Inlay Makes Rooms a Cut Above

Who says furniture can’t double as artwork? Not every bit in a room may be the star of the show, sure, but incorporating a few genuinely amazing focal points is a necessity.

To get a departure from routine timber, we are big fans of inlay. Inlay is created with a base object, usually made of some type of timber, and pieces of contrasting materials which are inserted into depressions inside. Bone is a popular decision to create showstopping patterns and contrast, but nowadays, it’s easy to get the look with no animal rights problems. Wood crowns, crowns, mother-of-pearl or even faux painting are fantastic choices. Take a peek at a few of our favourite ways to incorporate inlay.

Burnham Design

A space is instantly transformed by A gorgeous chest like this. The colour, texture and pattern of this inlay turn it into a work of art.

Rachel Reider Interiors

For a bit of inlay without committing to a massive part, a mirror or framework above a torso is a complex touch. A grouping of bone inlay eyeglasses is also a subtle and cost-effective means to incorporate this tendency.

W. David Seidel, AIA – Architect

Due to the general lack of accessorizing area in a bathroom, it can be difficult to provide that room a personality all of its own. Bone inlay turns a requirement — the mirror — into a focal point.


Made Goods Ines Chair in Black – $1,110

We’re always on the lookout to provide an injection of childhood to a formal dining area. Inlaid chairs include a splash of the unexpected when.

Elizabeth Gordon

Maybe you enjoy the contrast of the substances of bone inlay but are not thrilled about the overpowering pattern which often accompanies it. A stunning piece like this dining table is a superb alternative.

MJ Lanphier

These days, the look of bone inlay can be obtained with no harm to creatures; a skilled craftsperson will make paint look exactly like the real thing.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Speaking of artificial … artificial bone is getting easier and easier to find.

Atypical Type A

Inlaid Mother-of-Pearl Flower Mirror – AUD 479

Another fantastic alternative to bone is mother-of-pearl. The look of mother-of-pearl pieces such as this mirror is fantastic.

Moroccan Style

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Design Calendar: April 5–26, 2012

See what innovative technology and products are light up the design industry at Germany’s Light+Building show or step within the house and curated collection of a San Francisco art collector. Our roundup of upcoming events around the world has something for you.


TRADE SHOW — April 15–20, 2012
Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre
Frankfurt, Germany

Energy efficiency is the buzzword at this year’s Light+Building show. Mingle with architects, designers, engineers and other business professionals from around the globe as you see what is new in lighting technology and products. This year’s show is expected to feature over 2,100 exhibitors plus also a”Trend Forum” imagining four house fashions: fluorescent modern, hot elegance, soft minimalist and natural neighborhood. Ideas for LED technology, smart metering and intelligent grids are also exhibited.

See more details

SHOWCASE — April 13–December 7, 2012
DreamHome 2012
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, First Floor, Chicago

Nine Chicago interior designers generated spaces with house furnishings from Merchandise Mart showrooms. Room displays include a game room and an outdoor dining room. This year’s DreamHome features operate by Jillian O’Neill Interior Design, Vincere (picture ), SemelSnow Interior Design and more.

Cost: $5 suggested donation to gain Nearly Home Kids.
Hours: Weekdays, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Ed Ritger Photography

ART TOUR — April 18, 2012
Private Collections: The Spring Art Tour
San Francisco

Peek within the house and personal art collection of one of seven San Francisco homes on the 12th annual Private Collections tour. (You have to select which of those seven to visit.) Collections vary from international contemporary to eclectic and include photography, works on paper and sculpture. The art collectors may also share their experiences in creating relationships with artists, curators and galleries. Proceeds benefit Enterprise for High School Students, that can help provide job placement and skills development for young people from San Francisco.

Choose from seven groups and email [email protected] with your choice. Buy tickets .

SHOW — April 2126, 2012
High Point Market
164 South Main St., High Point, North Carolina

Boasting 10 million square feet of showroom space and over 2,000 exhibitors, higher Point Market is the show to attend if you’re trying to see the hottest in retail home furnishings. The largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, it will bring over 85,000 individuals to North Carolina. Attend a market concert, catch lunch and listen on a design lecture, or stay on top of what is happening in the industry through various educational events. Also see the most recent products from your favorite exhibitors.

SHOW — April 24–26, 2012
The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)
McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago

This kitchen and bath business event will showcase the latest trends and products. Socialize with new products via your smartphone in a new multimedia product gallery. Network with other business professionals, find out how to stay competitive in your area and wander through this year’s”UNcontained display,” highlighting the lifestyles of five unique customers.

It is also possible to hear vice president of marketing Liza Hausman and kitchen writer Rebekah Zaveloff discuss”Marketing from the New World” at 3 pm on April 24.

See the complete schedule of events and pricing choices.
Hours: Tuesday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday, 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

More design events: March 22–April 12, March 29–April 19, 2012

What’s in your calendar? Let us know in the Comments.

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Poppies Pop Up in Home Interiors

Clean, colorful and graphic, poppy blossoms are a designer’s dream. They represent the very best of the contemporary and classic camps: just frilly enough to sense conservative, yet so intense they can resist cutting-edge insides. Have a look at these 11 examples of poppy-themed décor for inspiration. Where will they blossom in your property?

Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Inc..

Double poppies painted onto the walls of the powder room, so realistic they appear almost three-dimensional, give a free-form, natural note to a starkly contemporary area.

Flea Market Sunday

Stylized poppy-print wallpaper blossoms supporting this particular bed. The bold graphic treatment eliminates the need for a headboard.

Rossana Novella

Dreamy and lush, a poppy painting artfully bridges the difference between bookshelves.

Thomas Deir Studios

Think florals are frumpy? Here’s your antidote. In addition to the whimsical blossoms curling up the kitchen walls, the light fixture evokes softly ruffled blossom in a thoroughly fresh way.

Birdseye Design

Poppies scattered on this particular kitchen rug provide a welcome base of colour in a darkened area.


A mosaic of tiles that form a poppy pattern feels like a streamlined twist on simply hanging a bit of art.

Ziger/Snead Architects

Minimalist poppies in this art create a vivid focal point. Like every thing else in the area, they are stripped down to their purest kind.

Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

What a lovely way to welcome guests: painted tiles in the entrance emblazoned with glowing blossoms. Stair fronts often have missed, however they are a prime place to put in a hint of graphic power.

Palmerston Design Consultants

You can not talk about poppies in interior design without mentioning Marimekko’s iconic poppy printing. It is so strong that just a dash of it is all you have to wake up a subtle space.

A Chick to Understand

Marimekko redux: Here, an overscale variant of the print makes a splashy shower curtain.

Urban Elements Interior Space

Poppies look just as pretty in inverse. These black ones against a yellow wall feel to be an ultracool photo negative.

When This Bloom Were a Space
Magnolia Magic Breezes Into the Home

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Rex Ray's Joyous Collages Come to the House

Rex Ray’s work is everywhere. Even when you’re unfamiliar with his name yet, chances are that you have seen his art on posters, record covers, fabrics and accessories. Ray’s appearance is unmistakable — and it’s hard not to fall in love with his vibrant and psychedelic-like work. The bright tones and lively nature of his pieces have a special and imaginative undertone which Ray was bringing to his artwork since he was rather young. “I knew I needed to become an artist when I was 11,” Ray says. “I think a lot of children have that urge. It is only a matter of if you can sustain it into maturity.”

Affordable versions of his artwork have always been important to him, and in 2011 he launched Rex Ray Studio and R2 Lab to produce stationery, home décor products and much more.

The art pieces in this story are gallery samples of Ray’s work.

Rex Ray

Art Is for Everyone

Ray has always believed commercial artwork often display the same level of talent since museum-quality good art. “I fell right into a loony set of Marxist, intellectual gays at Colorado in the 1970s,” Ray says, laughing. “They had a very democratic method of art, where they believed that all art forms were the same. Fine was just as good as commercial.” When Ray attended the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1980s, his view was legitimized under teachers Angela Davis and Ray Mondini. To him, art wasn’t about who had been looking at it, it was about how it had been making people feel.
This bit:”Untitled 3562″

Rex Ray

Music as Inspiration

After graduating, Ray started a freelance graphic design firm and worked for music, literary and art groups all around the city. Much of his first work comprised flyers for nightclubs and bands. “Odds are, if you went to any San Francisco nightclub from the’80s, then you noticed some of my work,” he states.

Ray had always been fascinated with record covers. In high school, he made his own photo sleeves for his 45s employing a camera, his own art, and a Xerox machine. “I’ve really carried the speech of graphic arts with me,” he states.

This bit: “Delcon”

Rex Ray

Since Ray racked up clients like City Lights Bookstore and Bill Graham Presents, his company grew, and his work was everywhere. “Originally, I had been prepared to forfeit high cover for imaginative freedom,” he states. “However, as I became more well known, there were more restrictions in my work.” As his clients became more prestigious, he found that he was working with more marketing firms, and the requirements were getting more specific.

In 1997, Ray started doing package designs for David Bowie. It was exhausting — and thrilling. “I sort of guessed that was my pinnacle from the audio world,” he states.

This bit: “Opaliane”

Rex Ray

Creating Art Only for Himself

At the point, however, Ray started looking for a means to escape from graphic design. “I had been getting so frustrated with so many hands in my work,” he states. “You emotionally internalize this criticism. When you’re an artist, then you become your own worst enemy in this sense. I truly needed to just get back to fundamentals and indulge in simple creativity.”

This bit: “Lasallia”

Rex Ray

While he was still grinding away at his graphic design day job, Ray started working on collages at night. He’d cut out large images with a great deal of white space from hoarded W and Rolling Stone magazines and paste them together. “It was very liberating to do this purely for myself,” he states. “It was all about the process rather than the final piece. I would let them dry, put them in a drawer and didn’t really look at them again.”

This bit: “Untitled 0797”

Rex Ray

Pretty soon, he’d countless collages piled up. On a whim, he put them all up on a wall at his San Francisco attic, which gave him a sort of revelation. “All of a sudden I realized that others might actually like these,” Ray says. “It was just like I’d invented a speech, and it was time to tell a story with it.”

This collagelike design is among the things Ray is famous for today. His vibrant and graphic pieces can easily be understood and loved by people with a variety of styles and tastes.

This bit: “Untitled 0032”

Rex Ray

Bringing His Function into Home Design

While much of Ray’s work was exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide, he wished to implement his view that art is for everybody. “I didn’t want to simply do museum-like artwork. This was artwork for individuals,” Ray says. “I needed people to buy it off the wall and hang it in their home — no frame ”

This bit: “Pleopcialis”

Rex Ray

When Metropolitan Home did a feature on Ray’s home, designer Jonathan Adler saw the piece. After falling in love with all the collages, he called Ray up to market originals in his store. Although Ray had licensed his work out before, this was a foray into a completely different kind of work. It was the launch pad for a lot more collaborations.

This bit: “Cirrosa”

Rex Ray

“What has been appeal to me about licensing is that this notion of having my work out there, of having everybody get to see it,” says Ray. “Working with various companies permits people to get my work who may not be able to afford one of my paintings.”

This bit: “Dabinett”

Rex Ray

The Future of Rex Ray Studio

Regardless of his deeply held conviction on the democratization of art, Ray, like many other artists now, still worries about his journey back to commercial art. “I am still very torn about licensing,” he states. “It is a big experiment for me.”


Rex Ray DODOcase to get iPad2 – $89.95

Today, Rex Ray Studio and R2 Lab continue to attract Ray’s diverse and vibrant work into the home. From stationery to iPad cases, messenger bags and a new line of shopping bags with Blue Q, Ray’s work has made the leap from your museum wall to the normal home.

This iPad2 case from DODOCase is a great way to get Ray’s work into your own hands. Bold and abstract, the case is made from black Moroccan fabric and is bound with conventional book-binding techniques.


Blik Wall Decals: Vibrant Velocity by Rex Ray – $50

Ray’s cooperation on Blik wall stickers was especially popular. If you would like to find some of Ray’s work on your walls, then this is a clever and customizable option. “I love making the work,” he states. “That’s my joy. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate.”

Rex Ray’s work has been included at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Jose Museum of Modern Art, the Crocker Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Find more home décor goods at

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Layout Calendar: January 6 – 31, 2012

Treat yourself to a museum this month! Grab an exhibit exploring the work of German architect Jürgen Mayer H. in Chicago, or of architectural historian Esther McCoy in Los Angeles. Visit the Met in New York and marvel at the works of master cabinetmaker Duncan Phyfe, or visit the Huntington Library in Southern California and watch furniture from mid sized craftsman Sam Maloof. If you’re looking for ways to become inspired or simply enjoy getting out amid other layout lovers, this really is our listing of things to do around the nation this month.

EXHIBIT — Through Jan. 22, 2012
Jürgen Mayer H.: Wirrwarr
The Art Institute of Chicago
111 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

Explore among the lesser famous obsessions of Berlin-based architect Jürgen Mayer H.: Keywords and amounts encrypted into patterns. On display through the month is an exhibit showcasing pages from his limited-edition large-format volume Wirrwarr (which means”chaos” in German). For more than a decade, Mayer H. has thoughtfully collected hundreds of envelopes lined with intricately patterned information sheets which conceal its contents. For the builder, the patterns have formed a continued curiosity into the connection between design, communications and new technology. Mayer H. is famous for his sculptural, honeycomb-like buildings, including the Court of Justice in Hasselt, Belgium (pictured). The building’s decorative façade used computer-generated patterns as the basis for a perforated steel layout, bridging the demand for private space, and transparency.

EXHIBIT — Through Jan. 30, 2012
The House which Sam Constructed: Sam Maloof and Art from the Pomona Valley, 1945–1985
The Huntington Library
1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA

Working with the 1950s Alta Loma, Calif., home of Sam Maloof (1916-2009) as a central metaphor, watch how the furniture of this mid-century craftsman has led to the development of art in Southern California. The exhibition comprises more than 100 works that shed light on the development of a creative community of painters, sculptors, ceramists, enamelists, fiber artists and many others in L.A. County’s Pomona Valley. Highlights include Maloof’s iconic handmade furniture including a radically abstract”string” seat, along with his take on the classic rocking seat. Maloof was leader in the American studio furniture movement constituting the aesthetics of handmade over mass production; his works shine as superbly designed sculptural forms.

PANEL — 7 p.m. Jan. 12, 2012
Blurring The Lines: Between Art, Architecture, and Design
The Theater at Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY

Combine four creative panelists as they discuss how young American designers’ professions are being introduced in galleries instead of showrooms. The dialog will include how collectors are commissioning interiors and furnishings to match their artwork collections. Panelists include Minneapolis-based designer Matt Olson of RO/LU, New York-based architect Rafael de Cárdenas, Rauschenberg Foundation’s Executive Director Christy MacLear, and collector Adam Lindemann.

The panel will be moderated by Felix Burrichter, creator and editor of PIN–UP Magazine. $12 general / $10 members and students. Buy tickets on the web, or telephone -LRB-800-RRB- 838-3006.

EXHIBIT — During January 29, 2012
Sympathetic Seeing: Esther McCoy along with the Heart of American Modernist Architecture and Design
MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House
835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA

On display at the end of this month at the MAK Center is an exhibition highlighting the extraordinary Assortment of work by architectural historian Esther McCoy (1904–1989).

Journey throughout her career through photographs, drawings, texts, videos and music interviews which catch her job as an activist journalist in the 1930s covering honest labor practices and Los Angeles slum clearances, then throughout the Arts & Architecture’s mythical Case Study House program and her firsthand viewpoints of mid-century modernism because it had been created.

Sympathetic Seeing is part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945–1980, a cooperation initiated from the Getty of more than 60 cultural institutions from across Southern California to tell the story of the arrival of this L.A. art scene.

EXHIBIT — January 6 — May 6, 2012
Duncan Phyfe: Master Cabinetmaker in New York
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

Journey via a comprehensive retrospective exhibition celebrating famous Nyc cabinetmaker Duncan Phyfe (1770-1854). Organized chronologically, it is possible to see examples of the best-known furniture layouts based on the English design style of Thomas Sheraton, the opulent antique style of the 1820s, along with his sleek, minimalist Grecian Plain designs of the 1830s and 1840s. More than 100 works from private and public collections across the United States will be on screen; highlights include Phyfe’s own instrument chest and furniture produced in his Fulton Street workshops which once stood on the site of the former World Trade Center.

The following free educational programs will be provided on Jan. 22 in connection with the display: Classic Design: Duncan Phyfe and Historical Reproduction; Selling the Style: Business Versions of American Craftsmen; and Live Carving and Sketching Demonstrations.

More layout events: Dec. 9 – Jan. 13, 2011, Dec. 23 – Jan. 27, 2012, 5 Best January Occasions

What’s on your calendar this season? Let us know about your favorite upcoming design events below!

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Go for an Unexpected Color for Your Trim

Every room says something, and also the details often put an exclamation point at the end of that statement. This is especially true when it concerns the trim and molding in a distance. These architectural details can make the largest impact, depending on their scale and also how they are handled. Applying a color or stain to your own molding will immediately provide your distance distinction. If you’ve been thinking outside the typical glossy white approach, here are some tips for picking the right colour for your trimming.

Peggy Braswell

I am seriously enjoying the lavender trim in this bedroom. This is a great example of how you can use an unexpected, lighthearted colour for the molding even in a traditional space. Look how the linens on the bed tie in with all the doors and windows. Brilliant.

Elizabeth Gordon

Occasionally a dramatic space calls for striking specifics. In a bathroom with elaborate background, an elaborate mirror and dazzling red tile, the high-gloss black trimming definitely adds to the exclamation point on a space that states'”va va voom!”

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Natural stained molding is not just for rustic, casual houses. It may add a very elegant touch to lavish spaces, too. A red stain will match very nicely with traditional cherry furniture.

Valerie pasquiou interiors + design, inc

Charcoal grey molding is a great way to bring a modern flair to a home. But don’t stop with the door and window frames. Painting the stairs and doorways with the same color will produce a unified appearance.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

In the kitchen, lots of homeowners wonder if all the cabinets and trimming should be the exact same colour. The solution is no, especially in the event that you would like to accentuate a certain attribute. In this photo, dark stained trimming allows these windows to pop. White trim would have only forced them to the background.

Glenn Gissler Design

Wainscoting painted with a warm, creamy hue is a sure way to create a room more cozy. In a space with an abundance of earth tones, honey beige trim creates a wonderful flow and ties each the furnishings collectively.

Tim Cuppett Architects

In this space, slate grey wainscoting creates a sense of movement as your eye travels down and round the stairs. This effect would not look as impressive had the colour been more subtle.

Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

In children’s rooms, I believe that anything goes (within reason). In this room, the red baseboard and faux crown molding bring an excitement to the space that any boy or girl could love. Using complementary colours such as green and red enables both colours to look much more remarkable.

Have you experimented with trim colour? Show us!

Next: More guides to choosing colour for your Property

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I’m Ready for My Close-Up: Wonderful Building Materials

It is hard to deny that Houzz is a great resource for finding inspiration in the small details, but photographs that literally hone in on the stuff, connections and textures are fairly rare. So I’ve constructed a number of them here to see what is conveyed in these pictures, and what can be learned from them.

Birdseye Design

We begin with one of the very well documented projects on Houzz — that the Quaker Bluff Residence in Vermont — and a backlit stone wall. The result is certainly dramatic, but it is not something that can pulled off with any stone. For light to carry through a few stone — marble, for instance — the substance has to be trimmed so sparse it loses its capability to support . Onyx, on the other hand, is perfect for this kind of application, producing its distinctive yellow-orange glow.

Seattle Art Group

A detail of polished stone is revealed for a house in Hawaii. Think concrete, and something as brilliant as this probably doesn’t come in your mind. Pigment can be added to the concrete mixture and utilized as a means to communicate the local context by mining the pigment in the area.

Eggleston Farkas Architects

Moving on to one of my favourite stuff, Cor-Ten Steel, this close-up really does a great job of revealing the variation in colour found in the substance. A sandpaper-like texture can be gleaned from the photo, a sign of the oxidation that adds the coat of rust to the steel.

Klopf Architecture

This photo shows the meeting of the house on the land, particularly the three substances which compose this particular condition: the wall, the foundation, the ground. In this scenario we’ve got wood panels, poured gravel and concrete. That the architect recorded this detail means they believed this to be a significant place, something they treated with ease and care.

Here we visit three planes in a layered composition. Horizontal striations with arbitrary voids make a rhythmic and borderline chaotic effect. Nonetheless, the close-up shows the workmanship to be quite high.

This bathroom wall is found in the same residence as the previous photo. We can observe an emphasis on horizontal rhythm and a particular randomness. The latter is achieved by composing three kinds of glass tile.

JacksonBuilt Custom Homes

The textured”pillows” of the limestone backsplash leads to both intriguing shadows and a visual softening of a hard substance.


A threshold involving a living room and master suite is articulated here with”patinated aluminum shelves with a perforated spiderweb pattern” Each horizontal piece can be flipped to vary the pattern and also the light entering the distance. It is a customized installation that stands out from the minimum finishes it’s layered upon.

A fair amount of the details in this ideabook would be the product of NYC-based Workshop/apd, such as this grille. The closely-spaced black rods allow light to pass through while obscuring one’s view. In another project by the same architects…

… horizontal bars are used in a lobby renovation to spell out the building’s address. The rectangular pieces are notched to make the most”58.” When the sunlight reaches this altitude, light more easily moves through the notches to spell out the speech on the lobby walls.


One final job by Workshop/apd shows the coming with three quite different substances: round glass tiles, what seems to be terrazzo, and wood slats. These materials comprise the walls and floor of a shower.

Studio H Landscape Architecture

Substance concerns certainly extend out. Squint at this pavement in a sideyard and just one half is white and one half is black. Nevertheless, the white aggregate lies in the two, uniting both.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

The coming together of different substances might not be as jarring out as it can be indoors, as can be seen with pavers, pebbles and plantings. The simple edging that retains the pebbles and separates them from the mulch is a very pleasant minimal detail. See more of the garden

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5 Simple Ways to Summer-ize Your Home

School’s out, the sun is shining, and you will find berries in the farmer’s market. You might have your sunscreen-slathered and bikini-clad self prepared for the sun, but is your home ready for warmer weather? Believe it or not, it requires over pulling the blinds up to welcome summer to your home. However, it doesn’t need to be a large hassle. Whether you’ve got a huge home with a large outdoor space, or a small apartment with a fire escape, you can still help your home get the most out of the sunshine. Here are five easy places to start:

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

1. Embrace your outdoor living area. If you are fortunate enough to have an amazing outdoor area — garden, patio, balcony, what have you — it is time to get started using it. This balcony is a great example of the way you truly don’t require much outdoor space to make the most of summer’s fresh air and sun. A patio chair accented with a colorful outdoor rug and weatherproof pillow transforms a straightforward space into an inviting escape. A window on the railing brings a little more green to the distance, while sheer curtains offer the option of solitude.

KuDa Photography

Dining alfresco is almost always a fantastic chance to savor the stunning summer weather. Invest in a couple of pieces of very good patio furniture to your dining room, and then accessorize with less expensive and more stylish pieces. Make sure you follow your own style: You need your home and your outdoor area to meld.

My Romantic Home

In case you’ve got a smaller dining room in your mind, a small table paired with a loveseat is a great casual dining option. I really like this set up is nestled among the garden and accessorized with bird cages, bird houses, and other outdoor knickknacks. These accessories add a personal signature and may be changed out from year to year.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

It is nice to include a water feature. In case you’ve got a huge patio, a stately cement multi-tiered fountain could be a fantastic fit. In case you’ve got a bigger area, a simple, small, and easy-to-install bubble fountain is a fantastic option.

Exteriorscapes llc

2. Bring in some vegetation. Even if you don’t have the distance, time, or energy to really have a summer garden, there are still lots of easy and beautiful techniques to incorporate plants to your home. A container garden is the ideal means to benefit from the gorgeous flowers and herbs that flourish in the summertime. Choose a huge pot similar to this to get a landscaped impact using multiple plants, or create a grouping of baskets.


For the greatest indoor and outdoor flexibility, try out this DIY portable planter. It is easy, chic, and may be wheeled to a living room to get a dab of green, or outside onto a balcony for watering!

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Summer is also the period of hot, ripe fruits and vegetables. In case you’ve got the space, add a potted lemon tree or 2 to a balcony. You can also conduct container gardens or window boxes with either blossoms or a couple of berry crops, or elevated beds of vegetables. (We all know how great homegrown tomatoes are in summer.)

If you are short on floor area, a couple of hanging plants may add a brilliant pop of green to a space. Just be certain they’re at a location where they can drain without creating a mess and may still get plenty of sunshine. (By the way, how perfect is this summery breakfast area? It looks like the ideal place to start your day.)

If you are not prepared to commit to indoor or outdoor vegetation quite yet, putting a couple of leafy greens or bright flowers in a vase may have the same temporary impact.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

3. Insert color. Summer decor may be bright, cheerful and daring, so use cheeky colours and patterns you can not always eliminate through other seasons. This deck is simple in style, but by painting it a brilliant blue and accenting with lime-green chairs, it quickly develops a vivid and unforgettable style.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Pillows, cushions, and colorful accessories are fun and easy ways to brighten up an otherwise straightforward setup. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, contrasting colours and designs when it comes to textiles. Fabric could be a relatively inexpensive endeavor, so have fun with it and play !

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Try to integrate color in unexpected areas in your home for that extra pop of summer cheer. Kitchens can often become pristine, all-white spaces. Mix it up a bit with a few colorful dishes, dish cloths or aprons.

Alicia Friedmann Interior Design

4. Bring the outdoors in. No, I’m not talking about vegetation again. Permit your decor to reflect the beauty of summer, and operate natural materials to your home. These rattan chairs not only display the natural beauty of the woven palm, but they’re also extremely clean pieces that will feel just at home outside.

Bringing outdoor furniture indoors is a great way to blur the line between the two spaces. If you don’t believe your outdoor furniture will work indoors, try using slipcovers or fresh cushions to allow it to blend with your interior.

Philpotts Interiors

The use of timber grain accented by tropical-like accessories along with a bamboo plant create this vignette a perfect fit in its own Hawaiian home.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Bring terracotta baskets inside. These work well to maintain indoor plants to get a headboard that is casual, but you could also use terracotta baskets to hold utensils, fruit, writing implements, or whatever else that must be kept.

Liz Williams Interiors

Employing a seagrass or sisal rug gives a space a small beachy vibe, and can also be practical for the whole year. These natural woven floorcoverings are really durable, help create healthy indoor humidity levels, and block the build-up of static. If you don’t need to recover your floors anytime soon, try out the material out with a small rug.

Rough Linen

This bed just screams beach home. The clean and fresh linen bedding, driftwood headboard, seashell accents all include some of summer’s finest materials to a chic coastal look.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

5. Use mild and breezy textiles. Integrate airy and light fabrics into your home’s design to provide every room a bright feel, and to cool down it on particularly hot days.

Tablecloths, rugs, placemats, pillow cushions, and couch covers can be temporarily replaced in centuries. If your home is filled with plush velvets and a great deal of dark colours, it could be a good idea to give it a more summery feel with a few quick changes. The linen couch cover in this room is a great neutral choice that’s refreshing and cool in warm weather. I really like the blue and yellow accents too — the cool and warm tones work wonderfully with the beige couch and rug.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Gingham is a perky routine that instantly brings afternoon picnics in the park and paper tablecloths at weekend barbecues to mind. Chosen within an unexpected shade (rather than the more traditional white and red ), it turns into a perfect way to bring summer to your home. This light yellow would likewise be cute used for cushion covers.

Product Bureau LLC

Replace heavy winter curtains with sheer or thin curtains to let more light in. Use the very same ideas when coming summer bed linens (particularly for guests), throws, cushions and floor cushions. When it is 100 degrees out, lounging to a fleece cushion probably will not seem like a good idea.

8 Parts of a Perfect Outdoor Dining Room
Summer Nights Need Summer Beds
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Which Wallcovering Is Appropriate for You?

The planet of wall-coverings is a part of interior decoration which has burst in the last few years. Eventually, other ill-fated tendencies as well as stucco walls are ruled out for colorways that were glossy and elegant patterns. The founding on the program ending are equally as remarkable, as several items install various kinds of wallcoverings independently and now let homeowners and renters the capacity to test. Temporary wall-paper, stencils, painting designs, tile methods, organic wall-coverings, as well as playing with draperies have all become easy and innovative ways to totally alter a chamber.

Jagoda Architecture

First figure out everything you would like to do using the chamber before deciding on the way you would like to improve your partitions. What kind of space would you like to make? Use shades in the event that you would like an area to feel comfy and a bit smaller. Try to find lighter coloured choices in the event that you would like to open it up. Can not choose? Consider carrying out a little of both! Wallcoverings now are all about mixing it up. Wood paneling is an attractive method to put in some heat to some room. The price cuts quite dramatically, and signifies you could make a DIY job from it.

Amy Lau Layout

Ensure that you take time to perform around in the event you are wavering between a colour or kind of wallcovering. Order samples of wall-paper, notice the method by which they look at all-hours of the day and in a variety of light, and paint parts of your wall. In the event you are trying to find something a little more subtle, installing a wall covering that is woven is an effective approach to take without experience drab impartial. This sea grass wall-paper h-AS an excellent feel that is fascinating to a person’s eye, but might go at any furniture color-scheme.

Alexander Johnson Images

In the event you have made a decision to use wallpaper yourself, make sure you take your time and effort after picking your paper out. Gauge the the area you are covering vigilantly and accurately — the total distance in the baseboard to the ceiling. Your measure is not quite correct? Don’t forget, also significantly is better than inadequate. In the event that you are stressed overestimate. Before slicing my hair, my mother would constantly say, “you’ll be able to cut mo Re, but you-can’t reduce less.” I sense like this really is related to wallpaper also.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

The number of wallcovering designs that are contemporary is totally inspiring. Open any background website up, and you also might easily invest hrs poring on the a huge number of pictures. Try narrowing down what seem for before trying to select a paper, you are heading. It will save your self plenty of time staring at your monitor in the event that you realize immediately that you just are searching for a mo-Re diverse look such as the picture, or a gold, more conventional fashion above. See mo Re with this house


I really like the appearance of the wallpaper that is crafty. The best part relating to this job (besides being extremely affordable — simply create a fast visit to some secondhand bookstore) is the dirtier it’s, the better it seems. With more conventional wallpaper, you must be exceptionally attentive to match the design strip by strip as you are hanging it (which can be a lot trickier than it seems). Collaging your wall with numerous kinds of paper isn’t just an appearance that is completely customizable, but allows to get a better margin of error.

Doing the exact same appearance using various maps provides a pop of colour in a otherwise impersonal room, and is a superb idea also. In the event that you are a renter, there are lots of strategies to use this briefly (double-stick tape anybody?) Before you re-locate, so that you do not have to cope with removing adhesives that are more powerful.

david phillips

Bath rooms are a little tougher in regards to wall-coverings, because something which you use has in order to resist a great quantity of warmth, dampness and regular cleaning. Vinyl wall-paper is surely a possible option, but make sure together with producer or the shop that it might withstand the damage of day-to-day toilet use. In this bath, the designer matched a shell-divine paperbacked wall-paper with tile, enabling care as well as simple cleaning.

Ward-Youthful Architecture & Organizing – Truckee, CALIF.

Even though it is undoubtedly a great deal more costly tile is an excellent option to cover a whole toilet wall. The power needless to say is the sturdiness of the tile, as well as the numerous kinds of substances — ranging from ceramic to glass. Needless to say, in the event that you are not exactly willing to put money into tile or wall-paper, just painting the partitions in gloss or semigloss paint (for simple clean-up) is another inexpensive and productive method to add spice to the the area.

Barbara Jacobs Shade and Style

Painting your partitions does not have have to me-an settling for a passing fancy colour used uniformly over the space. There are end Less approaches to make use of paint to incorporate warmth or depth to your own space. Not to mention, it is usually more economical, quicker, and considerably simpler to make use of. The wallin the picture above got its appearance from an approach called plaster. A pro uses thin levels of plaster to ceiling or a wall, and after that burnishes it to sleek the area, while providing the chimera of feel.

Janna Makaeva/Cuttingedge Stencils

Desire to abide by a simple and quick job it is possible to do by yourself? Use stencils on a clean wall. There are several websites online that sell numerous kinds of stencils, similar to the picture above. But it really is also very simple to create your personal custom stencil — all you require is a part of card-board or posterboard as well as a utility knife.

Blount Architectural and Interiordesign

Stripes are such an easy and timeless upgrade for empty walls (particularly when you intend on retaining the basecoat the identical colour). Simply mark off parts that are big to paint utilizing a yardstick, painter’s tape along with a degree. (I adore how these partitions enhance those elegant black and white drapes!)

Tracery Interiors

Drapes themselves can be utilized to include a defined awareness of feel and play that can not consistently be reached with wallpaper. I had never-seen curtains draped before — over a-wall using a door but it really is amazing how making area for the do-or permits it to operate more as a wall covering when compared to a window shade.

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Classic Modern: What exactly Does It Mean?

The phrase “Classic Contemporary” continues to be floating about for at least five years, but what’s it precisely? The fact catalogue businesses have begun utilizing the phrase willy nilly isn’t helping. I understand it when I view it it, although I might be unable to clearly outline it. Nevertheless, let us figure it out collectively and have a look at designers who’ve mastered the appearance.


For me personally, Victoria, a.k.a. sfgirlbybay, was the first layout blogger to establish this fashion. As she scouted always shopped, re-arranged her area and recorded it all for our advantage, the design became ingrained. Here she couple classic tulip-style seats a reader assisted her locate with a few classic pieces that are schoolhouse on Craigslist. Her polished wood floors and white walls that are crisp keep the appearance modern.

ROMABIO / Inside & Outdoor Mineral Based Paints

To put it basically, classic modern blends new and old. However, the demon is in the facts. In terms of old, patina and a large part play. The steel counter stools along with these rusty pendant lights and wood ladder provide the classic; the modern is brought by the sharp modern-day kitchen conveniences.

Wallpaper Collective

Another variable is colour palette. While the phone number as well as the cafe seat bring on the classic clear-glass, sharp desk and a background keep matters modern.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Scandanavian lands provide us tons of classic design that is modern, plus they are since the Mid Century modern-era. These wishbone seats, patterned drapes and tulip dining table ordered in a refreshing manner that was clear make them contemporary and classic at once.

Vanessa De Vargas

Freshening up outdated furniture causes it to be modern. New material as well as a fresh coat of paint, along with a lamp that is groovy as well as grey walls effect in the appear.

Searl Lamaster Howe Architects

Repurposing items that are industrial is just another strategy to combine components. These lights together having seats and a wood farm dining table in this space that is modern-day reach the the total amount.

Many parts may be modern and classic at once. These parts are icons in the ages of International-Style and Midcentury Contemporary.

Tracery Interiors

Metal bits used in a way that is spare can cause the appearance. The classic modern piece d-e resistance in this chamber is using the wire baskets on the wall.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Fresh gleaming pendants, a mixture of seats offering a farm dining table Bertioa wire side chairs, Artsandcrafts wood trim and loads of day light mild generates a classic appearance that is modern.

Here the solid brick wall it self is classic modern: It Really Is a vintage stuff having a brand new coat of paint. The print as well as the swingarm lamp strengthen the classic in this room that is clean.

Stacie Velten

Items that are iconic might help bring the design. Here wood Cherner Seats are ordered having a steel cupboard that appears that it originated from a science lab and contemporary art.

Schwartz and Architecture

A modern day Logico Lamp coupled with steel counter stools and classic wood, white partitions and a lot of day light mild is classic modern at its best.

What does classic modern mean to you personally? Style bloggers and which designers would you believe exemplify the appearance?