Have a Rockin' Summer With a Hammock

Have a Rockin' Summer With a Hammock

On a recent trip to Mexico, I had two things in my must-buy list: an authentic mortar and pestle along with a severe hammock. Classic hammocks are a staple in Mexico — you’ll see them in places from the simplest shack to the most luxurious mansion. After viewing the great number of styles, shapes and hangings, I had been determined to snag one of my very own.

After purchasing my hammock, I was thrilled, but suddenly had a great number of questions. Where should I hang it? Does it fit together with my decor? Is there room on the porch for it? Obviously, once I got the barn home, we found an ideal place and now it’s a favourite hang-out space for the whole family. For less than $20, we have an outdoor mattress.

If you’re considering a hammock for summertime, maybe you’re worried about fitting it in your space or your style. No need — here I address the objections you might need to a hammock swinging in the eaves. Can not you join me?

HighCraft Builders

Objection: I do not know how to hang a hammock.

Reality: Hammocks are simple in design and require only two things to work properly: solid supports 10 to 20 feet apart. To approximate the distance you will need, assess the hammock and add 1 or 2 feet to the complete length between articles.

The traditional hammock is hung between two trees from articles in a courtyard, but you can use any service you might have. In this case, a solid tree and a hook attached to the house are utilized. Observe that the duration of this hammock generates the proper sag in the center.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Blessed with palm trees and a view? You’ve got the ideal location for a traditional hammock.

From the towns of Mexico, we saw hammocks strung from post to post in internal courtyards similar to this one. The curve of this hammock mirrors the arched openings perfectly, and also the courtyard breezes blow through these passageways all day. Layout and function meet to produce the ideal place for a hammock.

Rina Magen

When a traditional hammock isn’t in use, it can be hung on a single post tucked out of the way or simply allowed to hang freely. The cotton weave slips and extends easily to save space.

Aiken House & Gardens

Objection: A hammock does not work with my fairly decor.

Reality: Want a place to relax, but do not want to give your fancy laces and frilly decor? No worries — this attractively designed hammock gets the best of both worlds to you.

Give a nod to the floral designs on the pillow prints by attaching the hammock to a vine-covered post. Clematis is a superb choice, with a vast range of pinks, purples and whites to choose from and also a graceful twining habit. Other blossoms might take over your hammock, but clematis will grow peacefully and stay in its place.

Can’t make it to the shore this summer? No worries. Section out a piece of your lawn for your very own private beach and hang a swinging hammock from a faux palm tree. This setup is ideal for parents who want a little comfort while the kids play in the elongated sandbox.

MCM Layout

Objection: I despise lying down while reading or chatting.

Reality: Dual-seat hammocks and cradle hammocks can be found. Face the hammocks in opposite directions to speak freely with the person sitting next to you without craning your neck.

Objection: I do not have some trees.

Reality: Freestanding hammocks operate just Too. Be certain to plan for shade with an awning or a roof edge to keep from baking in the summer sun.

Inga Romberga (IngaBerga)

Objection: I do not have outdoor space.

Reality: A chair hammock is the perfect addition to your kid’s area instead of a traditional rocker. Ensure that you join the hammock to a secure joist.

Dana Frieling Interiors

Chair hammocks are available in all shapes and sizes; this smaller variant fits well in a corner. Adding a hammock to some room can bring a beach theme to life, without your resorting to stick-on surfboard stickers.

Maybe you have a large space where your kids like to hang out. Maybe you’ve just refinished your loft and have been searching for the perfect couch. Consider a large-scale mattress hammock rather for cuddling and snoozing.


Objection: Hammocks cost too much.

Reality: It’s correct, hammocks can be expensive. But not all of these. I snagged mine in a Mexican market for a song, but you can also find inexpensive models on the internet. Try a two-person hammock for $25 or a cradle hammock for about $30. Stick with a cotton ribbon and also you won’t be let down.

Whether you want to relax with a novel poolside, cuddle with your newborn in the nursery or create your loft to the kids’ playhouse, hammocks would be the answer. Get 1 today and spend summer time swinging in the breeze.

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