Kitchen Storage Solutions for Every Nook

Today’s smart kitchen designers have storage options to fulfill every nook and cranny in a variety of kitchens. These helpers can allow you to take advantage of every inch.

When you are grappling with backsplash material choices, consider something that can help you snag some excess storage, also. This stunning kitchen includes a secret that warms up the storage possibilities without taking away from its tidy look.

The designers put shelving and installed sliding doors in the marble backsplash behind the stove. The beauty of the technique is that you can achieve the best of both worlds — a beautiful backsplash and storage.

Hint: You’ll need to have enough space in your walls to make this work, which means you’ll need to get this discussion quite early on with your contractor.

Glenvale Kitchens

Corner dividers are a excellent alternative to the lazy Susan. Cut on a diagonal, they simply pull out like standard drawers to make use of an otherwise hard-to-reach corner space.

Have your drawers made in varying sizes to keep things organized. Pot lids and smaller items may go in the smaller drawers, and containers and pots and pans at the larger drawers.

Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co..

If you would rather a cabinet door in the corner of a pedestal cabinet, and you don’t like Susans, sliding and rotating shelves might help you access corners with ease.

Unlike corner drawers, these pullouts may be installed in both upper and lower cabinets.

Chris Donatelli Builders

Even the toe kick area wasted space, can be utilized for storage when you add a shallow drawer for smaller items.

Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

Hint: you’ll have to bend a whole lot to get a toe kick space, so look at storing items here you’ll need to access only one or two times a year — such as serving dishes, chargers and holiday napkins.

Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Open shelving is often the most budget-friendly method to deal with the space left in the ends of upper and lower cabinets. If custom cabinets are in your finances, shutting those shelves with a curved doorway is a great way to keep things neat and clean without installing two separate doors to cover the corner.

Al Williams

Go beyond basic shelving for your foundation cabinetry. Today’s kitchen organization additions come in every kind imaginable to help you form and store your belongings. Utilize a mix of slide-out drawers and shelving to get heavy items, and custom pullouts to house mixers, spices, cutting boards and baking sheets.

Starline Cabinets

The end cabinets in a kitchen layout get fitted with a doorway facing for a look. The homeowner has found a smart space for keys, a pegboard and a dry erase board for notes and to-do lists, and installed slats for magazines and cookbooks.

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See-Through Refrigerators Dare to Go Bare

I kind A about a few things, but tidiness is not one of them. I’ve got friends and family members whose houses remain neat as a pin, however busy they are, and I would love to maintain the same virtue. However, the truth is I don’t arrange so much as relocate; little piles of clutter migrate from room to room like tumbleweeds. (It doesn’t help I have a 7-year-old who tends to deposit Lego sculptures, crayon stubs and the strange science experimentation in surprise spots around the home.)

Keeping this in mind, I can not imagine having a glass-front refrigerator, one of the rising trends on the kitchen appliance scene. A longtime staple of industrial kitchens, these fridges have crept into house kitchens, and they do have any design and practical advantages. However, I know myself and also the contents of my refrigerator will never be fantastic enough to put on screen. Devotees insist that perfection is not necessary — coordinated chaos will do. My insanity is not organized, however. It’s just chaotic.

Following is a peek at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of glass-front refrigerators. Do you have one? What do you like about it (or not)? Share your thoughts in the Remarks.

Beckwith Interiors

Pros of Glass-Door Refrigerators

A sense of openness. Like glass-front cabinetry, transparent refrigerator doors help to expand a kitchen visually and also alleviate the heaviness of a traditional solid-front model. They also can look more elegant than solid colors or even stainless steel, so adding to the upscale feel of a room, and they work particularly well with modern kitchens.

Clarke Appliance Showrooms

Extra screen area. Basically, having a glass fridge is similar to having a deep-chilled cupboard. Motivated homeowners are known to take advantage of the excess space to showcase collections of crockery and glassware, artfully filled with fruit, vegetables, beverages and other goods.

Frankly, it is easier if you don’t cook. But if you are ready, you can put in a little extra effort to coordinate storage containers and other contents to create a pleasing package.

Cornerstone Architects

Additional lighting. The inside glow of a glass-door fridge can help to brighten a dark corner or lackluster wall. Just pay attention to the throw — a cool blue LED light might look at odds with a warm-tone kitchen, for example. On many versions, you can change the light off or leave it all on.

Van Wicklen Design

Efficiency. One rationale glass refrigerators are a mainstay of restaurant kitchens is that cooks could stock supplies fast without having to open the doors and fumble around. The same is true for homeowners. If you maintain the contents clean, it is possible to see exactly what you need and what you are missing in a glance.

Extraordinary Works – Luxurious by EW Kitchens

Cons of Glass-Door Refrigerators

Transparency. If you are the kind to keep eggs in a French wire basket, apples in pretty ceramic dishes and Perrier bottles in precise rows, glass-door refrigerators put your national divadom on screen. If, instead, you’ve got leftovers in arbitrary plastic tubs and a collection of half-empty juice cartons, good luck with this. You don’t need to restrict your buying habits to manufacturers with the same color packaging, but you need to remember that nobody wants to stare in a jumbled mess.

If this sounds daunting but you are drawn to see-through doors anyhow, consider a compromise. Some designs can be found in frosted, ribbed or stained finishes that strike a balance between transparency and baring it all.

Erin Hoopes

Cleaning. Believe stainless steel is hard to keep clean? It has nothing on glass. Every smudge, fingerprint and splatter will reveal, so you ought to be diligent about stripping down the fridge door regularly. Remember, too, that inner shelves look best when they’re pristine, which requires extra elbow grease.

Kitchens & Baths Unlimited

Reduction of door storage. Those useful bins and cubbies on the door of most standard refrigerators are not a choice with glass. You will need to locate an alternate way to store butter, condiments and other staples. The upside: You will get a bit of shelf and drawer depth, since there aren’t any door shelves to consume up square footage.

Group3 Architects llc

Price. These versions include an eye-popping price tag. The least expensive ones begin about $1,500, but a few may cost $10,000 or more.

You might be tempted to save a little money by going for a industrial glass-front fridge rather than one designed for home use, but business versions have disadvantages — chiefly noise from their compressors.

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Thought of the Week: Barstool Cozies

We have observed them for beer, bar-stool, although even toasters cozies? Thatis a fresh one. This week while ogling the beautiful Lake Tahoe house designed by John Maniscalco Architecture what hit us most (well, aside from the crazy perspectives and modern-skiing chalet design) were these considerate small rear warmers.

John Maniscalco Architecture

The designers employed believed to make custom coats for the counterstools of Blu Dot.

Need your own? Felt is a material that is forgiving, making it an ideal medium for beginner crafters. Or, hire a a dressmaker to make you personally them.

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