The best way to Replace Brick Molding on a Stucco House

The best way to Replace Brick Molding on a Stucco House

Brick molding is wood installed trim on the the outside of doorways and windows. It’s normally applied to homes with similar or wood siding, but could be installed on doorways and windows in stucco walls. It may rot whether it gets damp, particularly on window and door sills which are exposed to water. Molding is easier than you think; changing it may be difficult, particularly in a stucco wall where the stucco must be removed and fixed.

Remove the maximum amount of stucco than you’ve to, as required to expose either side of the brick mould; do not eliminate anymore stucco and abandon the sides in tact only if the bottom is rotted. Cut through stucco using drywall or a utility knife saw to expose the brick mould enough to get a pry-bar around it. Leave the steel lath using a rubber mallet and knock off stucco it in place if feasible.

Slide the end of a pry-bar below the brick mould and pull it free. Start in the underside of the side trim, at one corner of a bottom or sill trim, and pull it free till the whole strip can be removed by you. Remove the brick mould that’s rotted; depart wood set up. When it is nailed to a different piece in a corner pull the free with all the pry bar.

Where the brick mould was eliminated using a tape measure, measure the gap and reduce an alternative piece using a miter or dining table saw. In the event the original was mitered miter the very top of side molding; some brick mould has corners some is installed with box corners where a best piece overlaps aside piece.

Brush excellent major paint on all sides, ends and the again . Fit the replacement piece. Take it out and alter it if it’s too extended or corners do unfit, then substitute it. Fasten it with 2inch finishing nails pushed to the frame throughout window or the do or having a hammer. Set the heads of the nails using a nail-set.

Replace vapor-barrier and any steel lath eliminated to to access the molding that was rotted. Reused new lath outdated under barrier wall, s O stucco the there exists an excellent overlap, in the event the aged substance ruined that was is or can-not be reused; you could possibly be in a position to bend steel lath place in it together with nails .

Repair the stucco gap having a speedy-set stucco blend that generates a stucco look that is great but goes on in one-coat in the place of the conventional three. Spread the alternative stucco having a mason’s trowel or broad drywall knife and texture it to match the current wall. The re-pair stucco that is overlap s O there’s absolutely no line.

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