8 Beautifully Different Tub Materials for Bath-Time Luxury

8 Beautifully Different Tub Materials for Bath-Time Luxury

Who made up the rule that bathtubs have to be white? If you love a good soak, make your bathtub the standout feature on your own bathroom. A marble, metal, wood or glass bathtub makes an instantaneous design statement and is truly a luxurious place for a bubble bath.

Take a peek at those eight stunning tubs to obtain an idea about what an unbelievable bathtub can do for your space, regardless of your design style.

Abramson Teiger Architects

Wood. Wooden baths, usually made from waterproofed marine wood, include unexpected warmth to stone and tile bathrooms. This rectangular bathtub works well with an Asian-influenced design, but I love that it may feel classic, too.

Saint Dizier Design

Copper. Copper’s durability and natural patina have led to its significant comeback in the last decade. This oval bathtub allows the material’s understated luxuriousness to shine. Inspired by black river stone, the mirrored aluminum tub is perfect for this particular bathroom’s indoor-outdoor feel.

Inc, workman interior design

Marble. Although marble is often thought of as a traditional material, this freestanding white marble bathtub has a distinctly modern look. The circular design flows with the curved exterior wall of the bathroom. The round shapes contrast well with all the angles around flooring and the doors.

Stern McCafferty

Glass. Take your toilet to a whole new level using a low glass panel that comprises the water. Tiled walls and floors and a safe glass setup make it totally waterproof and amazingly sturdy.

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Diamond Spas

Stainless steel. This slick oval soaking tub provides the toilet an industrial shine. Although stainless steel durability and easy maintenance are huge pluses, homeowners may also appreciate how the alloy helps bathwater remain warmer longer.

James Cleary Architecture

Barrel. This oval teak bathtub looks exactly like a wine barrel but a little more luxe. The elongated design makes it extra comfy; this bath could even host more than one bather at one time.

studiotrope Design Collective

Sunken. Construct your bathtub in your bathroom floor by sinking it into under floor level. This bath is formed from concrete, then tiled for aesthetics and comfort. This can save you the frustration of installing a bathtub while offering you the benefits of a built-in feature — such as the corner seat and measure here.

Rock. Want to really go all natural? This bathtub was carved entirely out of a boulder. An installment such as this is completely incredible but clearly expensive (and could cause some difficulties with flooring support). If you love the look, you can purchase a similar-style acrylic version for a fraction of the purchase price.

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