Lighting for Over the Stove

Lighting for Over the Stove

Kitchen lighting may wear numerous hats, while it’s needed as general lighting, task lighting or accent lights. But form must follow function; particularly in regards to lighting places such as cookers, sinks and kitchen islands, where jobs such as cleaning, food preparation and cleaning require plenty of decent lighting. Although many range hoods include some kind of lighting, these lights often fall short of supplying adequate task light. Therefore, an additional light source could be needed when using the cooker.

Recessed Lights

1 solution for decent stove lighting would be to install a recessed downlight above or near the stove. Recessed lights may also be set up in a soffit, if one exists within the cooker. This type of lighting has three parts: the housing, which holds the electrical wiring and socket for the bulb, the trim, which is the only visible component and covers the edges of the hole where the housing sits, and the arc, which must be built to fit and work with the housing. When thinking of a lighting type, halogen and compact fluorescent are more energy efficient than incandescent and are both excellent choices for task lighting.

LED Lights

LED lights have become one of the top choices for home accent and task lighting. A narrow, aluminum strip of LED lights can easily be set up with screws or magnets above the cooker. The lights may be permanently connected to a 120V AC power line or could be plugged into a nearby wall socket. Individual, circular under-cabinet LED lights may also be set up over the cooker. Among the benefits of an LED lighting solution is the low cost. The lights are very long lasting and highly energy efficient, which makes them a green lighting alternative. Additionally, LEDs have hardly any heat output. LED lights make amazing job lights, as a well-designed LED lighting could be directed exactly where it is necessary.

Hanging Pendants

Many modern homes have already stoves built into kitchen islands. This kind of kitchen design allows for more decorative lighting options over the cooker such as hanging pendants. Low hanging pendant lights may provide consistent task lighting when positioned directly over the cooktop surface in addition to providing overall lighting for the whole room. But pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island are usually not the sole light source for the space. Recessed lights or other types of ceiling fixtures usually accompany kitchen island pendants.

Track Lighting

Another lighting solution for a poorly-lit cooker shirt is track lighting. A strip of track lights strategically installed together a portion of the kitchen provides a foundation where personal lighting fixtures could be positioned to shine light directly where you want it. Besides adjustable ceiling fixtures, hanging pendants may also be included in a track lighting set-up. Whether your cooker is located from the wall or built into a kitchen island, a track lighting system can provide the job lighting you will need for cooking. This handy versatility makes track lighting an superb option for general, task and accent lighting in the kitchen.

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