Modern Icons: The Paulistano Chair

Modern Icons: The Paulistano Chair

Architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha designed the Paulistano Athletic Club in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1957, and his attention to detail contained designing this seat because of its living areas. Following that, it was a sight before the design was rereleased by Objekto in 2004. Following Mendes da Rocha received the Pritzker Prize in 2006, the seat became available in the USA for the first time. Keen aesthetes have been snapping it up with enthusiasm ever since, demonstrating its timelessness. The Museum of Modern Art has added the seat to its permanent collection; test it out and see whether you’d like to follow suit.

YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona

Designed through the midcentury modern era, the Paulistano has a thoughtful combination of sling and frame that seems as contemporary as anything else on the market today.


Paulistano Armchair | Espasso

The Paulistano seat is created from a single 17-foot-long piece of strong phosphatized carbon steel and a leather match. Both substances age in their unique and stunning ways.

But if treating the seat’s frame with just a little WD-40 each six weeks or so is not for you, it is also available in polished chrome.

Design Within Reach

The easy sling silhouette doesn’t take up much space from front, back or side. It’s uncommon for such a cozy lounge chair to take up so small visual distance. This means it may work well in small spaces and sit facing windows without blocking a lot of the opinion.

Laura U, Inc..

This designer balanced a set of Paulistanos across from a larger upholstered armchair.

Economy Interiors

The seat’s portability means it is a fantastic choice for a room which needs seating versatility; you can move chairs into intimate clusters for conversation while entertaining or set them toward the TV for movie night or the game.

PLACE architect ltd..

Florense USA

Like most chairs in a fantastic permanent set, it can make its way all over the house. Swap it in your bedroom if you want an occasional seat; you’ll want to respect it, so it should motivate you to keep those clothes put away rather than draped on the seat.

Design Within Reach

Paulistano Armchair in Canvas – $1,250

A cotton canvas variant comes in bright colors and lends a more casual look. The Twist is waterproof and stain resistant, so you can use it outside also.

Poul Kjærholm’s PK22 Easy Chair

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