How to Alter a Valve Stem on an Outside Faucet

How to Alter a Valve Stem on an Outside Faucet

Most contemporary faucets employ quick-change capsules to control the flow of water, so when coping with an outside faucet which utilizes washer, a valve stem and seat, you might find yourself. The benefit of this technology that is older is that almost every one the components can be replaced making repairs less expensive. It is not difficult as long as you gather the components and put them in the right method, although Fixing the valve stem in an outside faucet might not be quite as quick and easy as replacing a cartridge.

Turn off the water supply to the outside faucet. Open the faucet valve to discharge any residual water pressure.

Remove the screw at the center of the faucet handle and remove the handle. Loosen the packing nut with an adjustable wrench. Slip the packing nut off and up the stem. Eliminate the packing nut washer. Place aside.

Unscrew the valve stem from the body. Take the valve stem with you to make sure that you obtain the right replacement components.

Put in a new washer in the replacement valve stem and fasten it with the screw. Make sure the washer is properly positioned and that the screw is tight, but not too tight that it deforms the washer. Until it lightly contacts the seat the valve stem into the hole at the faucet body.

By prying it out with the tip of a screwdriver or other tool remove the old packaging material from the packing nut. Do not damage the inside of the threads or the nut. The packaging material might be a preformed piece, but especially treated string-type packaging is common in older faucets.

Place the packing nut washer on the valve stem. By slipping it on the valve stem, install new packaging, or wrap the sum of packing and cut at the ends cleanly with a knife. String packing’s amount varies dependent on also the width of the chain and the size of the packing nut. Slip the packing nut over the valve stem and thread it. Tighten the nut with a wrench.

Install the faucet screw and handle. Turn the faucet off and on several times to make sure that it operates. Close to the faucet. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks. Tighten the packing nut if necessary to prevent some seepage.

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