Electricians refer to the rigid pipe that electric wires and wires run through as conduit. “Conduit” has lots of different definitions too, all associated with channeling; it can be an enclosed duct to transfer liquids or even a individual or vessel that communicates a message from one spot to another.

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Electrical conduit is typically visible only in houses in which the walls are masonry or in which the ceiling and flooring are one unit (that is, the ceiling of a room is also the flooring of the upper room), leaving no room in which electric can hide. The electrical conduit inside this kitchen runs across the underside of wood beams.

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In wood-framed constructions, holes are drilled through wood studs along with the electric cord is pulled. Nail plates are inserted on the outside of the stud prior to any wallboard is put up, to avoid anyone from hammering nails into the electric cable.

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Conduit protects and conveys electrical wires to all outlets and fixtures requiring electricity. The electricity starts at the utility business, travels via a meter at every home and enters the house in the circuit breaker. Individual circuits distribute electricity in 100 or 200 amps across the house with a series of junction boxes and panels. The main breaker is a change that can turn off all electricity, and indivdual circuits command smaller regions of the house. Circuits automatically turn off if overloaded, to reduce the risk of fire.

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Industrial and commercial architecture often uses electric conduit because the the walls are strong CMU (concrete masonry blocks), making outside electricity inevitable.

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Exposed ducting and electrical conduit are also typical in urban attic spaces, in which exposed brick walls don’t have any inner wall through which the mechanicals can be routed from perspective. A junction box is a metal box in which wires are tied together. The faceplate of the junction box is removable, providing access to the wires.

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Conduit has an industrial appeal. Conduit may or may not have been necessary to put in within this entryway, but it fits in with the edgy raw materials.

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Electrical conduit is routed around the large windows of the painted brick room because there is nowhere else to run the plumbing. But a little color coding makes the pipe work with the design of the room.

This light fixture is created out of electric conduit and junction boxes.

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