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Sometimes coastal style brings to mind an explosion of seashells, driftwood, ship’s wheels, nautical and rope versions, with everything themed out in honour of the sea into the max. Not in interior designer to the stars Tim Clarke’s world. Through careful screening and a gorgeous comprehension of mixing textures and materials, he’s created a fresh, updated and contemporary approach to coastal fashion, which he’s sharing with the world in his new book, Coastal Modern. The styles are certainly not confined to beachfront fantasy homes.

Clarke has divided the book into five coastal contemporary styles: Scandia surf, beachfront Mediterranean, shore classic, inherited simplicity and indigenous forests. While each has its own distinct aesthetic, Clarke doesn’t believe in hard and fast rules when it comes to style. His advice for getting the coastal contemporary appearance: “Keep things simple. Use chunky linens in solid colours for upholstery; coating with vintage ticking stripe and large-scale faded print cushions,” he says. “Layer a natural woven carpet with a faded ethnic rug to define a seating area”

Whether you’ve got an ocean view or you’re landlocked in the Midwest, the book is full of gorgeous photography by Noah Webb and useful information from Clarke. This is only one of the most inspirational tomes to grace my coffee table in some time. It makes me dream of the shore and moves me to edit my house. Here’s a glimpse inside.

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Scandia surf. This is what Clarke deems “the new Nordic style in the shore.” Drawing from Scandinavian contemporary style, it brings in a airy and light palette, highlights natural substances and celebrates clean lines, superior proportions and uncluttered spaces.

However, the appearance isn’t strictly minimalist. As you can see in this area, fun beach finds and artwork produce a pleasing composition on the wall, and even incorporate the above driftwood and kitschy miniature ship wheels.

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Seaside Mediterranean. Clarke draws design inspiration from many countries along the Mediterranean Sea’s coastline, including Morocco, France, Spain, Greece and Italy. Elements such as mosaic tile, aged stone, taupey-gray wood finishes and plaster walls are part of this material palette.

This kitchen illustrates Clarke’s beachfront Mediterranean style with its pared-down aesthetic. It incorporates materials such as wealthy wood counters and limestone floors. Lattice panels include a subtle pattern that recalls North African Mediterranean fashion, while pieces of coral reefs are styled as if they came out of a French flea market.

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Beach timeless. Clarke describes this quintessential relaxed and rambling New England shore “cottage” when defining this appearance, remembering the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, Massachusetts. To keep matters livable and comfortable, Clarke urges avoiding having a lot of stuff. Rather, he advises, “simplify to fewer bigger pieces, arranged symmetrically to permit free movement”

Clarke updates the shore classic appearance whilst paying homage to its traditional ago, freshening things up with new (but casual) upholstery, utilizing organic materials such as canvas, sea glass and grass. While he’s attentive to edit, he’s certain to incorporate beloved items, from black and white photos to favored beach reads.

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Inherited ease. This style incorporates classic, heirloomworthy pieces into their own sort of coastal style. The key is to use items that are classic; nicks, age and patina simply increase attractiveness. When these furnishings are somewhat more formal, casual arrangement and layering lends the style a relaxed beachy look.

This restful bedroom is a great illustration of how to attract the serenity of coastal style to any room, anywhere. Natural fiber textures along with a calming color palette drawn from sand and sky make this room a relaxing retreat. A weathered chandelier and an antiqued mirror add a sense of age and elegance.

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Native forests. This fashion celebrates wild and woolly nature, and has a more rustic and groovy vibe. It recalls the aesthetic of Sea Ranch in California, the rocky coast of Maine and the heavily wooded shores of the Pacific Northwest.

As noticed in this comfy den, the appearance celebrates materials like stone and wood in large doses. It is the grooviest of the coastal contemporary styles.

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Exotic inspiration. Component of native forests is appearing at coastal fashion from round the world. Rich forests, tropical plants and cultural prints collected together can make you feel like you’re halfway across the world even if you’re in your own backyard.

Twist your porch, deck, patio, lanai or gazebo into a coastal-feel retreat with a seaside color palette, organic fibers and tropical substances. This distance will become your beach-inspired home away from your home.

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“I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. … It was on my first trip to Hawaii 15 years ago that I actually started to visualize my company involving the ocean in a real way,” says Clarke.

Actually, Hawaii is ongoing to inspire him today. I asked Clarke what his most recent inspiration is, and he explained, “I am in Hawaii, and I am loving the lava against cobalt blue ocean. … I believe I am going to do a whole blue and black room once I get home”

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Coastal Modern is available in stores now.

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