Get Halloween-Ready Using Bone-Chilling Decor

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and in case your favorite part of the holiday is its scare factor, then it’s time to make sure your home’s spook level was turned up a notch. Whether lions, skulls or slimy eyeballs are your items of choice, take your favorite props and transform them into creepy Halloween decorations.

Check out the following photos to see how fellow Houzzers have spook-ified their homes. Caution: these décor schemes are just for the courageous.

Frame an range of creepy items and images in a pub wall. Showcase the wall through candlelight: Everything looks scarier under a candle’s glow.

Here’s a very simple idea: Frame older black and white photographs from scary movies like The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Place them across your fireplace mantle for your guests to see. Just the memory of those frightening films will cause a chill.


Obviously, a spooky tablescape is a must. The black netting across the bottom of the candleholder creates an eerie sense of fog, along with a ripped runner appears like spiderwebs inching across the desk.


Nothing is spookier than an unexpected scare, like a skull concealed amongst an innocent goat display…

… or even a bowl filled with eyeballs in the midst of everyday décor.

Playing lighting is a superb way to up the scare factor of your home. Replace your room’s usual lighting with a small bulb positioned within a faux skull head. Switch off all lights besides this and observe the room fill with the creepiest of shadows.

Interiors with Attitude, LLC

A very simple way to set a spooky scene would be by placing lit candles in front of a mirror. The reflections alone will send you running for the covers.

Have fun with wall stickers, such as these mice across the staircase. A glimpse of a few of those unexpected fellas from the corner of your eye is guaranteed to make you shriek.


Console tables and mantles are the perfect setting for bone-chilling décor. Mummies and skull-laden candles are sure to make a scare. The picture on the wall adds to the eerie allure!

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9 Simple Ways to Decorate With Autumn Leaves

Pick Up Some White Pumpkins for Elegant Fall Decorating

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Tips for Roofing Maintenance

The roof is perhaps the most important part of any home. It has both aesthetic and functional purposes. While it keeps the family safe inside, it’s also a central part of the home’s exterior. Despite these great qualities, the roof is also the most exposed part of the home. It bears the brunt of tough weather conditions including rain and other weather elements. With such exposure, the Mesa roofing can be susceptible to damage. The great thing is that you can prevent this with regular roof maintenance.

Trim Large Trees

There’s nothing wrong with having a few trees around you home. Trees are indeed very beautiful and the more you have the better. However, they need to be checked, especially if they have grown dangerously close to the roof. Leaning branches can damage the shingles. So if they get too close, get rid of them through proper trimming.

Clean the Leaves

There’s no easier and more effective roof maintenance task like cleaning. Any kind of debris including leaves should be removed. Pay attention to the gutters too and remove any kind of blockage. This is actually where most of the debris is found. Although you don’t have to clean your roof every day, if you can do it once every four months it will be perfect.

Insulate Your Roof

Most homeowners understand the benefits of insulation but they tend to ignore the roof when they insulate all the other parts of the house. Insulating the roof helps to prevent moisture from building up into the attic. This keeps the roof repair Mesa dry which is good for its longevity. Proper insulation also allows for proper ventilation. The air keeps the roof cool as it flows freely in and out of the attic. This will reduce the risk of damage substantially.

Inspect After Storms

In case you live in an area with a lot of storms, then your roof will get the biggest hit. That’s why you must do roof inspection every time there’s a storm. Check out for watermarks, leaks on the roof, or damage to the shingles. If you notice something’s not right, fix it as soon as possible. This ensures the problem doesn’t get worse.

Get Quality Roofing

The extent of resilience of any roof regardless of the weather conditions will be determined by the nature of installation. If the roof has been installed properly then it will withstand even the most difficult conditions. In light of this, always invest on quality roof installation to avoid problems in the future.

Your roofing Mesa AZ can withstand a lot of things but without proper maintenance, it may get damaged very fast. Roof installation is very expensive and you don’t want to have to replace your roof after only a few years. Maintenance is your answer and the simple tips above will be helpful.

Entertaining Arrangements: Move the Party Indoors

With temperatures dropping, the allure of an outside party is becoming a little less enticing. That certainly doesn’t mean fiestas stop — they simply move back inside! Cast a great, analytical glance over the seats options in your entertaining area. Obviously, people split into smaller discussions during parties, so the most effective designs often involve many distinct seating areas to best accommodate different groups. You can achieve this whether your area is big or small: If you don’t have space for an extra sofa, a little ottoman will do just fine. Thinking about how to make your pad party prepared? Just take some cues from these subsequent photographs.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Chaise lounges are excellent pieces of furniture to use in rooms with many seating areas. Not only do they supply an additional spot to sit, however, they lie to the ground, letting you place it in a central area without obstructing visual distance. Don’t neglect to accompany your seats areas with side tables for cocktails!

Alexander Johnson Photography

This layout actually capitalizes on the ultimate entertaining floor plan. Not only does it include at least three different seating areas, but it also manages to do so without undermining walking or standing area.

Tip: Using different colors in each seating area will enable them to look more distinct.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

If your layout allows for it, mixing your dining and living spaces is a simple way to make the most of seating room in 1 space. This is particularly useful for throwing casual dinner parties, as guests can just as easily sitmingle and eat the sofas.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Here’s another case of a space that mixes both the dining and living areas. Prevent”barrier” furniture between the 2 regions so the entire space feels more attached.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Long, narrow spaces may seem like a decorating nightmare, but they’re really a fun dream since they’re ideal for setting up many seating areas. This one manages to install two separate seating areas with minimal furnishings, thus maintaining the room’s spacious stream.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

Or, you can take this method of outfitting a long narrow distance: 2 seats areas back . The almost mirror-like manifestation of these spaces gives the long room equilibrium and maximizes seating.

Catalyst Architects, LLC

However, don’t believe a long, narrow area is essential to achieve the preceding appearance. In case you have more of a square or rectangular area, accomplish it using smaller furniture pieces so the groupings don’t appear heavy.

Dick Clark + Associates

Here’s another example of the back-to-back appearance. Ottomans along the side wall offer more seats without interrupting the foot path.

Mandi Smith T Interiors

There’s nothing better on cold evenings than a fire, so why not create an additional seating area about it? Face two chairs towards one another using a little coffee table involving for cocktails or hors d’oeuvre plates.

Here’s another shot of an additional fireside seating area. This setup includes another sofa facing the fireplace to create a triangular arrangement.

Molly McGinness Interior Design

In case you have window nooks, particularly in tiny rooms such as this one, benefit from outfitting them with a window seat. You kill two birds with one stone by accomplishing extra seating and additional storage.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

If you are not comfortable using the permanence of a window seat, only the inclusion of a seat (or two) will do.

In case you have bulky armoires or cabinets taking up wall space, consider replacing them with a seat duo for a different spot to sit. Get creative using a side table: this stack of classic luggage is an instant conversation starter for whoever sits together with them.

WXY architecture + urban design

Don’t feel as if you want to follow any set rules when developing different seating areas. The crucial thing is to add as many seats vignettes as possible without overcrowding the distance, since the programmer did in this case.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

This chamber is fairly broad, but this suggestion can also be great for small spaces: if you can not squeeze into any more substantial furniture, get an ottoman instead. They take up little space and are portable, making them ideal for additional seating throughout the space.

Samar Ottoman – $99

For a reasonable addition to your present furniture installation, consider the wicker Samar ottoman from Crate and Barrel. Due to its neutral color and textural look, wicker tends to match most styles. It’s lightweight and easy to move to all those dialogue you find most interesting.

lubi olive daybed – $799

This futon out of CB2 will give your living room a splash of colour and your guests a cozy spot to chit-chat.

Another Nation

Day Bed One – $1,750

This daybed is a little pricier, but the basic lines give it a mild, delicate appeal. It is possible to add it to an existing furniture arrangement and it will not add visual mass.

Room & Board

Delia Chair – $699

Just like Rebekah states in the description, two of these Delia chairs, plus a side table or little coffee table, will create a cozy yet modern seating area by the fire.

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Consider a Host and Hostess Chair

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3 Easy Deck Maintenance Tips

Decks and porches are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are a low-cost way of adding an extra space to your home. They open up your home and are a great place to entertain guests for outdoor dining. But because a deck is installed outside your home, it’s prone to the damaging effects of the weather. It’s for this reason that deck maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance can help you protect your porch or deck against discoloration due to moss, dirt, algae, and other elements.

Here are 3 easy steps you should follow to maintain your deck:

Clean the Deck

Before you start applying the sealant, you must first thoroughly clean your Phoenix fences. The dirt and debris that have accumulated could clog the spaces between the deck boards. Therefore, the boards must first be blasted out with a powerful nozzle using a power washer or a garden hose.

Before you decide to use any cleaning solution, make sure you read the warnings and directions carefully. The solutions can simply be applied directly to the deck using a broom or with a power washer at low pressure. Then scrub the deck using a push broom or a basic scrub brush.

Paint or Stain the Deck

Although most homeowners would choose to paint their decks with deck paint, others choose to take advantage of the natural beauty of their expensive looking deck wood by applying a clear finish to the deck. If you want to paint the deck, you must first apply a stain blocking primer to it. Avoid a heavily pigmented stain for your decking since it will easily show the wear and tear and it has the tendency to peel.

Here are some important characteristics to watch out for your deck finish:

– The finish must be water-repellent or waterproof.

– It should provide UV protection.

– If mildew is a problem, choose a mildewcide finish.

Seal the Deck

As soon as the area is dry, you can immediately seal the deck. Consider putting down tarps in order to protect the plants near the Phoenix fence. Sealants are usually rough on plants, and although most plants don’t get affected when hit with wafting overspray, a direct hit could cause real damage to them.

Once you are certain that your plants are protected, you can start applying the sealant. You can apply the sealant with a brush, a painting roller, or with a spray. Spraying is the fastest way to apply sealant into your deck. However, it’s a bit difficult to control. Furthermore, some sealants have a color that could possibly stain the surface where they are being applied.

It’s a good idea to invest in professional sealants when sealing your Phoenix fencing. They are typically superior and oil-based. Others also contain stain that can provide color to the deck. However, sealants that contain stain don’t usually deliver a uniform color so it may be a good idea to give it a try before applying. A good quality sealant has UV protection which helps to keep your deck protected from the damaging effects of sunlight.

Photo of the Week: An Office

With school back in session, we’ve got offices within our mind at Houzz. If the mere thought of workplace work often creates anxiety, the key is to make a space that does nothing but promote pure comfort.

This Los Angeles office is instantly calming. Designed by New York design company Incorporated, this office is at an apartment designed with a creative 20-something in your mind. Plenty of sunshine, easy organization and natural accents combine to create this joyful and soothing workspace.

Read 3,000+ home office photos


Don’t you find yourself feeling somewhat happier when you see this picture? How frequently does a workplace make you do so? A timeless Parsons Desk with drawers and Eames Molded Plastic Chair sits on one side of the room for a clean and inviting workspace.

A dressmaker’s dummy (which can double as a bulletin board) sits alongside a sleek chrome and glass shelf (attempt this shelf for a similar appearance ). The open shelving encourages organization, and keeps in line with the minimum, clutter-free topic of the space.

Try filling your workplace with sunlight, clean surfaces, and vivid textiles for a refreshing look — and create a workspace you truly want to spend some time in.

What are you doing in your workplace to get ready for the school year? Have you set up your kids’ homework spaces nonetheless? Publish a photo below!

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28 Real-Life Home Offices

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Go for an Unexpected Color for Your Trim

Every room says something, and also the details often put an exclamation point at the end of that statement. This is especially true when it concerns the trim and molding in a distance. These architectural details can make the largest impact, depending on their scale and also how they are handled. Applying a color or stain to your own molding will immediately provide your distance distinction. If you’ve been thinking outside the typical glossy white approach, here are some tips for picking the right colour for your trimming.

Peggy Braswell

I am seriously enjoying the lavender trim in this bedroom. This is a great example of how you can use an unexpected, lighthearted colour for the molding even in a traditional space. Look how the linens on the bed tie in with all the doors and windows. Brilliant.

Elizabeth Gordon

Occasionally a dramatic space calls for striking specifics. In a bathroom with elaborate background, an elaborate mirror and dazzling red tile, the high-gloss black trimming definitely adds to the exclamation point on a space that states'”va va voom!”

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Natural stained molding is not just for rustic, casual houses. It may add a very elegant touch to lavish spaces, too. A red stain will match very nicely with traditional cherry furniture.

Valerie pasquiou interiors + design, inc

Charcoal grey molding is a great way to bring a modern flair to a home. But don’t stop with the door and window frames. Painting the stairs and doorways with the same color will produce a unified appearance.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

In the kitchen, lots of homeowners wonder if all the cabinets and trimming should be the exact same colour. The solution is no, especially in the event that you would like to accentuate a certain attribute. In this photo, dark stained trimming allows these windows to pop. White trim would have only forced them to the background.

Glenn Gissler Design

Wainscoting painted with a warm, creamy hue is a sure way to create a room more cozy. In a space with an abundance of earth tones, honey beige trim creates a wonderful flow and ties each the furnishings collectively.

Tim Cuppett Architects

In this space, slate grey wainscoting creates a sense of movement as your eye travels down and round the stairs. This effect would not look as impressive had the colour been more subtle.

Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

In children’s rooms, I believe that anything goes (within reason). In this room, the red baseboard and faux crown molding bring an excitement to the space that any boy or girl could love. Using complementary colours such as green and red enables both colours to look much more remarkable.

Have you experimented with trim colour? Show us!

Next: More guides to choosing colour for your Property

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I’m Ready for My Close-Up: Wonderful Building Materials

It is hard to deny that Houzz is a great resource for finding inspiration in the small details, but photographs that literally hone in on the stuff, connections and textures are fairly rare. So I’ve constructed a number of them here to see what is conveyed in these pictures, and what can be learned from them.

Birdseye Design

We begin with one of the very well documented projects on Houzz — that the Quaker Bluff Residence in Vermont — and a backlit stone wall. The result is certainly dramatic, but it is not something that can pulled off with any stone. For light to carry through a few stone — marble, for instance — the substance has to be trimmed so sparse it loses its capability to support . Onyx, on the other hand, is perfect for this kind of application, producing its distinctive yellow-orange glow.

Seattle Art Group

A detail of polished stone is revealed for a house in Hawaii. Think concrete, and something as brilliant as this probably doesn’t come in your mind. Pigment can be added to the concrete mixture and utilized as a means to communicate the local context by mining the pigment in the area.

Eggleston Farkas Architects

Moving on to one of my favourite stuff, Cor-Ten Steel, this close-up really does a great job of revealing the variation in colour found in the substance. A sandpaper-like texture can be gleaned from the photo, a sign of the oxidation that adds the coat of rust to the steel.

Klopf Architecture

This photo shows the meeting of the house on the land, particularly the three substances which compose this particular condition: the wall, the foundation, the ground. In this scenario we’ve got wood panels, poured gravel and concrete. That the architect recorded this detail means they believed this to be a significant place, something they treated with ease and care.

Here we visit three planes in a layered composition. Horizontal striations with arbitrary voids make a rhythmic and borderline chaotic effect. Nonetheless, the close-up shows the workmanship to be quite high.

This bathroom wall is found in the same residence as the previous photo. We can observe an emphasis on horizontal rhythm and a particular randomness. The latter is achieved by composing three kinds of glass tile.

JacksonBuilt Custom Homes

The textured”pillows” of the limestone backsplash leads to both intriguing shadows and a visual softening of a hard substance.


A threshold involving a living room and master suite is articulated here with”patinated aluminum shelves with a perforated spiderweb pattern” Each horizontal piece can be flipped to vary the pattern and also the light entering the distance. It is a customized installation that stands out from the minimum finishes it’s layered upon.

A fair amount of the details in this ideabook would be the product of NYC-based Workshop/apd, such as this grille. The closely-spaced black rods allow light to pass through while obscuring one’s view. In another project by the same architects…

… horizontal bars are used in a lobby renovation to spell out the building’s address. The rectangular pieces are notched to make the most”58.” When the sunlight reaches this altitude, light more easily moves through the notches to spell out the speech on the lobby walls.


One final job by Workshop/apd shows the coming with three quite different substances: round glass tiles, what seems to be terrazzo, and wood slats. These materials comprise the walls and floor of a shower.

Studio H Landscape Architecture

Substance concerns certainly extend out. Squint at this pavement in a sideyard and just one half is white and one half is black. Nevertheless, the white aggregate lies in the two, uniting both.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

The coming together of different substances might not be as jarring out as it can be indoors, as can be seen with pavers, pebbles and plantings. The simple edging that retains the pebbles and separates them from the mulch is a very pleasant minimal detail. See more of the garden

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Layout Dilemma: Share Suggestions for a Navy Blue Room

Attention those of you who have chosen to go daring with your living space walls: Houzz user hgrada can use your information for her brand-new pad. “The largest challenge I currently have is the living room. . .and I’ve assured my hubs he could pick the colour,” she says. His selection? Navy blue. “I’m afraid if I paint every wall this blue it’s going to be too dim,” hgrada says.

If you understand how to produce the perfect balance between dark colored walls while maintaining a light and alluring space, click here to share your thoughts.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

The living room measures at 15′ x 30′. Do you understand how to pull dark walls in a very narrow room without making it look”just like a long, blue cave” Click here to answer.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Here is another shot of the living room.

Houzz Design Dilemmas

Hgrada just has two conditions concerning the distance. “The TV setup and the cat need to remain!” Click here to visit the question and chime in!

Share your design issue
Plunging Into Deep Dark Walls

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5 Simple Ways to Summer-ize Your Home

School’s out, the sun is shining, and you will find berries in the farmer’s market. You might have your sunscreen-slathered and bikini-clad self prepared for the sun, but is your home ready for warmer weather? Believe it or not, it requires over pulling the blinds up to welcome summer to your home. However, it doesn’t need to be a large hassle. Whether you’ve got a huge home with a large outdoor space, or a small apartment with a fire escape, you can still help your home get the most out of the sunshine. Here are five easy places to start:

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

1. Embrace your outdoor living area. If you are fortunate enough to have an amazing outdoor area — garden, patio, balcony, what have you — it is time to get started using it. This balcony is a great example of the way you truly don’t require much outdoor space to make the most of summer’s fresh air and sun. A patio chair accented with a colorful outdoor rug and weatherproof pillow transforms a straightforward space into an inviting escape. A window on the railing brings a little more green to the distance, while sheer curtains offer the option of solitude.

KuDa Photography

Dining alfresco is almost always a fantastic chance to savor the stunning summer weather. Invest in a couple of pieces of very good patio furniture to your dining room, and then accessorize with less expensive and more stylish pieces. Make sure you follow your own style: You need your home and your outdoor area to meld.

My Romantic Home

In case you’ve got a smaller dining room in your mind, a small table paired with a loveseat is a great casual dining option. I really like this set up is nestled among the garden and accessorized with bird cages, bird houses, and other outdoor knickknacks. These accessories add a personal signature and may be changed out from year to year.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

It is nice to include a water feature. In case you’ve got a huge patio, a stately cement multi-tiered fountain could be a fantastic fit. In case you’ve got a bigger area, a simple, small, and easy-to-install bubble fountain is a fantastic option.

Exteriorscapes llc

2. Bring in some vegetation. Even if you don’t have the distance, time, or energy to really have a summer garden, there are still lots of easy and beautiful techniques to incorporate plants to your home. A container garden is the ideal means to benefit from the gorgeous flowers and herbs that flourish in the summertime. Choose a huge pot similar to this to get a landscaped impact using multiple plants, or create a grouping of baskets.


For the greatest indoor and outdoor flexibility, try out this DIY portable planter. It is easy, chic, and may be wheeled to a living room to get a dab of green, or outside onto a balcony for watering!

Huettl Landscape Architecture

Summer is also the period of hot, ripe fruits and vegetables. In case you’ve got the space, add a potted lemon tree or 2 to a balcony. You can also conduct container gardens or window boxes with either blossoms or a couple of berry crops, or elevated beds of vegetables. (We all know how great homegrown tomatoes are in summer.)

If you are short on floor area, a couple of hanging plants may add a brilliant pop of green to a space. Just be certain they’re at a location where they can drain without creating a mess and may still get plenty of sunshine. (By the way, how perfect is this summery breakfast area? It looks like the ideal place to start your day.)

If you are not prepared to commit to indoor or outdoor vegetation quite yet, putting a couple of leafy greens or bright flowers in a vase may have the same temporary impact.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

3. Insert color. Summer decor may be bright, cheerful and daring, so use cheeky colours and patterns you can not always eliminate through other seasons. This deck is simple in style, but by painting it a brilliant blue and accenting with lime-green chairs, it quickly develops a vivid and unforgettable style.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Pillows, cushions, and colorful accessories are fun and easy ways to brighten up an otherwise straightforward setup. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, contrasting colours and designs when it comes to textiles. Fabric could be a relatively inexpensive endeavor, so have fun with it and play !

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Try to integrate color in unexpected areas in your home for that extra pop of summer cheer. Kitchens can often become pristine, all-white spaces. Mix it up a bit with a few colorful dishes, dish cloths or aprons.

Alicia Friedmann Interior Design

4. Bring the outdoors in. No, I’m not talking about vegetation again. Permit your decor to reflect the beauty of summer, and operate natural materials to your home. These rattan chairs not only display the natural beauty of the woven palm, but they’re also extremely clean pieces that will feel just at home outside.

Bringing outdoor furniture indoors is a great way to blur the line between the two spaces. If you don’t believe your outdoor furniture will work indoors, try using slipcovers or fresh cushions to allow it to blend with your interior.

Philpotts Interiors

The use of timber grain accented by tropical-like accessories along with a bamboo plant create this vignette a perfect fit in its own Hawaiian home.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Bring terracotta baskets inside. These work well to maintain indoor plants to get a headboard that is casual, but you could also use terracotta baskets to hold utensils, fruit, writing implements, or whatever else that must be kept.

Liz Williams Interiors

Employing a seagrass or sisal rug gives a space a small beachy vibe, and can also be practical for the whole year. These natural woven floorcoverings are really durable, help create healthy indoor humidity levels, and block the build-up of static. If you don’t need to recover your floors anytime soon, try out the material out with a small rug.

Rough Linen

This bed just screams beach home. The clean and fresh linen bedding, driftwood headboard, seashell accents all include some of summer’s finest materials to a chic coastal look.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

5. Use mild and breezy textiles. Integrate airy and light fabrics into your home’s design to provide every room a bright feel, and to cool down it on particularly hot days.

Tablecloths, rugs, placemats, pillow cushions, and couch covers can be temporarily replaced in centuries. If your home is filled with plush velvets and a great deal of dark colours, it could be a good idea to give it a more summery feel with a few quick changes. The linen couch cover in this room is a great neutral choice that’s refreshing and cool in warm weather. I really like the blue and yellow accents too — the cool and warm tones work wonderfully with the beige couch and rug.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Gingham is a perky routine that instantly brings afternoon picnics in the park and paper tablecloths at weekend barbecues to mind. Chosen within an unexpected shade (rather than the more traditional white and red ), it turns into a perfect way to bring summer to your home. This light yellow would likewise be cute used for cushion covers.

Product Bureau LLC

Replace heavy winter curtains with sheer or thin curtains to let more light in. Use the very same ideas when coming summer bed linens (particularly for guests), throws, cushions and floor cushions. When it is 100 degrees out, lounging to a fleece cushion probably will not seem like a good idea.

8 Parts of a Perfect Outdoor Dining Room
Summer Nights Need Summer Beds
Cool Away This Summer On a Screened-In Porch

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Pint-Sized Design: Olivia’s Pinkalicious Kids’ Room

Two words sum up every square inch of 5-year-old Olivia’s 9′ x11′ bedroom: thrifty and pink. Both interior layout and resourcefulness are a part of the joyful little sprite’s DNA; daddy Jon is a professional and also mommy Stacey is a researcher. When Olivia began her I-want-everything-pink-and-tea-parties stage, Stacey resorted to her voted-off-the-island school furniture, spray painting skills and retail upgrading tricks to bring it all to life.

While decorating a little girl’s room pink and white ai not as radical as the creation of Facebook or cloning Dolly the sheep, to us layout fans, executing a tasteful kid’s area for under $250 is definitely newsworthy. From putting a new spin on old pieces to turning washcloths into prized little birdies, here is a walk through the pinkalicious world that is Olivia Davis’s bedroom. CAUTION: The home made Hi Kitty cookies may result in cute overload. Do not say I didn’t warn you.


This is Olivia. Very detail-oriented, busy and coordinated, she found the time to snap her butterfly wings and do this Houzz shoot even though she had pre-existing plans eating real cookies and sipping pretend tea along with her purple teddy bear.


You know all that crafty-crafty busy work children do all day at kindergarten that ends up on the fridge? Well, in Olivia’s case, these labors of love turned into a pertinent portion of her room’s decor. In fact, they totally dress up the mass-produced must-have kiddie fridge Olivia just can not live without (and I am sure Stacey prefers stay hidden somewhere in the basement).


By choosing a pale pink background, it enables a lot of Olivia’s one-of-a-kind possessions to stand out. I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t want to stand out: The plastic jar that makes up the human body and construction of Olivia’s green paper octopus. Our pint-sized enthusiast of decorating seems to find the rule that some things are best hidden by textiles.

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams SW 6589 Alyssum


To keep the budget in check, Stacey handed her school bedroom set down to Olivia, then splurged on bedding. To keep the bedding out of completely stealing the thunder from the rest of the room’s elements, she opted to get a strong white duvet with polka dot and scalloped embroidery. If Olivia grows out of the current accent shade, purple, the bedding can just as well be accented by blues, greens or yellows.


In its first state, Stacey’s wicker school furniture sported an overall beige look. What’s wrong with beige furniture at a kid’s room? Nothing … if you want them to get a complete lack of creativity, then put off embarking on a career in interior design until age 30. Bitter? Perhaps. Bitter since I might or might not have had a beige bedroom ? Maybe.


Only a couple coats of spray paint afterwards, Stacey gave her previously campus-based furniture a brighter, more up-to-date look.


As this fancy supply of lighting shows, a 2.5-inch band of brownish cotton duck, coordinating welt cord and a glue gun can quickly dress up an all-white table lamp.

Do not have a glue gun or accessibility to a fabric shop? For a similar look, consider taping off an area of your colour with painters’ tape, then adding a contrasting shade with cloth or acrylic paint.


To incorporate a few uber-girly pattern, Stacey snuck it in thickly with bed sheets. The fashion theme has Olivia embracing her dress-up side as she snuggles with her beloved teddy.

Guess what books I was reading at age 5? Ones about shark attacks. Not the cutest subject matter but what can I say? I am from Florida and grew up on boats.


For a little more of a high-fashion signature, Stacey suspended a triptych of prints like a debonaire poodle right slap over Olivia’s bed. Their brown frames are neutral enough for any other prints to be switched out once Olivia’s flavor turns from fashion to unicorns within the next few months.

And when I say unicorns, I mean Taylor Swift. She knows the lyrics to every hit song already. When I say, I mean me, obviously. C’mon, how can someone not like Taylor Swift?


For a few ambience, Stacey swapped the room’s existing ceiling fan for a metallic and crystal chandelier. So far as putting up one yourself is concerned, it’s a fairly easy task if you’re not shifting the intersection box. When moving a mailbox, I strongly suggest paying a professional to do it for you. The $150 or so it will put you back is worth not getting shocked and being able to play your kid outside rather than standing on a ladder for seven hours on a Saturday. Unless standing on a ladder all day on a weekend and failing your children is something you like and in that case, SNAP OUT OF IT.


Instead of ditching an old Target lamp Stacey bought years ago, she gave it a mini facelift by ditching the original adult-ish lampshade to get a polka-dot cent saver from Pottery Barn Kids.


No more wire hangers! Well, okay, maybe just two. By embellishing two cable hangers with yarn and paper, otherwise dull and basic everyday objects become something lively and fun. Perhaps if Christina and Christopher would have shown this to mother Joan Crawford, she’d have let them keep a pair of those otherwise prohibited objects in their chambers. But that entire scene would have been cut out of the movie Mommy Dearest. Nevermind.


To dress up some basic IKEA kid chairs, Stacey additional felt cushions in the form of a rosebud. To recreate this look in your kidspace, just invest in a tone on tone combination of craft felt, fabric adhesive, ribbon and scissors.


Considering that the covers of children’ books are graphic, colorful and entertaining, Stacey chosen to keep Olivia’s favorites display by means of a dowel and beadboard book rack mounted onto the wall. My rule of thumb for keeping books looking like decor rather than clutter is to try and change the shapes and sizes, then stick with thick typefonts easy to read from throughout the room. In case Olivia were my child, some of those books would be replaced with Domino: The Book of Decorating and Elle DECOR, Style and Substance. Just sayin’.


If ceramic teapots are too delicate for your small ones, you create them out of foam. That’s all I must say about this image.


As Stacey’s resourcefulness proves, pretty much anything can develop into a adorable accessory even if the subject at hand is really a washcloth. By twisting, then bunching white washcloths into the form of birds and sticking eyeball stickers on these, humdrum bathroom essentials become one-of-a-kind.


Whether it’s a paper octopus or baked products, handmade things are plentiful in the Davis household. As a reward for being such a leading child, Stacey frequently serves up milk and biscuits to Olivia and her pals during play time. What’s that you say? You want to find the cuteness that is a personalized buttermilk and sugar shaped as Hello Kitty herself? Well then, continue.


Alas, check out the insanely adorable Hello Kitty creations that are Stacey’s very own. I may or may not have had one (or seven) and be able to state they’re so yummy as they are adorable. And if I did eat a few of these delicious cuties, it could explain why, much as I finish typing this article, I’m still on a significant sugar high.

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