Swimming Pool Design Trends in 2018

When updating the look of your house, one of the best places to get started is in your backyard. If you have a swimming pool in your yard then it’s about time to give it a whole new look.

If you need ideas and inspiration, here are some of the best design trends for Pasadena handyman in 2018.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are great for patios. They are durable, tough, cost-effective, weather-resistant and most importantly, they are aesthetically pleasing. You’ll have two options when using concrete pavers for your pool, architectural pavers, and interlocking pavers. If you want a more natural look that can help to enhance the overall look of your swimming pool, the architectural pavers are highly recommended.

Inside Out

One of the latest design trends in handyman Pasadena is integrating the outdoor pool theme with the indoor. This might seem like a confusing trend, but the idea consists of building a pool closer to your house at the back but separated by a huge sliding door made of glass. With this design trend, you will be able to watch over your kids at the pool while you enjoy a glass of lemonade in your living room.


The monochrome look is clean, sleek and truly mesmerizing. If you have a modern house design that’s painted in the black and white theme, then this is a great idea for your pool. It requires using all-black tiles at the bottom of the pool, which will surely make the pool stand out. As for the shape, this trend can go well with any geometric shape. It’s also a good idea to incorporate concrete pavers for this pool design trend.

Smart Pools

As you may have thought, smart homes are becoming a trend in this day and age. With the increasing popularity of technology, smart technologies are now being incorporated into the overall design and operation of various homes. If you want to enjoy a bit of luxury for your pool this year, consider incorporating smart technology. With this trend, you’ll have full control of your pool at your fingertips using your smartphone. This way, you can control the pool’s temperature, lighting, and audio aspects, if applicable.


When people think of elevated swimming pools, classic pools built to a deck often come to mind. But this is not exactly what the trend is all about for this year. Instead, it refers to pools that are built on the top level. This trend basically refers to building pools at the second level of your home, which is pretty amazing.

If you’re thinking of updating the look of your pool or perhaps building a new pool in your backyard, it is best to get in touch with professional handyman Pasadena CA builders. They are well capable of building all kinds of swimming pools and will even incorporate any of the design trends mentioned above, from the concrete pavers, monochrome design, smart technology and even a pool on your second floor!

10 Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Look Better

Decorating your home may seem like a very complicated task yet most of the time, it’s the simple things that really count. Some of the top décor designers don’t have a secret rulebook or some secret sauce that makes everything come together. All they do is keep things simple and they ultimately deliver outstanding decor to every client. This is the same process you should follow as you begin decorating your home. Get the simple things right and you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Below are some simple décor ideas that can make all the difference:

Pick the Paint Color Last

The paint on your walls has to go with the décor in the room. If you were to pick the paint first, you would have to redesign the entire interior to match the paint you’ve chosen. This is too much work. Deal with the décor first and then choose the paint later.

Give Your Furniture Some Breathing Room

handyman in Fort Lauderdale will tell you that clutter is the worst thing in any room. As part of your décor strategy, you need to free up your room and ensure furniture is properly spaced. Space is everything in interior design.

Create a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. The focal point is basically something that grabs the attention of anyone once they step in the room. It could be a well-designed fireplace, a chandelier or anything else.

Hang Artwork at the Right Height

Artwork can be a great way to decorate any room but it has to be hanging at the right height. If you hang it too high or too low, it won’t look good.

Work On the Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any décor. It helps to illuminate and accentuate the design already in place. Keep it simple and classy though.

Pick the Right Collectibles

We all have vintage collectibles that we hang around each room. However, there is too much of everything. Make sure you limit collectibles as much as possible, especially if the room is small and without a lot of furniture.

Vary the Scale

Whatever Fort Lauderdale handyman put in any room needs to be proportionate to its size. The last thing you want is to have a decoration too big for the room. It simply looks off.

Stretch Your Creativity

There are many creative ways you can use to decorate your room. However, this is also the right time to experiment and see what you can come up with. Don’t stick to the rules too much.

Be Bold

While we are still talking about stretching the bounds of creativity, let’s remind you to be bold with your designs too. It’s your room after all and any design that tickles your fancy should be acceptable.

Arrange the Furniture Carefully On the Rug

The rug is a central part of your room and this is where the furniture goes. You need to make sure the furniture falls perfectly onto the rug.

Decorating your room like a professional handyman Fort Lauderdale does not take a lot. The simple tips above will really help you so make sure you consider each and every one of them.

8 Tips That Can Improve Your Welding Skills

For the untrained, welding seems like a pretty straightforward job. You just stick it in and start handyman contractors. For the professionals, welding is both art and science. It’s a profession that takes years to master. In this article, we are going to enumerate a few tips on how to improve your handyman.

Spray Modes

Not many novice welders know that spray or globular mode is better when it comes to dealing with thick metal. In fact, some are not even sure how to setup a spray mode. It’s all about fine tuning the wire speed, amps, and volts. While spray mode may not be suitable for thinner metal, if it’s at least 1/8-inch thick, spray mode is superior.


Failing to prepare the metal before welding is a common mistake. Dirt, paint, and cracks can create problems during the process. For example, impurities may get absorbed, and welding results will be sub-par.

Beware of Hydrogen

Not a lot of novice welders realize that hydrogen is the number #1 enemy of professional house repairs. Hydrogen is almost everywhere like in grease, manure, paint, rust, dirt, and water. If the weld is too contaminated with hydrogen, cracking will occur in hours or days. Your best defense would be to clean and then clean some more.

Speed, Angle, and Direction

If you want to improve your welding skills, then speed, angle, and direction will be the first aspects that you should focus on. You also need to know when to pull or push. The only way you can improve these points is by learning and practicing.

MIG Gas Selection

With MIG welding, 100% carbon dioxide is the go-to gas. It’s economical and it allows for deep penetration handyman. However, if you want to improve your welding skills, then it’s best to start learning when and how to use other gases. The best place to start is by trying different levels of carbon dioxide and argon.

Electrode Shopping List

If you look at today’s welding shop, there are a lot of rods and wires to choose from. For starters, it’s best if you get acquainted with at least the stick electrode, flux-core wire, and MIG wire. Each of them has different uses. If you know when and how to use them, you can tackle almost any welding job.

Aluminum Welding

Aluminum is a unique metal in its own way. It’s also very common. Hence, it pays to know how to properly weld aluminum. For example, it’s best that you use U-groove drive rolls to support the wire. It’s also best to use nylon or Teflon than a cable liner. Argon-helium and argon are the only gases that you should use.

Mending High-Strength Steel

The secret to properly mending high-strength steel is the preparation and processing. First of all, you should remove all moisture, grease, paint, and rust. Grind it down until you get to the bare metal and preheat the site before you start welding. Then, use low-hydrogen and a small-diameter stick rod for the handyman services.