The best way to Use Rock Salt for Tree Root Problems

The best way to Use Rock Salt for Tree Root Problems

Rock salt is a severe chemical compound utilized mainly to melt ice and snow on sidewalks and roadways. Rock salt is accessible in a number of chemical variations sodium chloride, including the most frequent type. The use of rock salt lowers the freezing temperature of water from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 2 5 F. This causes snow and ice when it usually wouldn’t, to melt off. The severe features of rock salt make it a herbicide that is efficient. Its program to places where tree roots have become a problem, like blocking or breaking sewer pipes, can rapidly destroy them, making removal more easy.

Place a couple of rock salt in your bathroom and flush it down once every couple of weeks approximately. For those who have reached your sewer lines or have a tree, they could be breaking their way through the pipe searching of the water-supply within. Flushing a little rock salt down the sewer will eliminate from getting any nearer, while avoiding these near-by any roots which have previously made their way within.

Place 1/2 pound of sodium sulfate copper chloride or in to your toilet bowl. Therefore it clears the bowl entirely flush the salt down the drain. Place another 1/2 pound in to flush again Repeat the procedure until 2 lbs of copper sulfate or sodium chloride happen to be flushed to the sewer where the tree roots have become a problem. Don’t use some water that may drain to the sewer-line for at least 1-2 hrs or the bathroom. In this period, the chemicals will soon be using impact on the roots that are invasive. Repeat the procedure every six months or so to keep the line open.

Locate the location of the root intrusion in your sewer line. Mark the place on the area over the pipe that is under-ground. Use an earth auger to dig a hole to the ground over the clog. Insert a duration of 2 inch PVC pipe to the hole and pour 4 pounds of copper sulfate or salt to the pipe. Pour 5 gallons of heated water to the pipe and enable the combination to gradually drain to the soil where it’ll destroy the roots that are invasive and clear your sewer lines.

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