Entertaining Arrangements: Move the Party Indoors

With temperatures dropping, the allure of an outside party is becoming a little less enticing. That certainly doesn’t mean fiestas stop — they simply move back inside! Cast a great, analytical glance over the seats options in your entertaining area. Obviously, people split into smaller discussions during parties, so the most effective designs often involve many distinct seating areas to best accommodate different groups. You can achieve this whether your area is big or small: If you don’t have space for an extra sofa, a little ottoman will do just fine. Thinking about how to make your pad party prepared? Just take some cues from these subsequent photographs.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Chaise lounges are excellent pieces of furniture to use in rooms with many seating areas. Not only do they supply an additional spot to sit, however, they lie to the ground, letting you place it in a central area without obstructing visual distance. Don’t neglect to accompany your seats areas with side tables for cocktails!

Alexander Johnson Photography

This layout actually capitalizes on the ultimate entertaining floor plan. Not only does it include at least three different seating areas, but it also manages to do so without undermining walking or standing area.

Tip: Using different colors in each seating area will enable them to look more distinct.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

If your layout allows for it, mixing your dining and living spaces is a simple way to make the most of seating room in 1 space. This is particularly useful for throwing casual dinner parties, as guests can just as easily sitmingle and eat the sofas.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Here’s another case of a space that mixes both the dining and living areas. Prevent”barrier” furniture between the 2 regions so the entire space feels more attached.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Long, narrow spaces may seem like a decorating nightmare, but they’re really a fun dream since they’re ideal for setting up many seating areas. This one manages to install two separate seating areas with minimal furnishings, thus maintaining the room’s spacious stream.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

Or, you can take this method of outfitting a long narrow distance: 2 seats areas back . The almost mirror-like manifestation of these spaces gives the long room equilibrium and maximizes seating.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

However, don’t believe a long, narrow area is essential to achieve the preceding appearance. In case you have more of a square or rectangular area, accomplish it using smaller furniture pieces so the groupings don’t appear heavy.

Dick Clark + Associates

Here’s another example of the back-to-back appearance. Ottomans along the side wall offer more seats without interrupting the foot path.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

There’s nothing better on cold evenings than a fire, so why not create an additional seating area about it? Face two chairs towards one another using a little coffee table involving for cocktails or hors d’oeuvre plates.

Here’s another shot of an additional fireside seating area. This setup includes another sofa facing the fireplace to create a triangular arrangement.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

In case you have window nooks, particularly in tiny rooms such as this one, benefit from outfitting them with a window seat. You kill two birds with one stone by accomplishing extra seating and additional storage.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

If you are not comfortable using the permanence of a window seat, only the inclusion of a seat (or two) will do.


In case you have bulky armoires or cabinets taking up wall space, consider replacing them with a seat duo for a different spot to sit. Get creative using a side table: this stack of classic luggage is an instant conversation starter for whoever sits together with them.

WXY architecture + urban design

Don’t feel as if you want to follow any set rules when developing different seating areas. The crucial thing is to add as many seats vignettes as possible without overcrowding the distance, since the programmer did in this case.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

This chamber is fairly broad, but this suggestion can also be great for small spaces: if you can not squeeze into any more substantial furniture, get an ottoman instead. They take up little space and are portable, making them ideal for additional seating throughout the space.

Samar Ottoman – $99

For a reasonable addition to your present furniture installation, consider the wicker Samar ottoman from Crate and Barrel. Due to its neutral color and textural look, wicker tends to match most styles. It’s lightweight and easy to move to all those dialogue you find most interesting.

lubi olive daybed – $799

This futon out of CB2 will give your living room a splash of colour and your guests a cozy spot to chit-chat.

Another Nation

Day Bed One – $1,750

This daybed is a little pricier, but the basic lines give it a mild, delicate appeal. It is possible to add it to an existing furniture arrangement and it will not add visual mass.

Room & Board

Delia Chair – $699

Just like Rebekah states in the description, two of these Delia chairs, plus a side table or little coffee table, will create a cozy yet modern seating area by the fire.

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