7 Decorating Tips for an Bedroom Sanctuary

Do not let the sloped ceilings and awkward structure of the attic throw you off with a little know-how, you can transform that this often-underused space into cozy sleeping quarters. Whether you are in need of a guest bedroom or just need a fresh space on your own, have a look at the next professional hints for setting up a fabulous attic escape.

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Organize your furniture carefully. “Factor in space to sit and stand around main pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chests and desks,” says interior designer Meredith Heron. “Make sure to place the bed somewhere that you can get in and out smoothly.”

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Use sloped ceilings wisely. “Dormers are fantastic for window seats, desks or reading nooks,” says Heron. “These kinds of tasks don’t require ceiling height, so where things are constricted, they provide more function to this space.”

If you are short on storage, built-in shelving is another wise utilization of the space where a sloped ceiling meets the floor.

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Contemplate skylights when organizing your design. Would you like to see the morning paper? Place your bed under the skylights. If you’d prefer natural light when getting ready for the day, then organize your space so your vanity sits under the windows.

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Do not overcrowd the space. Attic bedrooms are generally tighter spaces, and when there are sloped ceilings, the room can feel claustrophobic with too many furnishings. Add only what you need — less is definitely more in this case.

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Contemplate a high-value paint job. “Painting is always tricky when working with an attic space, as the walls are usually shortened and the ceiling space is greater than in many rooms,” says Heron. “For a cozy feeling, think about painting the walls a different colour than the ceiling.”

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Or trick the eye by using all one colour. “If you want the room to feel broad, paint the ceiling and wall exactly the exact same shade, but keep it to a light neutral or white,” advises Heron.

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Nix the overhead lighting. “Forget pot lights in the attic,” says Heron. “Pick instead for table lamps or wall sconces; uplighting is a terrific way to play up a dramatic roofline.”

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