The Way to Fix a Light Spot in Oak Furniture

The Way to Fix a Light Spot in Oak Furniture

Light stains on oak furniture present you with one consolation — they rarely result from defects in the timber itself. More frequently than not, a white spot on any piece of furniture is caused by moisture. Water gets into the finish and reacts with the finish material to produce clouding, which is the white color you see. It is possible to use a very simple strategy to get rid of most such stains. But in case your pine furniture was in the sun, ultraviolet light may have lightened the timber itself. The remedy for that would be to strip and shake.

Wipe the furniture finish with a dry cloth to remove any debris clinging to the finish. If it’s been some time since you cleaned the piece, this is a good time to do so using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. A teaspoon of dish detergent per gallon of warm water leaves a suitably mild cleanser.

Cover white stains on the finish with a generous quantity of mayonnaise — use the same quantity you would in a sandwich. If needed, cover it with a thick bowl or similar thing to prevent the cat or dog from licking it off, and leave it overnight.

Wipe the mayonnaise off the stains in the morning with towels. Oils may have seeped into the finish and substituted the water that has been there, along with also the white spots must be gone.

Dampen a rag with mineral oil or olive oil, distribute some cigarette ash on the area and rub it with the rag for more instant results. The mild abrasive action of the ash helps the oil penetrate more quickly.

Spray white stains on a lacquer finish with lacquer thinner. Put the thinner in an old window cleaner spray bottle, and lightly mist each spot. The thinner reactivates the lacquer and permits moisture to evaporate. The result is that the spot instantly disappears.

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