Decide on the Right Carpet Material

Among the most important elements in choosing carpet is understanding what it’s made of, because distinct carpet fibers have different characteristics. Before you head to the showroom, figure out which type is right for your room’s style and traffic pattern with this handy guide.




Hides soil Strong, elastic and resilient; excellent for heavy traffic
Responds very well to cleaning, as moisture leaves the fiber swell and discharge dirtNaturally fire retardantNeutralizes indoor air pollutants and does not reemit themEnvironmentally friendly
DisadvantagesHigh cost
Prone to distortion by excessive agitation
Stains easily, Because of Its absorbency and Simplicity of dyeingVery sensitive to chlorine bleachCost: About $5 to $24 per square foot, installed

Dunlap Design Group


Most commonly used fiber; yet easily available in a Wide Selection of Colours and texturesGood elasticity — very important in heavy traffic areas where furniture can be dragged Throughout the carpetAbrasion resistant, exceeding even woolWear guaranties frequently availableResilient; can be crushed for long periods and regain its initial shapeResponds very well to most professional cleaning methods and treatmentsDisadvantages
Can have problems with waxing, evaporating, urine reactions and thus onSynthetic, so that it off-gases
Cost: $4 per square foot or longer for high quality, best for heavy traffic; $3 to $4 medium grade; $2 to $3 base grade; $2 or less apartment grade

Robert kiejdan


Compounds resistantDifficult to stainGreat for outdoor applications (pool, stadium) Substance resistant; most chemicals and bleaches won’t damage it at all Fade resistantLow static
Not a springy fiber; once crushed it does not regain its original shape easily
Like Comfort, protracted exposure to oil-based soils may become permanentDifficult to dye due to the low absorbency speed; nearly always alternative dyedSynthetic, so it off-gases.
Cost: About $2.25 to $6.50 per square foot, installed


Very resistant to bleaching, fading and soil-dye reactionsResistant to water-based stainsDisadvantages
Tough to dye; normally need to be alternative dyed, which restricts the varietyNot resistant to fatty stainsCan mat down fast and Won’t come back the manner nylon doesSynthetic, so it off-gases
Cost: Around $2 to $7 per square foot mounted

ON Design Architects


Can Resist high traffic ; good for stairsGives your room a Fantastic natural look while incorporating textureBiodegradable and nontoxic
Uncomfortable against bare skinCan be pricey (but usually less so than wool)Susceptible to moisture damageCan be more difficult to clean
Cost: About $4 to $8.50 per square foot mounted

Robert kiejdan

Designer’s suggestion: I usually urge nylon and wool to my customers; both of those choices are going to perform well in most houses.

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My Houzz: Tudor Meets Contemporary

The architects at Orren Pickell Builders & Design produced a contemporary Tudor-style home in the suburbs of Chicago for homeowners Ian and Becca Coleman and their two young sons. Ian and Becca originally began conceptualizing this custom-built house from many magazine cutouts. The few wanted an Old World feel, along with the outside of the house was made to replicate the historic architectural design, but with milder detailing. Becca says,”One of our most important goals was to make the exterior appearance as though it had been here for hundreds of years. Hopefully we accomplished that!”

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here:
Ian and Becca Coleman, along with both sons Ryder and Casedy
Bannockburn, Illinois (suburb of Chicago)
Size: Two-story home with basement; 5 bedrooms, 6 baths
Architect: Orren Pickell Builders & Design
Designer: Lynn Hertl of LKH Style

Cynthia Lynn Photography

To keep with tradition, the inside of the home is a reflection of the exterior. Designer Lynn Hertl of LKH Design brought together shades of grey and metallic components.

Read photos of traditional-style houses

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The doors of the home open to an opulent staircase and foyer. Becca fell in love with a photo of a staircase in a magazine, also turned to the team at Design Stair to re-create the wrought-iron spindles she loved so much.

To the left of the staircase is Ian’s home office and to the right is a gallery leading to the kitchen and living area.

In addition to the grand staircase is a landing with two French doors that open to a little balcony. Natural light fills the foyer and enriches the broad plank hand-scraped walnut flooring.

Double chandeliers: Currey & Co..

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The foot of the staircase leads to the formal living and dining area. Still in the last stages of design, the two rooms will mostly be used for formal entertaining. An exposed texture was produced to maintain the flow of both rooms. Guests will be able to dine while using a very clear view of the fireplace next to the sofa. Soft draperies, manufactured from Missoni fabric, allow for natural light to enter the room.

Sofa: Custom made by LKH Design
Wallpaper: Stark
Dining Room Table: David Iatesta
Chairs: Roche Bobois
Console: Antique
Chandelier: David Iatesta

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Just on the opposite side of the butler’s pantry/bar is the kitchen. Becca states that the view from the kitchen to the formal dining area is one of her favorites as it generates fluid motion between the rooms while entertaining.

Ian and Becca also had a TV monitor installed in the kitchen to monitor their son while he naps.

Cabinets: Custom-built by Orren Pickell Designers & Builders
Countertops: Calcutta gold marble
Chairs: Custom made by LKH Design

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Around the corner from the kitchen sink would be the cabinet and Becca’s desk. She keeps the pantry products, such as sweet treats, arranged like a general store. Becca says,”Having a 2-year-old however, it doesn’t always stay like that!”

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Connected to the kitchen is the casual dining area with a kitchen table. The archways above the 2 rooms are adorned with exposed recovered wood.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Leading from the dining area is the butler’s pantry/bar that joins to the family room and kitchen. A door on both sides enables separation of the rooms, or a clear view to the kitchen.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Inspired by light, the kitchen table is a wonderful spot to enjoy a family meal. The table and chairs were chosen with the element of durability. With two young boys, picking furniture fit for everyday use was crucial.

Kitchen table: Roche Bobois
Chairs: Tolix classic chairs
Chandelier: Layla Grace

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The casual dining area area flows right into the living room. The exposed wooden archway makes a warm, inviting texture. A Hermès Avalon signature blanket curtains the back of the sofa.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The reclaimed wood in the kitchen area and archways can also be used on overhead beams from the living area. The built-in cabinets are made by Wood-Mode inside their Signature Series. The kid-friendly, comfortable sofa is by Edward Ferrell in Summer Hill fabric.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Light textured draperies permit for the flow of natural light to fill the room. Additionally, the picturesque windows overlook the house’s lush wooded landscape. The television has the option to tuck away from the custom-made cabinet.

Cocktail tables: Holly Hunt
Chairs: Hickory Chair
Window coverings: LKH Design

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The mudroom just behind the kitchen is another of Becca’s favorite rooms. The room offers ample storage room for the boys’ messy products. It also contributes to a room specifically designed for them: A playroom complete with cubby holes that produce great hiding spots.

The mudroom has been a design collaboration between Orren Pickell Designers & Builders and LKH Design. The cabinets and chairs are Brookhaven, and the cushions are made of old potato sacks.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The rear stairway leads up from the mudroom to a little reading room. Running the length of the staircase are four individual reading nooks. The windows offer lots of natural sunlight, creating a cozy place to unwind and read a book.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Casedy’s bedroom is the first area from the top of the staircase. Each the furniture in his area is from Bellini, such as a custom-made seat. Light colours allow for natural light to reflect round the room.

The boys’ rooms are connected by a bathroom.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Ryder’s room (which he chose) has lots of natural light that spills through an arched window, equipped with traditional shutters. Matching lovers from the boys’ rooms are from Matthews’ Fan Co..

Most of the rooms in the house face south, letting lots of light to flow in.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The kind of the master bedroom, on the opposite end of the second floor, keeps together with the standard sense.

Ian and Becca’s bed is located across from a traditional fireplace and a settee sits alongside the bed. Becca envisioned the settee and her designer custom built it for them.

Bed: Christian Liaigre
Settee: custom design by LKH Design, upholstered in Edelman leather

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The master bathroom is supplied with a traditional stand-alone air tub by Hydro Systems. The floor tile is made of Carrera marble. The veining of the marble helps add to the appearance and sturdiness of the stone, masking the ground’s inevitable wear and tear through time. A timeless Singer sewing rack sits across from the tub and family photographs adorn the wall.

Fixtures: Perrin & Rowe

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Orren Pickell Designers & Builders installed these custom-built his and hers sinks and cabinets, along with a shower with dual heads. The master bathroom connects to a dressing room and walk-in cupboard.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The cellar is home to a custom-made bar by Orren Pickell Designers & Builders. The bar countertop is crafted from aged oak wine barrels and trimmed out from antiqued copper. The fully equipped wet bar has a tap built in. A wine cellar sits to the left of the bar, and to the right is a media room and poker table. A ping-pong/pool dining table and classic arcade games help keep guests (and one day that the boys) entertained for hours.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

The cellar is also home to the kids’ craft room. It was specifically designed to sponsor all actions focused around cut, color and glue. Each the furniture in the area was chosen knowing it would endure some wear and tear through time. Becca has aims to one day turn it into her own craft area. The area is conveniently outfitted with a sink to help clean up any artistic or creative messes. Across from the craft area is a home fitness center and an extra playroom for the boys.

Cynthia Lynn Photography

A sunroom that can be used year-round sits just off the family room and kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow sun to fill the room. A wood-burning fireplace and TV also result in a comfy place to see a movie.

Patio furniture: Janus et Cie

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Ian and Becca recently finished building on a custom-built wood-burning oven. The oven sits in the yard, across from the pergola (soon to be trimmed with ivy) and next to the in-ground swimming pool.

The team at Mariani Landscape designed and built the oven.

Houzz Tour: Tudor Grove
Houzz Tour: Classic Tudor Gets a Modern Update

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How to Light Your House Right

Instead of feeling dull in the dark days of winter, feel bright and cheery in a house with the correct lighting. Today, the alternatives for lighting seem endless, which may produce the pursuit feel overwhelming. However, if you break it down into the three general kinds of lighting — ambient, task and accent — the options become more identifiable, and you will feel more confident when determining how to light your interiors. Even in the event that you can’t mess with the electrical construction of your house, the addition of a desk lamp here or there frequently can make all of the difference. To get a tiny visual caution, see how other Houzzers have mastered their lighting.

Pedini Kitchens


Because so many distinct activities happen in the kitchen, from collecting softly to preparing meals, this space is one of the most important places to light properly. In this kitchen, notice how ambient light is supplied through recessed lighting in the ceiling, while added task lighting is set up above the island and beneath the cabinets for chopping or reading a cookbook. The accession of task lights greatly increases the functionality of this kitchen; ambient light is normally rarely enough.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..


Don’t forget to supplement the dining table using its own task lighting: your loved ones and your guests do not need to squint at their plates. Install lighting with dimmers so you can set the mood depending on the occasion.

Isabel Beattie @ K Cabinets Oakville


Create the illusion of visual height with the addition of lighting to the top layer of cabinetry in your kitchen. It’ll make your room feel larger by guiding your attention upward and cutting out dark shadows that may otherwise focus near the ceiling.

Webber + Studio, Architects


Consider lighting open shelving. This is just another place where beams exist, and removing them with additional lighting instantly brightens your space. Plus, from a functional standpoint, whenever your shelves are stocked with items such as dishware you use everyday, it is much easier when you can definitely see their contents.

Dick Clark + Associates


The ideal way to ascertain the ideal lighting for a space is to think about all that will happen there. Most probably, a living or family room will be used for entertaining or relaxing. Ambient lights supply the soft glow perfect for dialogue with guests, but be sure to also flank your sofa with lamps to get ample light when studying. Have a beautiful piece of art on the wall? Showcase it using accent lighting.

Urrutia Design


If you have got fluorescent overhead lights you do not want to replace right now, yet they create your living space look like a chemistry laboratory, simply forget that they exist and use standing lamps for ambient lighting instead. Balance a number of across the roo and add smaller reading lamps for task lighting for sofas or chairs.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..


You might think the only action happening in the dining room is really a sit-down dinner, so task lighting above the table will be enough. However, even if you’re entertaining without an official dinner, guests might need to pass through the space during a gathering. Therefore, ambient lighting, such as sconces around the walls, is vital.

Philpotts Interiors


Make sure your bed is flanked with lighting. Put them on different controls in case your spouse wishes to turn in until you have completed your own chapter.

Ian Engberg


Since bedrooms are somewhat more of a private space and not the most conventional locations to get a cocktail party, you can refrain from using customary ambient lighting. In cases like this, accent lighting highlights the art on the wall, while task lighting provides reading light beneath the cabinets, giving the space a cozy, private glow.

Creative Spaciz / SPACIZ Design Studio


For all those tweezers, shavers and cosmetics appliers on the market, overhead lighting in the bathroom is simply insufficient. Prevent the unflattering shadows that they create by installing lights on both sides of your mirror.

Dwelling on Design, Deborah Derocher


Can there be anything better than a relaxing retreat with your favorite read after a long day? Not really, so ensure that your tub is prepared to accommodate you by accessorizing it with the appropriate task lighting. You do not need to overlook any words from your cherished gossip magazine.

Judith Balis Interiors


Bear in mind, lamps can be snuck in nearly everywhere with an outlet. If you feel your bathroom vanity may use a little additional glow, accessorize it with a table lamp. Keep it on during parties so guests may easily track down the bathroom.



Your entryway is probably the very first impression people experience of your house, so be sure it is appropriately lit. If you have high ceilings, such as this house, recessed lighting won’t be enough since the bulbs are nearly a story off. Include an additional light fixture such as a chandelier or pendant lights to further brighten the area.

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc..


Nobody likes making their way down a dim hallway, so be sure yours is nicely equipped with ambient light. If you have art on the walls, include accent lighting in the mix also.

Sutton Suzuki Architects


Steer clear of a devastating trip down the staircase by outfitting your staircase with task lighting, in addition to ambient light. Put both on different controllers. If you find yourself needing to go downstairs in the middle of the night, you are able to direct yourself with the glow of this task lighting.

Amoroso Design


Don’t overlook that built-in desk on your kitchen or bedroom: It requires task lighting as well. Insert a glowing lamp if you are not able to set up overhead lights.

More: 8 Methods to Design With Light
How to Get Your Lighting Right

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Styling Your Bedroom: The Corner Bed Floor Plan

Can a bedroom into your home feature window placements, architectural detail or size limitations that are creating the floor program hard? Consider the corner bed style, before you pull your hair out. When it’s getting the most out of floor space, raising functionality in a room or just balancing a general appearance, the corner bed may the answer you’re searching for. Have a look at the way the couple Houzzers created the corner bed look work.

More: Put the Bed Up Against the Wall

Anita Diaz for Far Above Rubies

The first possible positioning is pushing the head of the bed into the corner. Don’t think of this space between the corner and bed as lifeless room; use it for decorative accents or a functional addition. In this case, a plant adds texture and height to the space.

Lori Gilder

This bedroom created a functional space between the corner and bed with the addition of a table for lights or accessories.

Adeeni Design Group

A shelving system helps ground the bed in the space whilst giving trinkets and accessories a place.

Another option is pushing the top and side of the bed into the corner. If that really is the best possible design for you, turn it into a cozy refuge with the use of numerous pillows. A soft bed against chilly, hard walls can appear harsh, but disguising that transition pillows will make all of the difference.

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

Consider adding a headboard to each side that is against the wall. This will help the bed feel as if it’s in its own proper place in the room’s design when reaching the identical softness as pillows.


Or, keep things quite contemporary by keeping up a sleekness with your corner bed. This one is found in a studio apartment. It is so chic and clean, it could double as the couch during the daytime.

Tracery Interiors

Twin beds pushed into corners are perfect for children’ and guest rooms. In general, this design will maximize walking space between the beds, which makes it easier to maneuver throughout the room. In this picture, beds with tall articles enhance the height and include architectural dimension to the space.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

The smallest of spaces can seem luxurious for this floor plan. From contrasting colors to scrumptious linens to lacquered finishes, these built-in twin beds in the corners display an air of elegance. Can you believe this bedroom is actually found on a yacht?

Pure Design by Jerry Bussanmas

A corner bed can become quite handy when you want to maximize functionality in a room. Here, a corner bed allows another half of this room to be utilized as a workplace.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Studio apartments also profit from this floor plan. A bed in the corner will produce a different sleeping space separate from regular living, especially when it’s enclosed by a privacy curtain.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Wish to maximize sleeping space in a narrow area? Bunk beds in the corner is going to do just the trick.

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Create a Dramatic Backdrop For The Bed
Float Your Bed for a Great New Look

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Perfectly Imperfect: Weathered Details to Your Home

Some explain this fashion as rustic-industrial others predict it dirty-chic. No matter what we end up calling it, 1 thing is clear: These chambers make the most of the ingrained attractiveness and charm of wear. Old items sing along into the anthem of sustainability with rusty boxes, antique wood and peeling seats.

You’ll be able to turn this seemingly vulnerable aesthetic into a chic fashion where the top of the worst is brought out, giving worn bits a reinvented dignity. Go on and reuse the older; let its imperfect beauty shine.

Marco Dellatorre

The wall treatment provides this distance a weathered charm which works nicely with the drama and elegance of this furniture.

Rupal Mamtani

Traces of the background of your home is a good way to add character. The industrial previous life of the building is evident in the fading paint on the windows.

The Basics in Steel of Thomas Ramey

This chocolate-brown table, with its imperfections exhibited, plays a key part in this orchestrated affair of red and brown.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Here, a warehouse design is achieved with exposed beams and a rusty bathtub. I believe bits like this bath add a ton of character to a home.

Dreamy Whites

A weathered seat and vintage door combine for a display of this style.

Dreamy Whites

Two worn-out doors function as an imperfectly beautiful headboard.


This room features a ripped and scratched wall which has been abandoned in a state of disrepair, developing a faulty aesthetic that is surprisingly chic.

Becky Cunningham Home

Would you believe this was a mailbox? It was given new life as a box to show vintage finds. Rusty? Yes. Beautiful? Definitely!

Spinnaker Development

An old vanity has been abandoned “as is” to give this bathroom a true vintage feel. Everything is modern and new, which makes the vanity’s impact even more striking.

KuDa Photography

Antique timber has been used in the building of the modern-style bar. The uniquely colored rich wood may never be imitated, which is its main appeal.

Jensen Architects

This location, aptly named Scraphouse, features salvaged metal and old phonebooks as the main decorating components.

Envision living

Industrial and rustic, this distance needs no perfectly painted walls or muddy colour palette. Gray and purple are a match made in interior décor paradise because gray emboldens the vibrant shade. An unfinished background like this highlights the neat and compact design of the couch.

Book Tour: Patina Style

Shabby Chic Redux

Get the Look: Complex Country Style

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Tricks and Treats for the Eye

While walking down a road in my Brooklyn neighborhood I’d a double-take once I saw this sign. At first glance, it seemed to be a metal sign. As soon as I got near enough, however, I found it was a trompe l’oeil sign — it was simply painted on an exterior wall of the shop to appear three-dimensional.

Trompe l’oeil is French for”fool the eye,” and there are some super entertaining examples of home decor that produce this optical illusion using realistic imagery. Here are a couple favorites.

Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals

Laurel Mirror Bundle – $50

Hands down, my favorite collection of wall decals is designed by Shanna Murray. I adore the wreath and ivy imagery in her designs. This wreath mirror kit comprises a round mirror and a wreath decal. It’s a sweet and whimsical drama on a mirror.

Brunschwig & Fils

Secret garden background

I fell in love with this background once I spotted it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a sunny wall of a bedroom covered in this design? You would feel as if you’re sleeping in a secret English garden.

TIP: Consider positioning with a trompe l’oeil background similar to this design. For example, a wall with ivy peeking wouldn’t be found in a room. This pattern would function best on a wall with windows to make it appear more realistic.

TIP: Here’s a few more inspiration on different ways to use background.

ABC Home & Carpet

Wood grain linen cushion by kevin o’brien – $120

Faux bois is a stylish pattern that is now a classic. There are so many decorative ways to bring the illusion of timber into the house. This pillow is a simply chic illustration of faux bois.

TIP: You are able to make a faux bois remedy in your walls utilizing Martha Stewart’s decorative paint kit.


ferm LIVING – WallStickers Timber – EUR 85

Here’s a contemporary spin on trompe l’oeil that is sure to be eye catching — a massive tree that looks like it is in the distance. Envision this decal.

TIP: Wall decals are a great, affordable solution for a space where you can’t wallpaper — or do not wish to bother with the job entailed. 1 big wall decal can be an instantaneous pick-me-up for a space. From the bedroom, the headboard is frequently a focal point. If you can’t afford the headboard of your dreams, consider a trompe l’oeil headboard wall decal that gives the illusion of a three dimensional bit — and seems equally as cool.

John Derian – 8″ X 10.5″ Rectangle Trays – $110

Many of the decoupaged trays by John Derian play around with trompe l’oeil, such as this one, which is apparently a stack of classic laptops.

Twelve South

BookBook Case – Twelve South – $99

I have this notebook case in red and get comments on it all the time. The case truly looks like a classic book and always fools people. The case retains my notebook protected and undercover when I bring it out — a functional spin on trompe l’oeil.

Deborah Bowness

Deborah Bowness – Books wallpaper

All the wallpapers by Deborah Bowness play the illusion of 3 dimensions. My favorite pattern is that the bookshelf. I love the appearance of books stacked up high on shelves. If we can background our space, I would choose this paper to go behind our enormous flatscreen television, so the large, black box of a TV wouldn’t stand out as much.

Urban Outfitters

Trompe L’Oeil Floor Mat – $50

Urban Outfitters frequently includes a collection of trompe l’oeil floor mats that are playful additions to a space. I love this painted floor rug. It’s especially fun used on a wood planked floor to further play the illusion.


ferm LIVING – WallStickers – Sewing Kit – EUR 38

This was too absurd not to share. These wall stickers from Ferm-Living can go anywhere and seem to be a sewing pattern that you want to cut out. You can be creative with positioning — believe around trash cans, either a window or your media unit.

John Derian Company

Mirror button – $12

This decoupaged pocket mirror by John Derian performs on a few optical illusions. The eye and round shape of the mirror make it look like the eye is peering through a porthole. The design is on the back of a mirror, which performs the concept of looking at oneself in a mirror.

More: Secret Passages and Hidden Areas
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Get Halloween-Ready Using Bone-Chilling Decor

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and in case your favorite part of the holiday is its scare factor, then it’s time to make sure your home’s spook level was turned up a notch. Whether lions, skulls or slimy eyeballs are your items of choice, take your favorite props and transform them into creepy Halloween decorations.

Check out the following photos to see how fellow Houzzers have spook-ified their homes. Caution: these décor schemes are just for the courageous.

Frame an range of creepy items and images in a pub wall. Showcase the wall through candlelight: Everything looks scarier under a candle’s glow.

Here’s a very simple idea: Frame older black and white photographs from scary movies like The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Place them across your fireplace mantle for your guests to see. Just the memory of those frightening films will cause a chill.


Obviously, a spooky tablescape is a must. The black netting across the bottom of the candleholder creates an eerie sense of fog, along with a ripped runner appears like spiderwebs inching across the desk.


Nothing is spookier than an unexpected scare, like a skull concealed amongst an innocent goat display…

… or even a bowl filled with eyeballs in the midst of everyday décor.

Playing lighting is a superb way to up the scare factor of your home. Replace your room’s usual lighting with a small bulb positioned within a faux skull head. Switch off all lights besides this and observe the room fill with the creepiest of shadows.

Interiors with Attitude, LLC

A very simple way to set a spooky scene would be by placing lit candles in front of a mirror. The reflections alone will send you running for the covers.

Have fun with wall stickers, such as these mice across the staircase. A glimpse of a few of those unexpected fellas from the corner of your eye is guaranteed to make you shriek.


Console tables and mantles are the perfect setting for bone-chilling décor. Mummies and skull-laden candles are sure to make a scare. The picture on the wall adds to the eerie allure!

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Pick Up Some White Pumpkins for Elegant Fall Decorating

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