How to Mount a Trellis to Stucco Without Drilling

How to Mount a Trellis to Stucco Without Drilling

A trellis with a climbing vine may be used to pay for an exterior wall, including a stucco wall. If you drill into stucco to install the trellis, you could chip away bits of the stucco. In some cases, screws might be hard to impossible to install, or screwing into the wall could risk damaging pipes or wires installed on the wall. Alternatively, you may use construction adhesive to mount the trellis into stucco. The trellis should be mounted about 2 inches out from the wall to permit space for vines to weave in and out of the trellis.

Clean out the stucco thoroughly to remove all of the debris, using a power washer or mild detergent and a scrub brush. Permit the wall to dry thoroughly before mounting the trellis.

Screw two-by-fours into the rear of the trellis, using 3-inch wood screws and a power drill, if the trellis would break flat against the wall. Attach the trellis into the 4-inch side of their planks to depart a 2-inch gap between the trellis along with stucco wall.

Hold the trellis up against the stucco wall until you achieve the desired position. Mark the wall gently along the outside edges so it is easy to organize the trellis for setup. Be mindful of any parts of the trellis that come in direct contact with all the stucco wall. In the event that you had attach two-by-fours into the rear of the trellis, only the boards must come in contact with the wall.

Apply generous beads of heavy-duty building glue to the points of contact on the trellis, leaving approximately 1/2 inch from the edges free of adhesive. Construction adhesive is available in squeeze tubes or tubes that you use with a caulking gun in which you cut the tip, insert the tube at the caulking gun and squeeze the trigger to apply the building glue. If possible, use a construction adhesive for landscaping, especially designed to mount into masonry surfaces, and choose a material that sets quickly so no bracing is needed.

Line up the trellis with the marks onto the stucco wall, starting at the bottom of the wall, then slowly lift the trellis into position on the stucco wall. Do this immediately after applying construction adhesive to the trellis.

Press firmly on each of parts of the trellis that contain the construction adhesive to ensure good contact between the trellis along with stucco wall.

Apply even pressure to the trellis for approximately 30 seconds until the glue ties to the stucco. If you were not able to find a quick-holding construction adhesive product, the item might require considerably more time to place. You may push two-by-fours against the trellis as a brace, running diagonally in the trellis down to the ground.

Permit 24 hours up to approximately one week to get the construction adhesive to completely cure before training climbing vines to develop on the trellis. Pull gently on the trellis in several areas to ensure a strong hold; apply additional construction adhesive in the gaps between the trellis along with stucco as required to create a stronger bond in weak points.

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