How to Install a Drain Tub for an Overflowing Washing Machine

A top-loading washing machine can use as much as 40 gallons of water, whereas a front-loading machine typically utilizes between 20 to 25 gallons. If your washing machine should happen to develop a leak, dumping that water on the floor could lead to critical damage. A drain bathtub will capture the majority of the leaking water and guide it to a nearby floor drain, thereby reducing the possibility of water damage caused by a leak.

Pull the washing machine away from the wall and then disconnect the plug from the socket. Turn off both water valves. Eliminate the water hoses from the valves using a pair of slip-joint pliers. Lift the drain hose out of the wall drain and then thrust the washing machine out of the way.

Place a washing machine drain pan in the floor space reserved for the washing machine. Explain the nearest floor surface and measure the distance along the desired route to the drain. Cut sections of 1/2-inch PVC using a PVC cutter or hacksaw to construct a drain line using any requisite elbows to connect the drain hole in the bathtub using the floor drain. Clean each joint in the drain line using PVC cleaner before applying PVC cement to the combined and assembling the link.

Thread a 1/2-inch PVC threaded coupler into the drain hole on the bathtub. Wash and cement the coupler before inserting the end of the drain line into the coupler.

Lift the washing machine with the aid of an assistant and set the washing machine into the drain bathtub. Adjust the position of the washing machine until it is centered within the bathtub, then connect the feed lines to the valves. Slide the tip of the drain hose into the wall drain and turn on the water heaters. Plug the washer into the socket.

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The way to Tighten a Nut Under a New Sink Fixture

Sink fixtures come with everything you need to attach them securely into your sink, except instructions for tightening those hard-to-reach nuts. If you are putting in a new sink, you can put in the fixture until you put in the sink, while the nut remains readily accessible. Once the sink is, however, you normally have to crawl under it to tighten the nuts, and there is seldom room to get a wrench or a pair of adjustable pliers. Do what plumbers do and use a basin wrench to make the task all but effortless.

Clear off the shelves under the sink to give yourself more room to function. If the sink P-trap is in the way, remove it by unscrewing the nuts holding it into the sink tailpiece and wall drain, using adjustable pliers.

Insert the fixture into the right hole in the sink, middle it and align it with the back wall. Have a helper hold it steady while you fasten the retaining nut out from under the sink.

Wear a headlamp and place your head so that you can see the nut readily. Screw the nut and tighten it as much as possible by hand.

Use a basin wrench to tighten the nut the remainder of the way. A basin wrench includes jaws that clamp on the nut along with a long handle so that you can reach it easily. Fit the jaws of the wrench across the nut and rotate the grip. The jaws automatically tighten when you do this. Keep turning the handle until the nut is tight enough and the fixture is stationary.

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The way to Fix a Leak at a Wall from the Bathtub

It’s possible for bathtub plumbing pipes to leak, and when that happens, you may not know it till you see water pooling on the ground under the wall or the wall itself becoming moist. Pinpointing the source of the leak is of prime importance, but that isn’t always simple, because the water may be coming from somewhere over the restroom. You may realize that the water is coming through a wall or the roof, or even from the tub enclosure itself. If the latter, you will want to fix the tile, then re-caulk joints in the fence, or even replace the fence altogether.

Where the Water May Be Coming From

The most vulnerable joints in the tub and shower plumbing are those around the valve. These comprise the water inlet connections as well as the nipples that connect the tub spout and shower head, and other connections in the water pipes can also flow. Because water tends to flow across the framing, water behind a bathtub wall can also be arriving from a leak from the shingles or the roof. Moreover, because bathrooms in apartments along with multi-story dwellings are often stacked to make plumbing installation easier, the water in your toilet may be arriving out of a leak in a toilet on a ground above.

Use the present Access Panel or Cut One

If the person who constructed your bathroom thought ahead, you will get an entry panel, either behind the wall which comprises the pipes or within a wall in an adjacent room. Otherwise, you either need to cut one yourself or cut through the wall over the bathtub faucet. That can be troublesome if the wall is tiled, and to prevent having to destroy the shingles, look for a wall in a cabinet or an adjacent room whereby you are able to get the pipes. Cut a big enough hole in the drywall to permit you to view from the ground to the ceiling using a torch.

It’s a Plumbing Leak

Once you’re inside the wall, then it is usually easy to spot the issue. You’ll see water near the ground, naturally, and it’ll most likely be running along a pipe. Simply follow it to it’s origin. If you do not see any water spraying or dripping, turn on the tap; it might be arriving from a leaky tub or bathtub nipple. If so, you’re in luck, because you can remove and replace both of these nipples from away from the wall by unscrewing them using adjustable pliers. Stopping Water spraying in the tub or shower valve is more complex, and might involve removal of this valve, which is usually a job for a plumber.

Mystery Leaks

Leaks that you can not pinpoint can be troublesome, but pinpoint them you must, because water can quickly damage the framing and create a mold-promoting surroundings — if it hasn’t already. In case you have access to the upstairs toilet, try running the water to determine whether the leak gets worse; the issue might be a leaking valve or drain. If the leak isn’t coming from an upstairs toilet, inspect the siding and search for signs of leaking in the attic. You can usually fix siding leaks with outside caulk. In case you trace the leak into the roof, then find the point where water is entering and patch the roofing in that point as required.

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Subprime Mortgage Outcomes

Subprime mortgage lending was a significant element in the U.S. housing market for about 10 decades. Subprime loans are made to borrowers whose credit score is insufficient to qualify for conventional loans. To accommodate these borrowers, and also to realize the profits that come from packing and consolidating these loans, lenders eased the guidelines that need minimal down payments and verifiable assets and income. Although interest rates charged on subprime loans were higher than that for conventional mortgages, these loans allowed many to purchase houses for which they normally couldn’t have qualified.

High Price

Subprime loans were costly as a result of high interest rates charged and the charges needed to close such loans. Because of this, many borrowers signed mortgage notes that demanded them to cover a proportion of the earnings significantly higher than the standard principle percentage, which ranges from 30 to 40 percent of monthly earnings.

Defaults and Foreclosures

Many borrowers found themselves unable to cover the monthly mortgage amount, and defaulted on their subprime loans. Defaults brought about foreclosures in which creditors cancelled the loans and seized houses. Borrowers could avoid the loss of the houses only by entering new payment arrangements with the lender, or by declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which delayed the foreclosure process.

Housing Glut

Foreclosures had the impact of adding a great number of properties into the source of houses already in the marketplace. From the law of supply and demand, the glut of foreclosed houses drove down the worth of other real estate, including houses that were already paid for, or where homeowners were making timely mortgage payments.

Decline of Equity

As land values dropped, the amount of equity homeowners held inside their properties also declined. (Equity is the market value of a home over and over the outstanding mortgage amount.) When creditors started trimming requirements for borrowers, owners that wanted to sell discovered it more difficult to locate qualified buyers to their homes.

Fiscal Effects

With the glut in houses for sale, either by creditors that had foreclosed or by land owners, the demand for new housing declined. The construction business and ancillary businesses went into a slump; workers were laid off, unemployment climbed, and consumer demand for products and services also dropped, all resulting in economic stagnation.

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California Reverse Mortgage Rules

A reverse mortgage provides homeowners 62 years or older a way to tap the value of the home without the burden of monthly premiums. A homeowner taking out a reverse mortgage borrows against her home equity–the worth of the house less any mortgages–and doesn’t need to pay the loan back until she moves from the home.

Reverse Mortgage Requirements

California’s Reverse Mortgage Elder Protection Act of 2009 says a reverse mortgage may have a fixed or adjustable interest rate. The lender may charge fees and costs when the loan is taken out, occasionally during the life of the loan, or if it evolves. If the borrower receives his money in periodic payments, the lender can not lessen the obligations based on fluctuations in the interest rate; a lender that fails to make the guaranteed payments is accountable for double the amount of the default, plus interest. Lenders can not punish borrowers for paying off the loan early.


Under the California act, lenders should offer potential borrowers using a list of 10 federally authorized nonprofit counseling agencies to consult about the risks and costs of a reverse mortgage; the counselors must not receive direct or indirect compensation from the lender or anyone else involved in originating or servicing the mortgage. The lender must offer the applicant with a checklist of issues to talk about –for example, that if a medical or family emergency forces the applicant to leave his house earlier than expected, the loan will come due immediately. Lenders can not accept a completed application unless the debtor certifies he has received counseling.


The act says that the lender must not make the reverse mortgage contingent on the borrower purchasing some other service, such as an annuity. If the lender is connected with companies that provide insurance or annuities, the businesses should have legal hurdles set up to ensure the lender doesn’t have any incentive to push or recommend other financial solutions to the debtor. Recommending flood insurance, title insurance or hazard insurance would be an exception, because those are normal elements of a reverse-mortgage transaction.

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Tips on Moving Into Your First Apartment

Moving into your first flat is a milestone. Whether you’re fresh out of college or moving to a new city, the legal, fiscal and logistical difficulties of leasing and furnishing your new house are many. Luckily, a number of tips for new tenants can allow you to facilitate your transition.

Create a Calendar

When planning a move, it’s helpful to draw a calender ahead, to prevent jobs from taking you by surprise. Make your very best estimate of the time it takes to pack and haul your possessions, and after that, for safety’s sake, add an additional 20 percent.

Measure the Space

Before moving your possessions, carefully quantify both the distance of the flat itself as well as the halls and staircases that contribute to themto be sure they will fit. This is very important with large mattresses and furniture. There is nothing worse than buying a California king mattress, only to realize the staircase is too narrow to accommodate it.

Clean Up First

Before your flat becomes packed with furnishings, make the most of its emptiness to do a thorough cleaning. Change the toilet chairs and disinfect the refrigerator. Furthermore, if you have some concerns about insects, such as roaches, rats and bedbugs, the time before you proceed is the opportunity to spray and place traps.

Order Furniture and Utilities at Advance

If you’re buying new furniture for the flat, remember to purchase in advance, since there’s often a couple of days’ lag time between purchase and delivery. The exact same is true of utilities, such as gas and electricity, as well as cable and the Internet. Plan ahead to avoid spending your first night to the ground in the dark and cold.

Move In on a Silent Day

If possible, schedule your move to get a silent day, like a weekend. Move-ins are stressful all by themselves, but can become well nigh intolerable if you’re competing with heavy traffic. Should you expect the move to be quick, avoid rush hour and do it at the middle of this day.

Keep the Furnishings Straightforward

When going into your first flat, that heady rush of independence can cause you to want to really go all out together with the furnishings. However, consider first how long you’re planning to stay in the space: if your lease is brief, you might be out quickly. Keep your furnishings simple and adaptable to a number of unique spaces.

Change the Locks

Unless your flat is brand-new, you’re not the first person to live there. After you’ve moved , ask the permission of your landlord to change the locks.

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Guest Groups: Kitchen Measuring Tools That Measure Up

Are your cooking resources at the kitchen measuring up? Why not trade in those dull and boring sets for these distinctive ones? They’re functional works of art that are worthy of display. — Heather and Vanessa from At the Picket Fence

Ballard Designs

Southern Living Nesting Cups – $29

I love the soft green of the set of hand-thrown nesting cups. Use them to keep ingredients on hand while cooking.

Perpetual Kid

Swiss Measuring Spoons – $11.49

Most of us know how handy a Swiss Army knife is to have about. I am sure this pair of Swiss Army knife measuring spoons are equally as helpful in the kitchen since the real deal is in real life. My husband might even start doing some baking when he had these to operate with.


Bird Measuring Spoons, Hand-Cast Pewter by Beehive Kitchenware – $102

All these vintage-inspired, hand-cast pewter measuring spoons nest happily on their copper display rack, but they’re sturdy enough for use daily.

Neiman Marcus

Fleur-de-Lis Measuring Spoons – $68

I love the nod to New Orleans with those fleur-de-lis, hammered antique brass measuring spoons.


Painted Amaryllis Measuring Cups, Set of 4 – $38

Bring the garden indoors with those stoneware amaryllis measuring cups. These works of art are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Eclectic Measuring Cups – $18.95

They could be slow in real life, but this darling pair of turtle measuring cups won’t slow you down at the kitchen. Each shell is a different size cup, and they all conveniently stack on Mr. Turtle if not in use.

Retro Planet

Matryoshka Measuring Cups – $13.99

Who does not love Russian nesting dolls? All these Matryoshka measuring cups bring a touch of whimsy to the kitchen.


Green Signature Stoneware Measuring Cup – $11.95

This gorgeous measuring cup would seem at home in a contemporary kitchen design.


Teak Measuring Spoons – $32

Made from sustainably harvested teak, this pair of strands is both environmentally friendly and sophisticated.

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups – $24

Got milk? How about this milk jar measuring cup set? These cups, with surprise pops of colour on the insides, are perfect for countertop display.

West Elm

Owl Measuring Cups – $19

I’ve a thing for owls, and I couldn’t resist this darling pair of measuring cups.


Measuring Spoons by Boston Warehouse – $14.95

Bugs in the kitchen? You won’t obey when they’re those adorable, brightly colored, whimsical ladybug spoons. They make cooking fun!


Stainless Steel Double-Sided Liquid Measuring Beaker – $34.95

Stainless steel and in a single, this beaker-style cup is practical and sophisticated.

Kikkerland Design

Robot Measuring Cups – $10

Everybody in our houses will do the Robot once they get their hands with this kind of measuring cups. He divides into four searchable cups.


Oxo Measuring Beakers – $9.99

Experiment in the kitchen with this set of beaker measuring cups. The spouted shirts make pouring easy, and the bright colors will please all the food scientists in your house.

Crosby & Taylor

Pewter Measuring Spoons with Post, Vineyard – $75

These vineyard-inspired measuring strands are combined with blossoms and leaves for an elegant addition to the kitchen. Displayed on the matching pewter foundation, they can be stored close at hand.


Porcelain Measuring Jug – $28

Old fashioned never looked so stylish. Made of ceramic and using a vintage flair, this measuring cup is sweet and simple.

West Elm

Dipped Measuring Spoons – $14

All these dip-glazed stoneware spoons in blue and white are a smart addition to the kitchen. Shade is hand-applied for a one-of-a-kind finish.


Adjustable Measuring Tablespoon – $7

Short on drawer area? This all-purpose stainless steel measuring spoon is a fantastic space saver with its clean, contemporary lines.

Pier 1 Imports

Acorn Measuring Spoons – $14.95

I went a little nuts when I saw these fall-inspired Acorn measuring spoons. A set of them would be perfect for preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Guest Groups: Capsule Collection to Your House

In fashion, a capsule wardrobe — a group of vintage, versatile pieces that may be dressed up or down and will last for years — is widely considered a must. This month I’ve been wondering: What is the equivalent for insides? Are there certain items that form the base of any great interior? And how do you guarantee you invest that you won’t fall out of love with?

Here’s my stab in a capsule collection for the home. What have I missed? What would you have in yours? — Lucy from Four Walls and a Roof


Louis XVI End Chair

A bergère chair is similar to a little Chanel coat: It seems to be an extravagance, but it’s well worth it for its hint of glamour. Pair it with your own sofa, and you have turned into an average living room into a class act.


Cavett Leather Chair – $1,199

Perhaps your style is a little more manly, or maybe a tailored leather coat is the thing. In cases like this, this seat is the best thing for the capsule collection. Its clean lines and soft leather will work in many rooms and will look great for ages. USA

The Isla Sofa – $1,400

The perfect sofa ought to be like your favorite pair of jeans : functional and comfy, but with just the correct designer particulars to be posh. This sofa looks really inviting, but its square arms and turned wood legs provide it sharp style.

Matt Blatt

Original ‘Tripod’ Dining Table, Tan/Garbarino – AUD 890

I believe a dining table ought to be your collection’s little black gown. It ought to work for almost any event, be it supper with the elongated family or an official dinner with friends. A table is especially versatile because it fits in most spaces, and you may cram additional guests about it.


Strong Walnut and Raw Steel Side Table by Dylan Design Co. – $285

Negative tables accessorize a space, and it’s worth having one or even two in a capsule collection since they’re so incredibly versatile. Pair them up to make a coffee table or use them as guest nightstands. I adore these tiny octagonal tables; they’re simple yet eye-catching at precisely the same time.


Kiki Table – $48

Now, not everybody will agree with me, but I feel a metallic shoe is vital to any wardrobe. This metallic facet table is simple enough to use anywhere, however the smoky grey tray top and slender silver thighs would bring tasteful sparkle to an everyday space.


Moroccan Stool, White – $99

This blossom is no dull basic. I can envision it being used in lots of ways, possibly as an end table or as extra seating for celebrations. It’s similar to that white lady you purchased as a beach cover-up but happen to be wearing with jeans or shorts all summer.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Beau 3-Drawer Chest – $1,245

The perfect capsule necklace is like a tailored suit: It must be well made, as it will find a great deal of use, and details depend. And because you won’t want to splash out on another one anytime soon, make sure it has sticking power. I love the curved drawers and angled legs of the piece.

Z Gallerie

Glass Links Chandelier – $299

Every home needs at least one standout light fixture, just as every wardrobe requires one piece of jewelry. This modern chandelier allows you to add or remove hyperlinks. Add more layers for a glamorous impact or eliminate them to keep it simple.

Bae Home and Design

‘Claridge’ Tear Drop Table Lamp – $515

This crystal would definitely be in my capsule collection. It’s tiny, so it works in almost any space — just like a set of pearl stud earrings.


Luca Task Lamp – $375

I may be stretching the analogy a bit here, but a task lamp ought to be like the best pair of boots : a practical basic. And if you decide on the right one, it’ll always look smart. This silver light is one you’d wish to stay forever.


Regina Andrew Ivory Ceramic Gourd Table Lamp – $197.50

A design classic, gourd lamps work in both traditional and modern spaces. A pair of these makes a space immediately more grown-up and polished. They’re like an effortless cotton dress: deceptively simple, perfectly female, always elegant.

The White Company

Pimlico Duvet Cover – GBP 170

The vital bed linen item is a white duvet cover in crisp cotton. Like a classic white shirt, you know it will not last forever, but it’s well worth investing in a quality piece since it is going to look and feel so much better.

The White Company

Madison Arched Wall Mirror – GBP 175

It’s amazing how a gilt mirror may work in a lot of interiors. This one has a particularly simple layout. I can envision it in a traditional living room or propped up in a minimalist bedroom or toilet.


Expedit Bookcase | IKEA – $129

If the Ikea Expedit bookcase have been a piece of clothes, it’d be a modest white tee. It’s the ultimate basic, looks good anywhere and forms the base of a clean home.

Heath Ceramics

Mug – $34

A fantastic capsule wardrobe requires a soft tight sweater. These Heath ceramic mugs would be the equivalent of a cashmere wrap cardigan: a small bit of luxury in a put-your-feet-up format.


Bungalow 5 Orchid Tray, White – $169

A tray plays the same role as your go-to purse — excellent for corralling all of your jumble, but also a way to attain instant style points. This mirrored tray has it all: simple lines, slight detail about the handles and the perfect surface for showing chosen treasures.

John Robshaw Textiles

White Marble Plate – $75

Every wardrobe requires a couple of pieces with a narrative, things that touch at exotic travel and adventure. Think about the effect of a turquoise-beset belt with a white shirt and jeans. You can’t beat these stone dishes for a similar impact. I have one of these as a soap dish, however they function for holding jewelry, collecting odds and ends or simply hanging out as display pieces.

L’aviva home

turkish hammam towel – $65

Hammam towels are another extremely versatile thing inspired by travel. I use mine as hand towels in the powder room. They also function as guest towels or tea towels, and the larger ones twice as throws.


Luigi Bormioli Serveware, Michelangelo Masterpiece Ice Bucket – $19.98

What? You do not consider an ice bucket an important item for your home? Well, perhaps it is not, but apart from switching on the music, it’s certainly the fastest way to produce a celebratory mood. Every home requires a couple of fail-safe pieces for producing an instant party style.

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Guest Picks: Live Large in the Land of Legos

As a result of some recent visit to Legoland with my family, my son and I are now obsessed with Legos. First, you need a creative and organizational method to store them. And second, if your kid really does love playing with them, why don’t you bring them in the decoration of the area? Listed below are a couple imaginative ways to decorate and accessorize your room with a Lego-inspired layout. — Andrika from Nursery Notations


I Will Never Lego Printing by Doodling A Smile – $30

This print is a humorous play on words. It is the perfect little something for the mother who wants a little Lego humor in her home.

Fat Brain Toys

Lego Brick Alarm Clock – $29.99

All children need a clock in their own rooms. This one has nice large amounts and can be disguised as a Lego brick.


“Stormtrooper Portrait” by Mike Stimpson – $11

This piece covers your youngster’s love of Legos and Star Wars in precisely the exact same time.

Fat Brain Toys

Lego Sort & Store – $53.95

This oversize Lego head makes an adorable piece of decoration. As an added bonus, it is functional and helps sort those pesky little Legos.

Lego Duplo Tables – $199.95

For the toddler who loves Legos, the Duplo play table shops and makes Lego building simple. It is a great playroom addition.


Brickman Childrens with Custom Title Vinyl Wall Decal by In An Instant – $38

Decals are a simple and inexpensive way to dress up your bare walls. This Lego-inspired decal is personalized and has a nice color combination.


LEGO Storage Tray Unit

This is a sensible and mechanic-inspired approach to store your own Legos. It is great for children who like to organize.


“Orange” from Mike Stimpson – $8.25

This bold print would even look good in an adult area. It is minimal yet makes a dramatic effect.


“Keep Calm and Construct On” Photographic Printing – $7.42

This iconic term and poster is vital for any Lego fanatic’s room.


Lego Bricks Wall Vinyl from Sticker Boutique – $20

I enjoy the way the cubes are only outlined and not strong colors with this Lego decal for your own wall.


Lego Avengers Printing by Mikenap – $30

If your children are obsessed with Legos and also the Avengers, it is possible to make them very happy with this vintage-inspired poster.


Lego Table with Storage and Removable Lego Top by Silver Holly – $140

Here’s a white and simply pretty Lego storage table.


LEGO Personalized Poster by RKR Creations – $27

You can personalize this poster with your name and special Lego characters.


Just Lego Linocut Print by Typogy – $20

This linocut print is a nice subtle poster acceptable for any room in the house. I enjoy the hand-printed look of the piece.

FAO Schwarz

LEGO Small MiniFigure Screen Case, Blue – $16.99

A few of these bright MiniFigure cases exhibited on a wall or graphic ledge could create a custom made piece of display showcase artwork. I enjoy the colour and organizational qualities of the piece.


LEGO Torch – $15.01

Who does not need a Lego nightlight for the bedside table? This one is cute and functional!


Lego Deluxe Brick and Minifigure Storage Carrying Case with Pull Out Drawer – $32.29

This Lego storage box really looks like a Lego. I enjoy the idea of getting these in an range of colors and color-coding the Lego collection.


“I Have You Now” Photographic Prints by Mike Stimpson – $8.25

This could be one of my favorite prints since it’s so funny.


“Lego Moods” Photographic Prints by designholic – $6.60

This Lego Moods poster can help you teach your child the concept of feelings. Ask them daily, “How do you feel today?”


“Alphabet in Lego” Photographic Prints by Addison – $7.15

Educate your child the ABCs of Legos with this unique block-inspired photo printing.

Next: The Family Home: Toy Storage That’s Child’s Play

An enjoyable tasteful way to exhibit your lego figurines.

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How Can I Repair the Husqvarna 235 E-Series Chain Tightener?

The Husqvarna chain saw includes a gasoline-powered engine with a oil pump, also accepts 14- and – chains and bars. The chain tightening system includes a tensioning screw to loosen the chain for its elimination, so that it functions properly to the bar without undue wear and to tighten the chain properly. The screw not tighten or loosen the chain and might become stripped after use. The screw can be replaced at a minimum cost.

Put your Husqvarna chain saw and allow the engine to cool if it was in use. Add a Phillips screwdriver into the 3 screws at the upper cover, then turn them and remove them. Pull the top cover the engine off, then remove boot and the spark plug cable from the spark plug to avoid the chain saw beginning accidentally.

Remove the two nuts on the side of the chain saw with an adjustable wrench. The cap off and out the chain saw bar and blade. Put the cover on a level surface with the inner side facing upwards.

Eliminate the tension bracket screw with a Phillips screwdriver and lift the adjustment assembly. The tension screw can be found underneath the adjustment assembly.

Grasp the tension screw with a set of pliers, and pull it straight out and out of the cover. Put a tension screw that is new into the hole.

Replace the adjustment assembly insert the tension bracket screw and twist it clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver.

Put the cap onto the chain saw at the cutout of the holes and the bar with all the adjusting assembly at the cover. Replace the two nuts on the bolts at the cover and twist them with an adjustable wrench. Press on the plug cable and boot firmly. Replace the top engine cover, insert the 3 screws and twist them .

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