3 Easy Deck Maintenance Tips

Decks and porches are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are a low-cost way of adding an extra space to your home. They open up your home and are a great place to entertain guests for outdoor dining. But because a deck is installed outside your home, it’s prone to the damaging effects of the weather. It’s for this reason that deck maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance can help you protect your porch or deck against discoloration due to moss, dirt, algae, and other elements.

Here are 3 easy steps you should follow to maintain your deck:

Clean the Deck

Before you start applying the sealant, you must first thoroughly clean your Phoenix fences. The dirt and debris that have accumulated could clog the spaces between the deck boards. Therefore, the boards must first be blasted out with a powerful nozzle using a power washer or a garden hose.

Before you decide to use any cleaning solution, make sure you read the warnings and directions carefully. The solutions can simply be applied directly to the deck using a broom or with a power washer at low pressure. Then scrub the deck using a push broom or a basic scrub brush.

Paint or Stain the Deck

Although most homeowners would choose to paint their decks with deck paint, others choose to take advantage of the natural beauty of their expensive looking deck wood by applying a clear finish to the deck. If you want to paint the deck, you must first apply a stain blocking primer to it. Avoid a heavily pigmented stain for your decking since it will easily show the wear and tear and it has the tendency to peel.

Here are some important characteristics to watch out for your deck finish:

– The finish must be water-repellent or waterproof.

– It should provide UV protection.

– If mildew is a problem, choose a mildewcide finish.

Seal the Deck

As soon as the area is dry, you can immediately seal the deck. Consider putting down tarps in order to protect the plants near the Phoenix fence. Sealants are usually rough on plants, and although most plants don’t get affected when hit with wafting overspray, a direct hit could cause real damage to them.

Once you are certain that your plants are protected, you can start applying the sealant. You can apply the sealant with a brush, a painting roller, or with a spray. Spraying is the fastest way to apply sealant into your deck. However, it’s a bit difficult to control. Furthermore, some sealants have a color that could possibly stain the surface where they are being applied.

It’s a good idea to invest in professional sealants when sealing your Phoenix fencing. They are typically superior and oil-based. Others also contain stain that can provide color to the deck. However, sealants that contain stain don’t usually deliver a uniform color so it may be a good idea to give it a try before applying. A good quality sealant has UV protection which helps to keep your deck protected from the damaging effects of sunlight.