How to Shorten a Window Shade

How to Shorten a Window Shade

Roller window shades are relatively easy to shorten. Unlike blinds that involve strings and pulleys, window shades are shortened by cutting the fabric where it attaches at the elbow. When the shade is too long, you can shorten it to pull down to the window sill instead of beyond the sill. Some homeowners may choose the expression of shades that only cover the top half of a window when completely pulled down. Regardless of the reason, the job can be carried out with basic resources by even beginner DIYers.

Pull down the colour and discharge it lightly to place the ant-reverse lock to the roller. Lift the roller on top of the shade out of the brackets and lay the shade flat on a table.

Expand the roller on the shade by palm to unroll the shade completely and expose the tape or staples that fasten the top end of the shade to the roller. Note the way the shade rolls on the roller, such as over the top border or in the underside. After the colour is cut it must be reattached in the roller in the same manner.

Detach the top border of the shade in the wooden roller by pulling the staple fasteners with a desk staple puller. To get a metal or vinyl roller, then lightly cut across the pieces of tape in which these attach the border of the shade on the roller. Put the roller apart.

Measure down from one of the roller brackets on the window frame and notice the dimension that you would like the shade. Add 2 inches to allow enough shade for rolling the top end on the roller. Note the dimension.

Measure from the bottom cord or rib around the colour and mark every edge of the colour in your own measurement. Fold the top part of the shade in your marks and press on the fold to make a seam as a cutting guide.

Cut across the shade from side to side in the folded seam with scissors. Discard the top piece that is cut off.

Check with the direction the shade was rolled onto the roller and place the cut edge of the shade in the top border or underside of the roller, as necessary.

Set up a desk stapler using 1/8-inch staples. Flip the grab on the inner end of the stapler and swivel the foundation away in the stapler’s head. Attach the border of the shade to a wooden roller with fundamentals at 4-inch periods from end to end. To get a metal or vinyl roller, then attach the border of the shade with 2-inch-long strips of 1/2-inch masking tape in 4-inch intervals.

Roll the roller many inches onto the colour. Reset the roller in the brackets at all sides of the window. Pull down lightly on the bottom of the shade to publish the reverse-lock to collect or pull down the shade.

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