How to Install Cabinet Display Lights

How to Install Cabinet Display Lights

Cabinet screen lights can be used to buffet cabinets brighten china or all types of cabinet which has shelves or glass. It is a subtle lighting effect that brightens the interior of the cabinet to emphasize objects. This kind of lighting is helpful for showcasing any home available for sale. It adds an aesthetic beauty that you care, or demonstrating pride. Cabinet screen lights come wired, which makes them simple to install in any cabinet.

Open the cabinet’s doors. With the cable end, hit up and set the light fixture behind the cabinet rail, based on top of the cupboard, for fixtures. There’ll be a single screw hole on each end. With the screws that came with the light kit along with a screw gun, screw the fixture.

Mounting clips behind the cupboard rail for rope light. Lights include small clips. Using screws that came with the kit and the screw gun, screw the mounting clips spaced according to manufacturer’s directions, behind the rail of the cupboard. Push the rope light with the cable end running into right or the left, according to the place of the outlet.

Stretch the cord along the perimeter of the cupboard. Tap horseshoe clips over the cable using a hammer to hold it.

Drill holes at the corner of the cupboard, down through the shelves using a 1 1/4-if the cupboard is set up against the wall, inch Forstner bit. Another hole horizontally out from the floor 3 inches up through the cabinet’s side. Drill out via the rear of the cupboard at the top, if the cupboard is freestanding.

Run the remainder of the cable through the holes and plug in it.

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