Get Organized: Easy DIY Mason Jar Storage

This DIY Mason jar cupboard is one of those effortless storage fixes that operate in many rooms in your residence. Heather Anderson of Post Road Vintage thought this idea up as a means to generate use of her antique Mason jars to stay dry goods handy. But this nifty trick might be used in any room that requires a bit of assistance, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, offices and garages.

The jars will hang from their caps, screwed into the bottom of your plate or cupboard. Like the best thoughts, this one came to Anderson while she was attempting to arrange her kitchen. She already had a fantastic assortment of gloomy Mason jars on hand, and this seemed like an ideal way to get some of the chaotic mess from her kitchen shelves.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
• Large jars with lids
• Power drill
• Metal drill bit
• 3/4″ screws (make sure that these are shorter compared to the timber you are drilling into)
• Tape measure
• Cupboard or shelf

Anderson utilized her set of pint- and quart size antique jars to create this observable pantry as trendy as you can. These antique jars can be found in thrift stores and websites — attempt Etsy, Amazon, or eBay.


1. First, wash and wash the jars completely, and make sure that the lids fit properly.

2. Locate a fantastic work surface to drill on, and drill two holes about an inch apart from every lid.

3. Using the tape measure, mark and measure in your cabinet or shelf in which the lids will be connected. Make sure that each line of jars is and that there’s enough room between each one to reach through to unscrew them.

4. Put the 3/4″ screws to each one of the pre-drilled holes, and screw every lid to the marked spot under your cupboard or shelf.

5. Fill the jars with everything you wish to keep handy. Do not worry a lot about it — that the contents are simple to modify. But do believe where these jars are hanging — it’s ideal to keep them away from a heat source.

That is it! Your items now are conveniently stored and available with a few quick spins. This is likewise be a great solution if you’re looking for a room to store laundry soap, dryer sheets and other laundry requirements, or when you would like an easy way to sort through the supplies on your craft room.

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