How to Restain Wood

How to Restain Wood

Restaining is a basic home improvement skill, used in maintenance and redecoration tasks in equal amount. Even though restaining jobs need specialized power tools and frequently take weeks to finish, no specialized skills are demanded. Excepting large tasks, such as refinishing a wood floor, the labor involved is usually minimal as well. While it might seem like a huge job, especially to a novice, restaining timber is the sort of task nearly anyone can handle.

Set the wood piece onto a drop cloth or a couple of layers of newspapers to protect your flooring, workbench or table.

Distribute chemical stripping agent within the timber piece using a brush. Permit the time directed by the broker’s directions before scraping off the consequent goo using a putty knife to remove the stain, varnish and stripping agent.

Examine the wood piece after you’ve finished scraping off the goo. If substantial quantities of this old end stay, repeat Step 2 to apply a second coat of chemical stripping agent. If only tiny splotches stay, proceed to Step 4.

Sand the wood piece to prepare it for the new blot, with a hand orbital sander for large surfaces and an oscillating tool for corners, edges and hard-to-reach areas. Begin by using 60-grit sandpaper to remove remnants of the old end, then utilize 120-grit sandpaper to sand down the entire surface of the timber piece. Finish the sanding with 240-grit sandpaper to create a smooth surface.

Wipe down the timber item using a clean cloth to remove sawdust and other debris.

Apply the wood stain with a fresh paint brush in long, even strokes. Wait immediately and inspect the timber. If the wood color needs slumping, apply a second coat of stain and inspect it in the morning.

Apply sealant into the timber piece when it has received enough blot and has dried immediately, with a fresh paint brush and long, even strokes. Allow the first coat to dry as directed by the manufacturer, then apply no less than a second coat. High-use or exterior wood items may require a third coat.

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