Talk: Frameless Showers Get Display of Support

Talk: Frameless Showers Get Display of Support

Frameless shower doors convey a clean, modern feel and are, well, sort of sexy. Here are 12 reasons why you should consider installing one in your property.

Amoroso Design

Divide and conquer. “Given that the layout for this toilet placed the shower in the center of the space, together with the vanities on each side, a frameless glass enclosure was the best approach to keep the space open and airy,” says Shelly Amoroso of Amoroso Design. “I understand the need for a few to have separate vanities, but hey, you’d miss a whole lot of amusing banter and together time if you could not find each other”

The Sky is the Limit Design

Turn toward the light. “I changed the layout of the bathroom quite a bit by turning the shower space 90 degrees from its place on the wall to sitting under the window,” says Ines Hanl of The Sky is the Limit Design. “That had a huge influence on the visual aspect of the space. All of a sudden, a somewhat dark, train-compartment-like room became somewhat grand in appearance, and also we did not even need to enlarge the window. And the grey stone is balanced with lots of openess and light”

She adds, “The color scheme was driven by the client, who had spent a summer in Rome and wanted stone in shades of grey. The silver slate has a gorgeous shimmer to it, and I was able to combine lots of different patterns. The ginormous showerhead is a favorite with the whole family”

Hanl did believe “frosting the glass for solitude, but after quite an extreme deliberation, we elected from this because it’d have enclosed the space too much.”

The Sky is the Limit Design

Get the balance right. “This really is really a steam shower, which is why the ceiling is tiled and weathered, the glass goes all of the way up into the ceiling and there is a hinged panel that may be cranked open,” says Ines Hanl. “The shower has white Thassos marble on the walls and a black marble mosaic on the floor, each of which can be inspired by the color scheme in the remainder of the toilet– black and white marble mosaic for the floor and black-stained cherry cabinetry”

She adds, “This bathroom is in a house where there is a more modern-inclined husband and a traditional-favoring wife. To keep things balanced, the shower also got a little more of a diminished treatment”

Murdock Solon Architects

Contrast modern and rustic. “This bathroom was a part of a renovation in what was originally an old stone gatehouse,” says Kelly Solon of Murdock Solon Architects. “We’re trying to insert a clean, modern design into a very rustic and visually significant atmosphere. The frameless enclosure provide a light and airy texture, as well as a comparison to the other materials in the area”

Divine Design+Build

Show off your tilework. “We love to utilize frameless shower doors for a couple of reasons,” says Mariette Barsoum of Divine Kitchens. “Having a frameless door, there is no visual separation, making the space larger. Additionally, unlike framed doorways, they do not conceal the gorgeous tilework in the shower. Frameless doors also sport a cleaner, more modern look — and we enjoy this.”

Studio On Cedar LLC

Make a small room feel larger. “I had been inspired by the frame of the house and its secluded and forestlike surroundings,” says Kimberly Arnold Fletcher of Spectrum Design Group. “My aim was to make an open texture and bring the outdoors to the master bathroom. The frameless door enabled me to not only offer a transparent look that mirrors the dividers added into the space, but in addition, it made a very small room feel larger and more spacious.”

Bring in natural light. “A frameless shower gives the illusion of openness. The metal, the less you notice that a wall is dividing the space,” says Alison Causer of Alison Causer Design. “In this master bath I actually wanted the natural lighting to reach every corner of this space. Since we used dim, natural stone on all four partitions, we actually needed to maintain the light shifting around the space.”

She adds, “We also installed a skylight in the shower, which combined with the frameless shower really helps convey an open feeling.”

Maximize the view. “This house has a classy and subdued palette with walnut casework throughout,” says Kerry Ellis of Benning Design Associates. “It also has stunning views, which is why we chose to maintain the master bath , and shower, so open.”

Jamie Herzlinger

Move for an elegant look. “The inspiration for this particular bathroom was elegant glamour,” says Jamie Herzlinger of Jamie Herzlinger Design. “The easiest way to acquire elegance in your toilet is using a frameless shower, because it keeps the look clean and sleek.”

Webber + Studio, Architects

Embrace minimalism. “We’re seeking to get the colors of this limestone tile bounce light around the room and to use few if any noticeable details, in keeping with our firm’s philosophy of adopting minimalism,” says David Webber of Webber + Studio Architects.

“In my view,” he adds, “the shower glass is really not minimal. The original design was to allow the glass to be slid to a recessed slotmachine, which is exactly what I would have preferred. However, the shower’s framing did not allow us to recess the hardware, so we went with a surface mount instead.”

Justine Sterling Design

Infuse a sense of calm. “I had been inspired by the tranquil river and landscape surrounding this house to make a peaceful sanctuary that attracted the outside in,” says Justine Sterling of Justine Sterling Design. “The frameless shower layout was key in creating openness, transparency and a sense of calm.”

Nora Schneider Interior Design

Invite nature to be your guest. “This master bath is in a summer house on a lake, and the rear of the house faces the woods,” says Nora Schneider of Nora Schneider Interior Design. “The shower faces an entire walls of windows overlooking the woods, and I wished to invite nature in as an evergreen guest”

“The shower tile resembles bamboo, and the glass floor tile echoes the look of sand. The willingness of the entire house is supposed to invite nature in, so a framless shower was the obvious choice.”

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