Feast on Farm-Fresh Color

Whoever pointed out that we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths must go into sensory overdrive in the local farmer’s market. From glistening tomatoes and dusky peaches to heaps of squash and peppers, the natural colours of summer produce add up to a breathtaking effect — which goes for your home as well. Get a basket and then pluck a little inspiration!

Glenn Gissler Design


Ripe, red berries, plump with juiceare the quintessential sign of summer, and their abundant hue looks equally as mouthwatering in interiors as about the plate.

The key is not to go forward — a little of the vibrant shade goes a long way. In this dining area, the crimson walls draw attention to the artwork by echoing among its colours, even as the neutral wooden furnishings maintain the tomato hue in check.

Burnham Design

Tomato gets a milder spin in this area, like the creamiest summertime soup you can imagine. The curtain edging and ikat couch fabric add a shot of vitality without creating too much noise.


On a side note, how fun are those prefab tomato-shaped cottages? My fantasy playhouse once I was a kid would have looked like this.

Andrea Meyers


These power-packed gems reach their summit at the exact same time that the thermometer does. Their luscious color, somewhere between royal dusty and blue indigo, makes a room richer just by showing up.

Nina Jizhar

Occasionally just a little dab will do ya. A blueberry-tone pillow along with a petite vase lend only a sign of trendy, controlled color to the bedroom, however they do not thwart its serenity.

Elad Gonen

Or you may go the other route and drench the space from pure blue. I’m digging the vivid, saturated color of the tile it makes the bathroom feel so splashy and lush.

Amoroso Design

Blueberry understands a dignified, conventional spin in this dining room, but it nevertheless feels fresher than a natural wood tone or white paint. If you are not sure about committing to brightly colored cabinetry, a smaller section such as this is a great opportunity to road test it.


What is summer without sinking your teeth into a giant slab of watermelon, juice running down both arms? This sunny room feels every bit as refreshing and crisp as the real thing.

A dose of white cuts the pink inside this bedroom also keeps it from appearing too sweet.

Creative Decor by Mandi

Strokes of watermelon, coupled with the exact same bright green you’d see about the rind, create a perennially summery air in this area.

Mary Evelyn Interiors


It’s the season for stunning golden ears, shucked and plunged in a pot of boiling water tossed on the grill. That same yellow shade offers a feast for the eyes just look how these pale maize draperies glow against the window and beckon you in.

Donna DuFresne Interior Design

Cornsilk-colored cabinetry cloaks this kitchen in sunlight. It’s less anticipated than white, but impartial enough not to overtake the space.

Kathy Morgan

The color of the dhurrie rug is really called Corn and Cream. I’m not sure about you, but it makes me want to sink my teeth right into the area.

ARTISSIMO – Idit Deutsch


that I love to munch on apricots in the summertime, but when it comes to utilizing them in design… well, let’s say I’m not a lover. After the hue is borderline orange, though, like in this sitting place, I find it much more palatable.

Paul Rice Architecture

I could also live with only a touch of apricot, such as this particular drum pendant.



From refreshing cakes to guacamole, avocado gets a summer celebration began. This 1970s favorite has made a roaring comeback — it adds instant character and a hipster advantage to this little vignette.

Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

What is far better than 1 avocado? Two. The double-tone paint treatment on the house is indeed fun and flirty. If those were my neighbors, I’d invite them over — they must be interesting men and women.

Crisp Architects

A group of avocado retains an otherwise white kitchen from setting one note.

Amoroso Design


Just try to resist that glistening purple. Eggplant has a gravitas and a royal air that few other colours can match.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Just how many folks would think about eggplant for a kid’s space? It’s an inspired choice — sophisticated, but playful enough that it totally works.

Alexandra Torre Design & Interiors

Overscale eggplant blossoms make this seat feel lively and lively.

Inform usWhat is your favorite farmer’s market color? Share it in the Comments.

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Springtime Outlook: Dare to Love Peach Again

The colour peach, as with the majority of trends, returns around like a revolving-door. I used to be a child in the 1980s when teal colour palette and the peach was king — and can I mention the gold confronted veranda blinds? It difficult to think that those also were on tendency.

What I am saying is that in the event that you wait long enough, give or take twenty years, your decor will likely be useful once more. I am not at all recommending which you ought to fail to upgrade your decor. It just so happens that for those who haven’t made changes to your own palette that is peachy, points might now be employed in in your benefit. I am confident this springtime, peach can create a grand reappearance.

Jennifer Lang Designs, Inc.

The teal and peach palette of the past has been refined with a blue. Even a fascinating orange gleam has been has brought on by the Chihuly chandelier.

Arty Designs for Dwelling, Tineke Triggs

We see peach paired using a dear baby blue. The espresso paint and carpeting earth the chamber and present balance to it. The small sailboat as well as the motif give hints relating to this female take on a topic.

Design Solutions

In the finish on the wall to the vanity mirror that is painted, peach rules supreme in this tiny powder bathroom. The bowl sink mimics the dressing table that is ring-shaped while the soap dispenser saves valuable counter space.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Style Inc)

Combining peach with colors makes me long to get a glass of champagne. Gleaming metallic finishes on components and the mirror give a magnificent feeling to this bathroom.

Indicate English Architects, AIA

Combining peach with pastels offers a a relaxing effect in the the area and modernizes the appearance. When paired with neutral colours like an antique white or dove grey, In addition, I want to find out the intimate side of peach.

CWB Architects

Though the predominate color in this chamber is a bluish-grey, because it gave me inspiration for my office at home, I selected to emphasize it. My partitions will be the same colour (ICI Dulux Memento #A1928) as well as the flirty touches of peachy coral will a-DD the best touch of femininity in the the room.

Arty Designs for Dwelling, Tineke Triggs

Women do love pink. Add a winner of orange and peach and you have an ideal recipe to get a cheeky, extremely-female color scheme. Side table and the clear white bedclothes allows this room to adorn designs and daring colors.

Jerry Jacobs Style, Inc.

Mature to perfection, this visitor space that is mono-chromatic gives you the capacity to place your very best face forward. Do you realize that undertones in your complexion warm? By incorporating pink incandescent lightbulbs that are gentle to any lamp, particularly in toilets, provides out the normal flesh t One in your epidermis.

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