Assist Your Stair Landing Eliminate

I have a nightly ritual. After we place the kids to bed, my husband and I head back downstairs to see a show before hitting the hay ourselves. Yesterday evening, when our stair landing was wash out of the toys and mess of this afternoon, I had been struck by the expanse of it and could not believe I’d missed it for so long. Our home isn’t large — it’s a modest size for our loved ones, and there’s potential in that little landing. After doing some research I decided on a program. A very small seat, a few art and quite a narrow bookcase are now in my stair landing wish list.

It doesn’t take much to make over a stair landing. See how adding shelves, books and artwork can turn your stair stepping right to a usable, functional and gorgeous area for your loved ones.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Make it cozy. I would probably say that this is the stair recording of my fantasies. There is nothing I’d change about the distance. The cozy bench under the window is my favorite part.

Shannon Malone

Keep it simple. If the distance in your stair landing is minimal, keep things simple. Collect a gorgeous mirror or artwork and a couple of decorative vases. The attention you give that this distance will not be dismissed.

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Contemplate how it will operate. Novels are lined up on those shelves, but the mom in me sees an chance for organization and storage. This little nook looks to be about a quarter of the way up the stairs.

If this were my home, I would purchase baskets which fit closely on the shelves and then assign one to each child. During the afternoon as out-of-place things are collected, I would put them in the appropriate child’s basket. At the end of the afternoon they’d be responsible for removing the items out of their basket and putting them off.

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View it from every angle. When designing your stair landing, look at it from every vantage point and be sure you like the view.

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Stick with the total design of your dwelling. It would not make sense for there to be a cushioned seat, comfy cushions and overstuffed chairs in this contemporary area. Decorating the stair landing with amazing photography works together with the design of the home.

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Pay attention to the specifics. Details matter, even on a stair landing. Among the first things I noticed about these pretty built-in shelves was the wallpaper that supported them.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Optimize your distance. When you have the budget, ability and room to put in a built-in shelving unit, then take action. You will love having the extra space to store things.


Get that high-end texture. By adding a wonderful stripe on the wall, a custom-made pillow for your seat and shutters, this stair landing includes a well designed, thought-through feeling.

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