Balloon Chair – $1,695

Balloon seats are announcement bits no matter the upholstery. Insert some classic yet fearless houndstooth fabric, and they truly require attention. Wouldn’t those be fabulous paired with some brilliant jewel tones?

The Home Depot

Houndstooth Dark Chocolate Paper Candle Covers – $13.97

Chandelier candles are often overlooked as an enjoyable area to accessorize. I love the idea of buying these punchy paper houndstooth candle covers to spice up a tired light fixture.

Plow & Hearth

Houndstooth Dog Draft Stopper – $29.95

It may be tough to tell from this film, but this hound draft stopper is covered in houndstooth (pun intended). My boys would love it when I purchased this for the drafty front door.

Garnet Hill

Houndstooth Flat-Weave Wool Rug – $188

Flat-weave rugs are fantastic for high-traffic places. The gray and white houndstooth rug would look so sweet at a nursery.

Hand-Painted Black and White Houndstooth Accent Chest – $307.99

White and black houndstooth on a timeless chest generates such an enjoyable bit for a bedroom. I love the idea of adding picture designs to furniture.


Houndstooth Mouse Pad, Pink and Red by Smitten Kitten Designs – $10

Whenever there’s a trend I wish to share in, like houndstooth fabrics in punchy colors, I look for small non-committal tactics to implement the appearance. This pink and red mouse pad is a perfect way to have a bit of this houndstooth craze this year.

Barstools & More

Decorize Barstools

I love the large-scale houndstooth pattern on this bar stool. The open rear and somewhat distressed wood also appeal to me personally. This would look fantastic at a folksy kitchen.


Houndstooth Pillow Covers, Black and Gold by Alive House – $62

The gold and black large-scale houndstooth pattern has a modern art deco vibe to it. With The Great Gatsby movie release in its own way, I predict you’ll be seeing a great deal of fun art deco–motivated accessories making their way in your home.


‘Houndstooth Mosaic’ Vases – $85

I adore capiz shells. Would you believe that these vases are made to a houndstooth pattern using a variety of tones of cream and gold cubes? They’re so beautiful.

Neiman Marcus

Houndstooth Vanity Chair – $499

Simple and unassuming clean lines using a classic houndstooth pattern create this vanity seat a winner in my book. I’d love to get this for my bedroom.


Bacati Houndstooth Window Curtain, Brown/White – $34.99

I think these large-scale brown and white houndstooth drapes would look adorable in a little boys’ room. They are modern yet masculine.

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The Way to Fix a Light Spot in Oak Furniture

Light stains on oak furniture present you with one consolation — they rarely result from defects in the timber itself. More frequently than not, a white spot on any piece of furniture is caused by moisture. Water gets into the finish and reacts with the finish material to produce clouding, which is the white color you see. It is possible to use a very simple strategy to get rid of most such stains. But in case your pine furniture was in the sun, ultraviolet light may have lightened the timber itself. The remedy for that would be to strip and shake.

Wipe the furniture finish with a dry cloth to remove any debris clinging to the finish. If it’s been some time since you cleaned the piece, this is a good time to do so using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. A teaspoon of dish detergent per gallon of warm water leaves a suitably mild cleanser.

Cover white stains on the finish with a generous quantity of mayonnaise — use the same quantity you would in a sandwich. If needed, cover it with a thick bowl or similar thing to prevent the cat or dog from licking it off, and leave it overnight.

Wipe the mayonnaise off the stains in the morning with towels. Oils may have seeped into the finish and substituted the water that has been there, along with also the white spots must be gone.

Dampen a rag with mineral oil or olive oil, distribute some cigarette ash on the area and rub it with the rag for more instant results. The mild abrasive action of the ash helps the oil penetrate more quickly.

Spray white stains on a lacquer finish with lacquer thinner. Put the thinner in an old window cleaner spray bottle, and lightly mist each spot. The thinner reactivates the lacquer and permits moisture to evaporate. The result is that the spot instantly disappears.

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How to Deal with Surface Cracks at Plywood

The thin lashes that make up the layers of plywood are prone to cracking, particularly in plywood produced from softwood. Moisture escapes the plywood because it ages as well as the wood shrinks. The tiny cracks that form in the veneer layers are known as checking. Another frequent cause of small cracks is irregular contraction and expansion of the plywood. This problem tends more toward exposed exterior plywood than it does to plywood shielded from the weather.

Clean any dirt or debris out of the cracks together with the toothbrush. Dirt and debris may prevent the putty from making a good bond with the wood.

Scoop up a small amount of wood putty together with the putty knife. Press the putty into the cracks and fill each one along its whole length. A tiny sum on the knife allows you to fully work it in the cracks before it stinks.

Scrape excess putty from the cracks together with the putty knife. Allow the putty to harden and cure in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. Most take less than one hour.

Apply another coat of putty if necessary. Putty applied to wider cracks may shrink as it stinks. Slightly overfill the cracks onto the second coat when the putty shrinks.

Sand the hardened putty and the surface of the plywood smooth using 120-grit sandpaper, a handheld sanding instrument or an oscillating tool with a sanding accessory. Sand another time together with 220-grit sandpaper to get a fine finish on appearance-grade plywood.

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How to Clean Candle Drippings

Candle wax spills and drips occur — the taper candles around the dinner table have been made to burn while you’re in another room; a guest moves a lit candle, spilling molten wax onto the table or carpeting. Wax drippings do not have to be catastrophic. Oftentimes, the wax can be removed from hard surfaces and materials alike, returning them to their own original wax-free condition once more.

Freeing Wax From Fabric

Candle wax left onto a fabric-based belonging — if a tablecloth or tunic — renders the material temporarily unwashable, because washing can create multiple oily spots resulting in spots. Bend and Lay the fabric back and forth beneath the darkened areas to decode the waxsome pieces can fall away or could be scraped off easily with a fingernail or a plastic knife or scraper. Freeze the fabric for some time to harden the wax more, and repeat the process. Remove remaining wax by putting the fabric between two sheets of thick plain paper, such as panels of a brown purse, and ironing on low heat. The wax melts as the paper warms, moving the wax into the paper. Keep ironing with fresh pieces of paper until no wax is left.

Rug or Carpet Wax Removal

A zippered sandwich bag filled with ice cubes hardens candle wax when you leave it to sit over the affected area for several minutes. Rub the edge of a plastic scraper back and forth over the hardened wax to chip it away. Remove remaining wax by putting a brown paper bag over the place and ironing at a low heat setting. Lift the paper every couple of moments to see if the wax has transferred onto the paper. Use fresh paper every time the paper absorbs wax to prevent the wax from moving back into the carpet or rug fibers.

Floors and Furniture

The ice-cube treatment removes wax from hard surfaces such as furniture and wood or tile flooring. Keep the ice cubes in a zippered bag to keep the ground or furniture from getting wet. After a few minutes, lift the ice bag away and scrape the hardened wax together with the edge of a plastic scraper or jar with a plastic spoon. For vinyl floors, hot water onto a cloth or hot air from a blow dryer softens the wax; blot up the wax with paper towels.

Candle Holders

Metal candlesticks or glass candle holders become coated with hardened candle wax even when you’re careful. Remove hardened wax by picking off as much as possible with your fingers before putting the item in the freezer for an hour or so. Freezing occasionally divides the wax from the candle holder enough that the wax simply pops from or from the holder. Gently or pry the suspended wax away with a plastic knife or your fingernail. If the candlestick or candle holder is made of combined substances, such as wood and metal, do not freeze it the substances can expand or contract at different rates, damaging the item. Remove wax from the exterior of a glass candle holder, or any glass surface, by heating the wax with a hair dryer and then dabbing up the wet wax with a soft cloth or paper towel.

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How to Remove Fingerprints From Dark Furniture

Particularly types with a high-gloss end, black furniture, tends to show fingerprints than finishes such as white paint or a varnish that is basic. On some finishes such as lacquer that is black, fingerprints stand out so much you can practically see them from across the room. The secret to wiping those fingerprints away would be to use a cloth . Similar to fingerprints, scratches show up quite a bit more on a few furniture finishes that are black compared to on furniture of colours that are lighter.

The Gentle Touch

Before tackling the fingerprints, dust the furniture lightly using a feather duster, as this wipes away particles that could scratch the end if rubbed with a cloth. Wipe fingerprints away with a cloth that is moist soft and lint-free, then blot with a soft and dry cloth to avoid moisture damage. For a single that otherwise does not evaporate with a moist cloth alone or a fingerprint, dab a little bit of oil soap on the moist cloth and gently wipe it. Follow up with a moist cloth, then blot the moisture away.

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How to Keep a Shower Stall Clean

Shining, streak-free glass brightens a bathroom and leads to a warm environment, while soap scum, fingerprints and mineral residue left behind from the attractiveness of your bathroom. Furthermore, debris which collects in the shower course encourages the growth of mildew and potential dangerous mould. A composite of cleaning that is routine and upkeep helps keeps your shower stay.

Squeegee Habit

With a squeegee is the best protection against the accumulation of shower stall filth. Hang a hook and utilize it to wick away moisture after every use. If you don’t have a squeegee handy, a microfiber fabric cleans without hurting. Mold and mildew thrive in damp conditions so by eliminating water droplets you also help to prevent the growth of bacteria that are harmful.

Vinegar Works

White vinegar includes from cooking to deodorizing many applications, but it’s also a household cleanser that is handy. Mix equal parts vinegar and warm water, and put it. Coat the surface of the shower stall, and then vigorously shake to combine. Wipe with a microfiber fabric. One fast swipe of a baby wipe removes stubborn stains, if time is of the essence. Follow up by employing lemon scented furniture polish after cleansing. This provides clean, invigorating scent, but also prevents soap scum buildup.

The Baking Soda Option

Baking soda is just another natural and effective cleaning product. Add only enough water to baking soda to make a paste. Apply to areas where soap scum sponge and wash with water, wash using a microfiber cloth or persists. This not only cleans, but also deodorizes. Baking soda mixed with equal parts lemon juice is also capable of cleaning tarnished fittings in place of brass cleaner that is costly. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the fittings and also follow up by buffing with a clean cloth.

Cracks and Crevices

Grout and sliding door tracks are both perfect hiding places for mould and mildew. Areas where germs collects with vinegar, then let set for at least 10 minutes and scrub with an old toothbrush. Repeat as required. Think about a solution: bleach if vinegar does not do the trick. The shower track and grout with a solution of equal parts water and chlorine bleach and let it set for many minutes.

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The Easy Way To Restore Old Wood Furniture

When you have a piece of old wood furniture sitting in storage, or you also happened across a fabulous thrift-store discover that you would like to restore and use, then look no farther than your favorite wood cleaner and furniture petroleum. As wood ages, its pores open and the natural ingredients in the wood, causing it to dry out. Years and layers of dirt and grime add to that and can create the furniture piece to appear the worse for wear. You may be amazed at what a good cleaning followed with a soaking of furniture oil can perform. For painted hardwood furniture, only clean, sand and repaint.

Begin the restoration of the hardwood furniture with a comprehensive cleaning. Apply a bit of a wood cleaner to fine-grade steel wool. Work with the grain, and rub the surface of the old wood furniture with the cleaner and steel wool. Do not apply an excessive amount of pressure because you don’t want to take out the finish or stain. Most of the time, years of built-up wax turn the surface of the wood dirty and dirty. The steel wool and wood cleaning product cut through these layers. Wipe away loosened dirt and grime with a clean cloth, and allow the piece to dry.

Saturate a soft cloth with oil. Rub with the grain to apply the furniture oil to the wood. Fold the cloth and apply oil to an edge for in detailed crevices or embellishments on the wood. Thoroughly cover the wood furniture with petroleum.

Allow the piece soak overnight to hydrate the wood if it’s extremely dry. After covering the entire piece with furniture oil, then you can put it into operation or decide to follow the upcoming steps, depending upon the level of protection you need for the wood furniture.

Rub the piece of wood furniture with a clean part of steel wool in the direction of the grain. This eliminates any high spots as it prepares the wood for the next measure.

Add a seal coat to keep the wood hydrated, if desired. Implement Tung oil — also known as China wood oil — to the surface of the wood furniture, after the patterned wood grain. After Tung oil dries, it hardens and provides a plastic-like coat on the wood.

Polish the wood furniture with a wax, if desired — but be sure to thoroughly buff the shine after program. Be sure you work in tiny sections, together with the grain.

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The Way to Paint a Melamine Bathroom Vanity

Melamine is a man-made substance used to laminate cupboards made of particleboard. This paper-thin chemically infused material is difficult to paint if you use the wrong kind of primer. You will need to clean and mud a melamine vanity before priming or painting to get the paint to adhere. Since melamine is such a glossy surface, unlike wood, it requires a primer developed for plastics, laminates and similar surfaces — otherwise the paint can peel off.

Remove the door in the vanity working with a Phillips head screwdriver. Place the hardware aside in a safe location.

Cover the ground around the vanity with paper.

Clean out the melamine surfaces, such as the doors and the drawer, if any, with a household cleaner and a damp sponge. Allow them to dry completely.

Sand all of melamine surfaces with a fine-grit sanding block to scuff the end. Scuffing makes the melamine more receptive to primer and paint. Wipe the dust away with a wax or wax cloth.

Cover all of the places you do not wish to paint with painter’s tape. If the vanity includes a drawer, remove it or pull it out as far as it will go.

Pour some of this primer into a paint tray. Prime all of melamine surfaces with a paintbrush, allowing the primer to dry completely. If the melamine remains visible through the primer, then apply another coat and allow it to dry.

Pour some latex paint into a paint tray. Paint over all the primed regions with a paintbrush, allowing the paint to dry. Apply another coat, if necessary.

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