Foursquare Architecture

The foursquare residence, also referred to as the American foursquare or Prairie box, has a bulky and aerodynamic layout comprising four squares. The rooms are laid out in a set of four squares on the two floors. The reverse of elaborate Victorian layout, these basic structures can be bought from a mail-order catalog with some minor customizations. These traditional houses, now preserved because of their historic importance, were considered”modern” design in their heyday.

Beaconstreet Builders, Inc..

The American foursquare: composed of 2 and a half stories, wide eaves, a hipped roof, a front porch and a dormer at the center.

Elise Moore Design

A porch across the first floor is a frequent characteristic of of foursquare houses. Other details, like craftsman-made built-in closets or Queen Anne trimming, were utilized as well, but mostly foursquares do not have ornamentation.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

With four bedrooms on the first floor and four bedrooms on the second floor, the floor plan of foursquares is optimized to utilize every inch.The upper and lower chambers are linked with a central staircase and an entry hall.

AIA, bud Dietrich

Frank Lloyd Wright invented prairie-style structure and has been the inspiration for its foursquare. The low-pitched hip roof has been considered modern design at the moment, and its usage in the foursquare is the reason it was given the nickname”Prairie box”

First Lamp

Foursquares are readily recognized with their boxy appearance; they are symmetrical and incredibly linear.

Kipnis Architecture + Planning

Foursquares were easy to build and were available through mail order catalogs from many makers, like Sears and Montgomery Ward.

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