The best way to Scrape a Window-Sill Before Painting

The best way to Scrape a Window-Sill Before Painting

Painted surfaces like windowsills, in your house, might need re-painting every couple of years. You require to prepare the window-sill before you start implementing the paint. This this requires scraping the free old paint away which means the new and primer paint can be applied by you right to the wood area of the window-sill.

Move any furniture from the window-sill or protect it using a tarp. Close or protect any air vents close to the window-sill to avoid dirt or paint chips from being spread during your home and falling within. Cover the ground under the the window-sill using a tarp.

Scrape the paint chips that are free off the window-sill using a tool like a 5 or a putty knife -in-1 painter’s tool. So the blade reaches a low-angle, nearly parallel to the window-sill, hold the scraper. Scrape together with the grain of the wood when scraping the paint off, using care not to dig to the wood. Continue scraping the wood before you’ve got removed all the chips that are free and flaking paint.

A chemical infra-red paint remover to totally strip the paint or stripping the paint using a heat gun to heat or agent. Remove the heated or chemically-treated paint using the scraping device. Skip this, in the event that you are only eliminating the chipped paint.

Sand the edges of any painted are as that are remaining easy with fine- sandpaper. Wipe the dirt off the window-sill using a rag when you’re done.

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