Guest Groups: Crafting With Kids

Crafting with our children provides advantages. Not only is it a great way to socialize and bond, but it increases dexterity and fine motor abilities, enhances self image and stimulates right-brain imagination. From storage and organization simple and to fast clean up, here is a round up to make craft time operate more easily.
— Beth in The Modern Home

West Elm

Parson’s Play Table – $199

If it fits in your budget, consider getting a small kid-size table for the children to perform at. I enjoy the clean lines and the lacquer finish of this table.

Finnish Gifts

Marimekko Pikku Jätski PVC fabric – $54

Invest to protect your worktable. This way, spills wipe up and stains are avoided. If you are confident on your sewing abilities, you may make a few aprons to protect clothes too. Choosing a stylish pattern, such as this Marimeko Pikku Jatski, may even help inspire your budding artist.


Obi Grey – $38

Butik76 has several fairly oilcloth alternatives that you wouldn’t mind leaving on the table after the crafts are all put away. I have several favorites, such as this one.


Carpet Tile – $14.99

Flor tiles are a wonderful selection for a craft space. They’re built for real life in order that they could manage just about anything children can dish out. To clean up any spills, then just decide on the soiled up tile, shake or wash off and place back in position — easy peasy.

Modularity Tiles

Custom Designed Vinyl Tile Floors

Modularity Tiles add a unique style touch for your crafting space. The custom-designed tiles are suitable for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent programs, and are slip resistant and easy to wash.

Ana White

Build A Modern Craft Table

If you’ve been perusing images of art rooms for inspiration, then you’ve no doubt noticed numerous craft tables much like this one. They appear to be a frequent component to crafting business. Construct your own desk with complimentary plans from Ana White. The instructions are clear and show detailed images of every step.

The Original Scrap Box

The CraftBox : Black Raised Panel – $945

The Craftbox keeps crafts and arts neatly contained in a small, efficient space. Supplies not intended for small hands are easily placed out of reach. When art time is over, just lower the desk, shut the doors and voila! A lovely armoire.


Trofast Storage Combination, White, Multicolor – $175.96

With several color and size choices available, the Trofast storage device permits you to mix and match, creating customized storage for the kids’ art supplies as well as projects in progress.


GLIS Box with lid – $2.99

Colorful and stackable, GLIS storage containers are a great alternative for organizing all those small crafting materials.

BYGEL Container – IKEA

Ikea could function as one-stop shop for most of your crafting organization needs. There are so many wonderful options there. These colorful Bygel containers save space and keep supplies within easy reach. Additionally, they’re plastic so you don’t have to hold your breath any time that your furry friend grabs the entire cup.


Grundtal Containers, Set of 3 – $7.99

Grundtal containers have a magnetic back and cling to metal surfaces. The clear lids permit you to understand what’s inside. These are ideal for neatly storing small craft things such as rubber bands, stickers and smallish pompoms.


P’kolino Craft Table – $107

The Pʼkolino Craft Table is an option to get a child-size desk. The chairs are made in so you don’t have to be concerned about buying different chairs.

The Land of Nod

Lap Tray – $9.95

No room for a desk? Think about a stackable lap tray. The two side pockets hold frames, papers, etc..


Måla Easel – $14.99

I’ve got the Mala easel from Ikea for my boys. I don’t think you can beat the price for what you get. Features include a chalkboard, a white board, a tray to maintain supplies and a place to hold the corresponding paper roll.

Modern Prints And Posters – $9.74

Is your home starting to be overrun with your children’s artwork? Conserve the memory by scanning the pictures and creating a novel or a poster collage and display them forever in a organized and creative way.


Lil Davinci® Art Gallery – $169.80

Store and display your kid’s artwork in a Lil Davinci art cupboard. Each cabinet holds around 50 works of art.

Pottery Barn Kids

Star Art Cable – $39

Hang your small artist’s latest creations onto a cable system. The clips make adding and swapping a breeze.


Precious Markers Ceramic Markers – $2.99

Think about letting your children add their artistic touch to some of your home accessories. They could use ceramic markers to color on white bowls or vases and display them on a table or shelf for everybody to enjoy.

Benjamin Moore

Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint – $18.99

Chalkboard paint is an easy way to boost creativity in grownups and children . Don’t feel as if you’re tied to black, as several companies provide numerous colours. You may even find tutorials online on the best way best to turn any paint into chalkboard paint.


Made to Play! by Joel Henriques – $18.95

On the lookout for some fun new crafts to make with your children? Check out Made to Play! by Joel Henriques. I enjoy his crafting and DIY blog and have been following it for a while now. His projects are imaginative, simple and economical — perfect for encouraging open-ended play.

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Smart Shopper

In Grandma’s day, newlyweds started their unions using a matching table and chairs. You never had to wonder if the pieces worked together. However, the results were so predictable, they induced nausea quicker compared to tryptophan in a turkey dinner.

Today mix-and-match dining places are in vogue. They are more interesting, but also harder to gather. So before you invest in a set of dining chairs, make sure they’re going to work together with the table, the area — as well as the size of your guests.



even though it can be chic to match traditional chairs with a modern table, and vice versa, try to find pieces that share a common design element. If the table has a sinuous leg, start looking for a chair with the exact same line at the leg back, or select upholstery with swirls onto it.

Elad Gonen

If the table is rectangular or square, think about chairs with a rectangular or square chair.

Chango & Co..


Twenty-two inches is a good standard width for an armless dining chair, but it is possible to go bigger than that if your dining table or dining area is especially large and could dwarf a normal-size chair.

Thompson Custom Homes

Avoid chairs that are narrower than 17 inches; they simply don’t offer enough support for the derriere. For maximum relaxation, select chairs which are 20 to 24 inches deep.

Jiun Ho Inc..

Chair Height

Eighteen or 19 inches is an perfect height for a dining chair seat. As a guideline, try to let a minimum of 12 inches between the top of the seat and the top of the table. Dining tables stand 29 to 30 inches high.

Maria DeGange


try to find a dining chair that’s easy to move in and out of the table. Chairs with a slatted back are easy to grip, because there’s a void on your hand between the frame and the slat.

Mary Cook

A chair with a solid back — or one which is fully upholstered — might be more difficult to grab, so it ought to be light enough to move with no firm hold. (Rings help make the task simpler here.)

Lily Mae Design

Consider the people who will be using the chair: If children or the elderly often dine in the table, ensure that the chair isn’t too heavy or awkward for them to move.

Eminent Interior Design


Sooner or later, someone will spill something on your chairs. How much are you willing to be concerned about it?

For easy care, stick with leather (genuine or imitation), Ultrasuede, cotton blends or a industrial cloth. Steer clear of multilevel fabrics or ones using a thick nap, like chenille and velvet — they will show wear. Manmade fibers such as rayon or polyester are best when combined with natural fibers.


Should you use delicate fabrics, find chairs with removable seat cushions, or so the material can be replaced. And make sure you get extra.

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